Baby Good Night

ONESHOT ~The Boyz~


When the darkness of the black night finds us
Those beautiful eyes close and drift off
I sit by your bed
And caress your hair
Looking into your face
I want to convey my love
I wish time would stop like this
You are just so beautiful

~ GD and T.O.P - Baby Good Night

One autum night Jacob wanted to go to his girlfriends place after his busy schedule. He was out early from practice and wanted to be with his girlfriend. He misses her so much and just wanted to see her more. Jacob went to a small market to buy drinks and some snacks. He also bought a little stuff animal to bring to his girlfriend. As Jacob got to his girlfriends apartment he smiled and texted her.

TO: My Girl

There's a present outside your door 

TO: Baby Jacob

What do you mean

TO: My Girl 

Open the door baby

Mina stood up and went to open her door. Jacob was standing there smiling at her with all his snacks and drinks.

"Hi baby," Jacob said softly.

"Oh," Mina smiled happily, "Are you off early today?"

"Yes I am and I wanted to see my baby," Jacob walked into Mina's apartment. 

"Where is everyone else?" Mina closed the door and walked behind Jacob.

"Can't I come here alone?" Jacob faced Mina and pouted.

"You usually buy snacks when the members come along," Mina took the snacks to the kitchen.

"I just want to enjoy these snacks with you and watch a movie together," Jacob followed Mina.

"I was just wondering Jacob," Mina smiled at Jacob.

"Ok," Jacob smiled, "Let's eat these"

Jacob and Mina got the instant ramen, tteokbokki, sausages, triangle rice, and a couple banana and strawberry milk. Jacob kept singing as he was putting water in the ramen and tteokbokki. Mina sung along with Jacob as she warmed up the sausages. They enjoyed having each other around all the time. Every time they were together they would make the best out of it.

After the food was all ready Jacob and Mina took it all to the living room and set it all down and looked for a movie to watch. As they started look Mina put in a suggestion.

"How about a horror movie?" Mina giggles.

"Hey you know I don't like scary movies," Jacob pouts.

"I know cutie that's why I want to watch it," Mina giggles more.

"No let's watch something Disney," Jacob took out a Disney movie.

"What about this one? Finding Dory?" Mina pulled out her favoirte Disney movie.

"That's fine with me," Jacob put the movies in his hands down and went to sit on the couch.

After putting the movie Mina went to sit closely to Jacob and eat her food. They were watching the movie happily as they were eating as well. Every 30 minutes or so Jacob would kiss Mina on the top of her head. Finishing all the food Jacob stood up to throw away all the trash and came back to sit down. He noticed that Mina were getting tired and let her lay on his lap. 

As Jacob was brushing Mina's hair back he said, "I wrote a song for you"

Mina sat up excitedly, "Really?"

"Yea, but I don't know if I want to show you," Jacob looked away.

"Please Baecob I wanna hear it," Mina pouted.

"Yea I'm not a belly button," Jacob pouted.

"Fine fine please cub I really wanna hear it," Mina grabbed Jacob's hands. 

"Yay," Mina got comfortable.

"You can lay down baby. I know you're tired," Jacob stood up to get his guitar.

"Thanks," Mina smiled and laied down comfortably.

Jacob sat back down and began singing. He was so happy to show her. After he finished he noticed that she wasn't sleeping.

"I thought you were tired," Jacob giggled.

"I am but I really wanted to hear the song you had for me," Mina smiled.

"You're the cutest," Jacob smiled.

"Can you sing me a song so I can sleep?" Mina asked.

"Sure baby. Lay on my lap," Jacob put the guitar down and patted his lap.

Mina fixed herself, "Yay an angle is going to sing me to sleep."

Jacob laughed, "I have an angle for a girlfriend"

Mina laughed and got comfortable. "Ok I'll start baby"

Jacob began to sing and soon enough Mina fell asleep. As she slept peacfully Jacob looked at her. He missed her so much. All he could do was think about how she was doing and wether or not she was fine. He always wanted to know if she was fine but he didn't have as much time to text her to ask.

Soon Jacob began getting tired as well. He kissed Mina on the head and picked her up to take her to her room. He laid her down and got changed to more comfortable and clean clothes. He looked at his beautiful sleeping girlfriend. He can just stare at her all day. She is so beautiful that he can't take his eyes off of her. He smiled and got into bed as well. Jacob cuddled up to Mina and laid there quitely for a while. 

A few minutes later Mina turns around and hugs Jacob. She then said something "I love you Baecob." Jacob smiled and just shook his head. "She will always call me that," he chuckled.

"I'm so glad to have an angle like you. You are my everything. I'm so happy that we met. I could never ask for anyone better. You always have cereal for us to eat together and you never say no to eating cereal with me. A woman who appreciates me for what I eat is a woman I love. She is seriously so beautiful. I probably don't even deserve someone like Mina. She is my world and I want her to know that. I wish I could show her off more. I'm pretty sure The B would love her so much. She is an angle that will charm everyone so easily. Oh gosh baby you are seriously the best thing that has happened to me. I love you dork. Good night baby."

Jacob always tells Mina how much he loves her and how important she is to him every night before he goes to sleep. Even though she did not hear him having her beside him was enough to make him satisfied. He could never ask for a better night. Jacob smiles and kisses Mina's forhead before falling asleep.



I hope you like this oneshot. I'm trying to make them as best as I can. I am not as good at these. Stay tune for other members. 


Date: June 6, 2018 

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