Another Day

Give you the Light
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“Son Chaeyoung! Would you stop hanging from that bar! You’re blocking the door” The dark haired girl said as she pushed her way through the small girls hanging body


“What are you even doing?”


“Science my dear Dahyun-unnie”


“How’s hanging there science?”


“You know how gravity makes you shorter? What if I hang my body every day for a few hours and let gravity do its work and pull me longer.”


The girl stared at her best friend hanging up on a bar stuck between the door with a mouth eating grin as if she found the greatest discovery on earth.


“Chae… you know… your height… is hopeless”


Dahyun stared at her friend’s defeated face holding back a laugh “If you’re just gonna hang there at least try working out, like do some pull ups or something, not just hang there”


“ugh. when will you let me hope for a brighter tomorrow, just let me reach my dreams”


“You can’t reach it”




Sometimes she acts her height whining like a baby, kinda cute though, but I won’t add salt to the wound, I might wake up the tiger.


As the two girls bicker the door opens up revealing a tall beauty




“oh hey chewy”


“hey yoda! How’s it hanging?” Chaeyoung added looking proud of that pun


Tzuyu just looks at her friend hanging from the bar “you know… you’re not gonna grow right?”


“I hate you… both of you”


“Just saying the truth” Tzuyu simply says and joins

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thank you guys! for reading subscribing and for supporting this fic, it means a lot, this is my first ever fic, my first ever time writing a long story, so it means a lot. oh and for chapters 18 - 20, pay attention to the italicised words at the end of every chapter.


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MIMOnster #1
Chapter 5: haha nations third wheel 🤣🤣🤣🤣 poor satang
MIMOnster #2
Chapter 20: mimo 😍😍😍😍😍
Jamess #3
i will gonna read this 😄
Mineminer92 #4
Chapter 11: <span class='smalltext text--lighter'>Comment on <a href='/story/view/1339483/11'>Sumire</a></span>
The tragedy to be able to abandon your kid for the reason of them having same attractions 🥺 sad but realistic, poor Sana. Dahyun’s past doesn’t seem to bright either. Hopefully their future will be lighter! Very sweat ending! They almost took over the wedding 🥳
Chapter 20: Please write an epilogue! I want to see Dahyun's discovery of Sana's past and Chaeyu finally becoming official. Thanks for this author-nim!
dkdldb #6
Chapter 22: Yes epilogue please
Chapter 22: Loved the story so much! I’m gonna read your other one now ??
Chapter 22: Yes please authornim
Chapter 22: OMG YES I WANT only if you want to tho author-nim hehe
Chapter 20: HEOABEIWJPWBAOEIABAOBSOA this makes me feel so lonely i want a friend like them :(((