First (Date) Hangout

Give you the Light
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Dahyun collapsed on her bed, exhaustion having taken over her body. Working a whole shift and then drinking afterword has left the dark haired girl tired


“Dahyun unnie, at least wash up before you go to bed” Tzuyu, who passed by the older’s room, reminded the girl


“ne~” Dahyun got up and made her way to the bathroom


As Dahyun made her way to bed her phone caught her attention, there were 2 new messages she opens the first one which was from Jeongyeon thanking them for coming and helping out, Dahyun smiled and replied a quick you’re welcome and also a thank you for inviting them. The second message made Dahyun’s heart skip a beat


(1) Sana Minatozaki


Sana: Hi cutie! (≧◡≦)


Dahyun can’t help but blush at the simple text


Dahyun calm down it’s just a text, okay now what to I reply?


Dahyun type in a reply to only erase it seconds later, when she finally decided on a reply she sent it then quickly threw her phone to the side of her bed


Hi unnie! What’s up? :Dahyun


What’s up? Really Dahyun? Are you 12 years old?


Dahyun was busy with her thoughts the she was startled a new message arrived


Sana: Oh nothing, just wanted to ask if you wanna, idk hang out? Not tonight but maybe tomorrow?


Yeah sounds great but I don’t get of work until the 5:00 pm: Dahyun


Sana: Oh yeah that’s fine I also have work till the afternoon, I just come and visit the café


That’ll be fine, I guess I’ll see you tomorrow? :Dahyun


Sana: Can’t wait. See you tomorrow cutie (-^з^)- Goodnight (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧


Goodnight Uninie!: Dahyun


Even the way she texts is cute Dahyun lay on her bed feeling light hearted, something she haven’t felt again for the longest time.





The two lovers were startled by the load scream only to be met with giddy Sana rolling on her bed

“Did you smoke crack or something?” The oldest asked amused by the younger’s antics


“She finally went full on crazy” Mina replied to the older


“Shut up” Sana replied “Anyway I’m just happy that’s all”


Momo noticed the smartphone in Sana’s hand and made her way to the girl


“Ooooh who are you texting?” Momo raised her eyebrows teasingly


“That doesn’t concern you, anyway it’s none of your business” Sana replied as she placed her phone on the table getting ready for bed


“Since when are you so secretive about your lovelife?” Momo asked


“What love life?” Mina added smirking


“Ha Ha Ha” Sana faked laugh “It’s not a ‘lovelife’ thing okay? We’re just friends”


“JuSt FrIeNds” Momo mocked earning a glare from the other girl


“Goodnight you two. Now leave me alone” Sana said at two as she buries herself under the covers


“okay okay, goodnight Sana chan” Momo retreats making her way with Mina out of Sana’s room


“hm something's different about this one” Mina stated as the two girls were out of Sana’s room


“how?” Momo asked


“I don’t know, but I think it’s the good different?” Mina answered


“Okay miss detective, let’s just go to sleep okay?”


“Hai” The two girl made their way to their room and called it a night


The smell of fresh brewed coffee greeted Sana as she made her way inside the café. Seeing the café with customers with the buzzing noise of small conversation mixed the aroma of caffeine gives a comfortable ambience like home.


Sana made her way to a small table and sat on the couch, it was a small space placed at the corner which was close to the counter giving a perfect view of a certain porcelain skinned girl. She was quite early but that didn’t bother her, at least she can waste time chilling at the café and observing the cute girl at work


I not a creep I’m Just waiting for her and looking at her, oh my gosh am I a creep?


“Hey Dubu, I think someone’s waiting for you” Chaeyoung said the girl who was busy with an order


“Where?” Dubu asked finishing up the drink


“At ‘The Den’” Chaeyoung replied. When the two started working for Jeongyeon there was a certain spot inside the café that was seclude, they called it ‘The Den’ because it provided a kind of privacy and with the new renovations at the café the corner was now a secluded area closed on one side by a bookshelf

“Green Tea latte for Sir Chan” Dahyun called out the other and sneak a glanced at ‘The Den’ seeing a beautiful brunette lost in her thoughts seemingly interest at the succulent placed on the coffee table


“Oooh do you have a date or something?” Chaeyoung asked from behind the counter

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Chapter 20: mimo 😍😍😍😍😍
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i will gonna read this 😄
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Chapter 11: <span class='smalltext text--lighter'>Comment on <a href='/story/view/1339483/11'>Sumire</a></span>
The tragedy to be able to abandon your kid for the reason of them having same attractions 🥺 sad but realistic, poor Sana. Dahyun’s past doesn’t seem to bright either. Hopefully their future will be lighter! Very sweat ending! They almost took over the wedding 🥳
Chapter 20: Please write an epilogue! I want to see Dahyun's discovery of Sana's past and Chaeyu finally becoming official. Thanks for this author-nim!
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Chapter 22: Yes epilogue please
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