Passport Home

ONESHOT ~The Boyz~


You're my passport home
My guiding light
My hand to hold
Oh, don't you know that you're my passport home
Without you close I can't go on
So, darling, keep the light on

~ JP Cooper - Passport Home

Kevin and Minji have been dating for 2 years. They are both still young but very understanding of each other. Kevin is always busy with practice and Minji is busy working. They don't to see each other often and they would miss each other. Kevin would try his best to send her text saying 'good morning' or 'good night' or even a simple 'hello beautiful'. Anything to put a smile on Minji's face. 

Kevin is a loving and caring boyfriend. He tries his best to make sure that Minji isn't hurt with his fans always being around. The fans know of Minji and many love her and the rest don't. Kevin does his part and always talking really good about her and making sure that if anyone hurts her something will happen.

Both Kevin and Minji are from Canada and speak English to each other. They are very into memes and they love joking around. They always reference memes and vines and laugh about it like they have never done it before. Sometimes the rest of the members would be so done with the two of them that they have stopped laughing at the things they do.

One day Kevin got the day off and decided to go to Minji's house. He called and made sure that she had food and snacks there before he got there. When he got there he instantly changed into comfortable clothes and sat down to watch tv. Minji didn't mind and she just sat next to him and laid her head on his shoulder.

"So how are you?" Kevin asks.

"Fine. I've been working a lot," Minji pouted.

"I can tell you haven't been replying to me a lot lately," Kevin kept watching tv.

"Sorry Keb," Minji looked at him.

"It's ok. As long as we are together right now then it's fine," Kevin smiled his sweet smile.

Minji just sighed. Kevin then looked at Minji and asked,  "Are you sure you're fine?"

"Eh. Actually I don't know I have been having a hard time being alone"

"Are you home sick?" Kevin asked.

"Maybe. I just don't have anyone to go to after work and it get's really lonely when you are always practicing," Minji got sad.

"Hey hey don't cry. I'm here with you. Don't be sad. I'm always your home," Kevin lifted Minji's chin to look at him.

"I just have been feeling really lonely. I know I have you, but you aren't around all the time," Minji averted her eyes.

"Hey look at me. I know I'm not around a lot, but baby I am always here for you. I will stop my schedule just to come to you and make you feel like home. I know you miss your family back at home. You can always go back to them and I won't mind. I will miss you, but if that is what you need that's fine," Kevin reassured Minji.

"Thanks Keb. I just don't want to leave you. You're my home when home is far. And sometimes Jacob Oppa is helpful when I miss home too. I like remembering the old times with Jacob. Talking about our memories together makes me happy too," Minji tries to smile.

"Baby I know you're sad. Maybe some Beyonce would help cheer you up and some vines. Anything to make my baby smile again. Come on let's dance for a little bit. I don't like it when you are sad," Kevin pulled Minji up.

"Keb, I'm not in the mood," Minji just stands there as Kevin plays music.

"Please," Kevin pouted cutely, "For me."

Kevin starts dancing like no one is watching and Minji doesn't look at him. As she turns her attention to Kevin she couldn't help but laugh at him. Kevin is always the one to help her not be sad. He is always her vitamin of joy. Kevin always tries his best to see the beautiful smile of Minji's every time they are together.

After 30 minutes of just acting silly Kevin sits down breathing hard. Minji sits down with him laughing. She could not be more greatful for someone like Kevin. They understood each other so much. Minji then leaned back and just sighed.

"Thanks Keb. You are seriously the best boyfriend ever. You always make me smile," Minji smiles.

"You know you're perfect right?" Kevin smiled at her.

"What do you mean?" Minji looked at him.

"I mean that you make me smile and when you are sad so am I. I love that you can love me for me and not being able to sing or draw nicely. You treat me like a human and not a celeberty. You just know how to treat me and you are just so beautiful. This love is just enough for me to live for a long time." Kevin smiles brightly.

"You talk about me like I did something amazing. You are the perfect one Kevin. You make me feel at home and you make me happy whenever I am not. You always sing to me before we sleep and you always send me sweet things. Keb you are just enough for me," Minji smiles at Kevin brightly.

Kevin remebered a quote that he wrote, "Pick it fast like a flight | Far away from here | I feel at home | whenever you are near. I remember this quote because everything I see you I know that I am going home. You are able to guide me when it's dark and you're always my hand to hold. I don't know what I would do without you. I don't know if I could even go this far if I haven't met you."

Minji just smiles, "I recognize some of the things you said. You are referencing the song you showed me one night. Passport Home right? You always sing that song when I am sad and miss you. Kevin you are so cute."

Kevin laughs, "You got it right. I thought you wouldn't be able to get it. You know that you really are my home. I love being with you because I feel safe and that home isn't far when we are together."

"Thanks Keb," Minji kissed Kevin.

They spent the rest of the night cuddling and watching movies. They could not be more thankful for each other. They understand each other so well that when one is down the other always has a good idea why and they always know how to help each other. The two of them are the perfect couple and nothing could ever break them. Minji never lets the fans bother her and she just focus on her and Kevin.

The couple that is always playing around and having fun has times when they are just as sad as someone who misses something. Kevn and Minji were meant to be.



Another oneshot that I thought was cute. If you are wondering where I got the quote or the song Kevin did a vLive showing off his caligraphy skills and wrote these down. He also showed the song Passport Home if you want to listen to it. I hope you like this and please stay tune for more members. 



Date: June 6, 2018

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