Give you the Light
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Oh . Nayeon’s here, I hope I’m not too late


The brunette walks up to a woman who appear to be too engross on something on her phone




“you’re ten minutes late”


“well that’s not too bad, better late than never”


“enough with the punchlines, what happen to you? You look like you just woken up” Nayeon commented with her eyebrows raised questionably


“I did actually, thank Mina I even made it”


“So there was a chance I would’ve been stood up” Nayeon pressed


“Sorry” the brunette pouted


“hey, I’m kidding. Stop acting cute I might barf” Nayeon smile at her friend


“All I heard was cute” The brunette smirk “Anyways, what’s today’s agenda? What did you do?”


“Why do you assume I’m at fault?” Nayeon stated looking a bit offended


“Well you’re always at fault, and Jeong is a nice girl sooo” The brunette trailed earning a smack on the arm by Nayeon “ow”


“Okay first, sorry. Second I’m not always at fault” the brunette rolled her eyes “and third, it’s her fault.”


“How exactly is it her fault?” the brunette challenged


“Okay, so you know that she’s a clean freak right? So I have a bunch of papers, you know important papers and she asked me to put it down the table so I did”




“Then out of nowhere she starts screaming at me, how I’m irresponsible”


“Why was she shouting?” brunette knowingly asked


“because the papers were scattered all over the floor”


“how did they get there?” the younger inquired knowing full well who’s at fault here


“Hey! It’s not my fault the window was open! How could I know the wind will blow the papers, all she said is put them on the table” Nayeon started putting her hands up defensively


“Nayeon it is your fault” the brunette deadpan


“yeah but don’t tell her that”


“So you called me over something as small as that?”


“No I wanted to spend time with you and while we’re spending time together, Jeong’s taking her time cooling off”


“You know you’re lucky Jeong loves you” the brunette didn’t mean it to come out with a sad hint of

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thank you guys! for reading subscribing and for supporting this fic, it means a lot, this is my first ever fic, my first ever time writing a long story, so it means a lot. oh and for chapters 18 - 20, pay attention to the italicised words at the end of every chapter.


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MIMOnster #1
Chapter 5: haha nations third wheel 🤣🤣🤣🤣 poor satang
MIMOnster #2
Chapter 20: mimo 😍😍😍😍😍
Jamess #3
i will gonna read this 😄
Mineminer92 #4
Chapter 11: <span class='smalltext text--lighter'>Comment on <a href='/story/view/1339483/11'>Sumire</a></span>
The tragedy to be able to abandon your kid for the reason of them having same attractions 🥺 sad but realistic, poor Sana. Dahyun’s past doesn’t seem to bright either. Hopefully their future will be lighter! Very sweat ending! They almost took over the wedding 🥳
Chapter 20: Please write an epilogue! I want to see Dahyun's discovery of Sana's past and Chaeyu finally becoming official. Thanks for this author-nim!
dkdldb #6
Chapter 22: Yes epilogue please
Chapter 22: Loved the story so much! I’m gonna read your other one now ??
Chapter 22: Yes please authornim
Chapter 22: OMG YES I WANT only if you want to tho author-nim hehe
Chapter 20: HEOABEIWJPWBAOEIABAOBSOA this makes me feel so lonely i want a friend like them :(((