"I'm not jealous"

ONESHOT ~The Boyz~

I'm not the jealous type,

but what's mine is mine


Sunwoo and Yuri have been dating for a year now. They are both seniors in high school and they are the school's power couple. Both of them are cute and popular. Yuri tries her best to be unnoticed by everyone while Sunwoo loves to joke around and rap to everyone. Whenever they are together Sunwoo wraps his arms around Yuri's waist and she tries to pull away but Sunwoo doesn't let go. 

They have a cute relationship. They tease each other and play fight a lot. They worry about each other and they practice together. Whatever Sunwoo wants to do Yuri will nod her head and let him go or even go with him. They trust each other so much that nothing can come between them. Yuri gets sick often and Sunwoo is always trying his best to take care of her and make sure that she isn't sick anymore and will always try to be by her side.

Even though Yuri pulls away from Sunwoo sometimes she is always clingy to him. She will always hold his arm, hand, shirt, or backpack. She was always attached to him. Sunwoo loves whenever she does that because it's so cute to him. He enjoys teasing her and seeing her reaction. They never let each other down.

Sunwoo's high school friends are always around when they are at lunch and hanging out after school with his older friends. Yuri is close to all of them and enjoys them being around. One thing that Sunwoo doesn't like is how Yuri always has her attention to his friends and not him.

"Jacob Oppa how have you been?" Yuri greeted him right as soon as she saw him.

"I'm fine. How are you cutie?" Jacob asked.

"She's doing fine Hyung," Sunwoo pulled Yuri away from Jacob. Yuri giggled.

"Yuri~" Q skipped to Yuri.

"Hi Q," Yuri let go of Sunwoo's hand and hugged Q.

"Yuri," Sangyeon patted Yuri's head.

Everyone greeted Yuri happily as Sunwoo watched from a distance. She was having a good time and enjoyed talking to everyone. She was always smiling and laughing as they told her jokes and stories that have happend to them. Yuri never had a dull moment with them. She didn't really talk to Sunwoo and she wasn't near him. They were about 2 people apart from each other. Sunwoo would glance and stare at Yuri as she enjoyed her time.

By the end of the day Sunwoo walked Yuri home. She was still happily talking about The Boyz.

"Let's stop talking about them baby," Sunwoo said sadly.

"Oh....ok," Yuri was slightly worried but smiled.

"Did you have fun?" Yuri pulled Sunwoo's arm closer to her.

"Umm yeah," Sunwoo nodded slowly.

"Are you ok Sunny?" Yuri pouted towards him.

"Yeah I'm fine why?" Sunwoo looked at Yuri.

"You just seem a little down," Yuri looked down.

Sunwoo stopped and turned his body to face Yuri. He lifted her chin to look at him, "Baby I'm fine. Trust me ok. Nothing's wrong."

Yuri sighed, "Ok"

Sunwoo smiled, "Baby stop it"

"Sunny are you jealous?" Yuri suddenly asked.

"Huh?" Sunwoo was caught by suprises, "Baby why are you asking that all of a sudden?"

"Well I thought about it and I didn't really hang out with you and I wasn't by you today and I'm sorry Sunny," Yuri said cutely.

Sunwoo smiled brightly and pinched Yuri's cheeks, "I'm not jealous baby"

Yuri quickly looked up,"Really?"

"Well," Sunwoo paused, "I'm just a little jealous but I'm just glad that you like my friends and that you are happy when we are with them"

Yuri giggled,"Next time I will spend time with you and hold your hand and sit next to you and talk to you and lean on you"

"Baby you are so cute. Stop it I can't get go the rest of the night like this," Sunwoo slightly pushed Yuri's head back.

"But I'm really sorry and I want to prove it to you," Yuri shook Sunwoo's arm.

"Baby baby," Sunwoo loved whenever Yuri did this. Yuri whinned cutely. "Baby no more acting cute. I just want to drop you off and go home peacefully. I don't want to keep thinking about how cute and lovely you are"

"Fine," Yuri smiled brightly and slightly pulled Sunwoo's arm to continue walking to her house.


Date: Oct 11, 2019



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