The Break of Dawn

Give you the Light
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The two girls were seated at the bench near the cliff, they sat in silence only the slight sniff of the younger girl can be heard, Sana look at the girl to her side who was still trying to calm down from earlier, she reached out her hand clasping Dahyun’s own making the younger girl glance at her before looking down.


“I’m sorry” Dahyun whispered


“You’ve been saying that for the past half hour” Sana sigh “now, care to tell me what happen?”


Dahyun look straight at the night sky before letting out a long exhale “I couldn’t do it”


Sana looked at the girl confused but waiting for the younger girl to explain


“I couldn’t let myself fall in deeper, at first I thought I could, being with you always made me happy, I’ve never been that happy for a long time, but when I heard you say that yo-u love me and I looked at those eyes” Dahyun trailed off staring back at Sana “I felt all the guilt rushing in and I couldn’t do it, I couldn’t, I couldn’t hold onto something I didn’t deserve” Dahyun choked, trying to stop the tears from rushing out again


Sana squeezed Dahyun’s hand trying to give some comfort “Dahyun, please tell me what made you feel this way” Sana’s heart ache at the sight of the younger girl and all she ever wanted to do now was fix the broken girl


Dahyun stayed silent, thinking deeply on how to explain everything, Sana waited patiently seeing that the girl was nervous


“I moved to Seoul, because I wanted to live indepently, I wanted to live freely, to live on my own without any attachments from home, I wanted to love freely, I was Gay but wasn’t openly Gay at home so I thought of leaving a letter then run away to Seoul and just be free as my own” Sana nodded knowing what Dahyun as getting at, every young adult wanted that feel of freedom, that independency, the big transition into adult life “But I was too selfish to think that, I was too greedy for my own happiness, I left my family when they needed me, I left my mom when she was sick and even had the decency to tell her I love her when I ing left her” Dahyun stop, looking down at Sana’s hand on top of her own, Sana notice she was trembling “I lost her, and I wasn’t even there to hold her hand, to see her on her last moments, I wasn’t there because I was so busy chasing some dream that wasn’t worth it” Dahyun sniff trying to calm herself “I couldn’t go back home, I couldn’t face my family. My brother, my father” Dahyun looked up, seeing the edge of the cliff and the black ocean ahead “I couldn't live” Dahyun whispered.


Sana looked at the younger looking for the right words, before her was the girl she loves broken and lost and bent on blaming herself on a thing she could never control, she was just caught up on bad timing and unfortunate events but she chose to put all the blame on herself “Dahyun, none of it is your fault”


Dahyun whipped her head at the girl “My mom died, it’s my fault!” Dahyun raised her voiced anger and frustration evident on her voice “It’s my fault, and I know they blame me, my dad, my brother, I know they hate me, I can just imagine the disappointment they have”


“But weren’t they welcoming this weekend? Didn’t they show tonight that you’re every bit a part of the family” Sana reasoned


“That’s just a facade, but deep down they blame me” Dahyun argued


Sana was getting frustrated, Dahyun was being stubborn, but she knew the girl was fragile, arguing wouldn’t solve anything


“Dahyun” Sana said softly “I know you feel responsible for everything, I know you carried that guilt for the longest time, and I also now you shut yourself out from all the people who tried to tell you that you aren’t the one to blame”


Danyun kept silence, knowing deep in her heart Sana was telling the truth


“I want you to listen, just this once” Sana said waiting for the girl to object, but when she was met with silence she continued “You trying to find yourself and living on your own isn’t a selfish thing, it’s probably the most responsible decision ever and something worth looking up to, and even if I’m in no position to say this, I’m sure your parents were proud that you took that step” Sana glance at the girl who was still keeping silent “and what happen to your mom wasn’t your fault, is was an unfortunate and tragic event but you shouldn’t blame yourself, If your mom love you with all her heart then seeing you blame yourself will break hers, and not being there in her last moments doesn’t make you a bad person, the way you felt so guilty and sad not being by her side showed how much you love her, it showed how much you care for her, and I think that your mom felt that, she knows you love her and you should know she loves you too” Dahyun looked up at thr girl, tears pooling on her eyes “And your father probably loves you the most, he’s trying Dahyun, I can see it, but you shut him out, let him in, I think It’ll be the best for both of you”


Dahyun sigh looking down again at the hands as she intertwined Sana’s with her own “Can we stay like this for a while?”


“Sure” Sana smiled as both girls sat in silence, this one bringing more comfort and ease



The girls made their way back to the villa, as they enter the house they noticed that Mr. Kim by the living room, Dahyun gestured for Sana to go on ahead, Sana gave the girl an encouraging smile before joining the others who were still hanging out at the backyard.


Dahyun sat beside her father, noticing the picture frame in his hand, it was a picture of their family posing in front of the house, Dahyun remember that day, her father just got home from overseas and wanted to surprise them by going to the beach, she never thought that a house was also part of the surprise.


“Your mom was always a loving one” Mr. Kim turned to her daughter “She had the biggest heart, something you got from her”


“I’m sorry” Dahyun whispered


“No, I’m sorry” Mr. Kim replied “I should have supported you when you needed me, I made you hide the very thing you should be proud of, I made you feel that your feelings were invalid and I’m sorry for that”


“No dad, it wasn’t your fault”


“And it’s not yours either” Mr. Kim said silencing the younger girl “I know you blame yourself Dahyun, and you shouldn’t, what happen to mom was tragic and heartbreaking, and you shouldn’t add to the pain of lost by blaming yourself” Mr. Kim looked at her daughter “That morning you left Seoul, your mom read your letter” Dahyun looked at her father nervous “She was sad of course, I was too, our little Dahyunnie was growing up, she was leaving our care and taking the world on her own, we knew we would miss you, But we understood what you were going through, what we’ve always wanted was for you to be happy and the thought of you finding that happiness was more than enough for us” Mr. Kim smiled to her daughter “We didn’t contact you right after because your mom wanted to be sappy and romantic and send you a letter” Mr. Kim laughed “So I let her, she spent a few day writing that letter, she said a piece of paper wasn’t enough for her to show how proud she was and how much she love you, I haven’t seen her that happy for a while” Mr. Kim smiled at the thought “But then one day she just drop on the floor, I rushed her to the hospital and the doctor said she had a ” Mr. Kim wiped a few tears that were running down Dahyun’s cheek “I couldn't contact you because everything was just hectic, she was unconscious for a few days and when I was finally calling you, shouts were coming from her room, they were trying to revive her” Mr. Kim tried holding back his own tears “I’m sorry I didn’t call you earlier, you deserved to be with her and because of me, everything was just too late” Mr. Kim held Dahyun’s hand between his own “I’m sorry”


Dahyun looked at her father, for the longest time she blamed herself for being selfish, but now she thinks it was selfish for her to shut everyone out, she ignored the fact she wasn’t the only one having a hard time, she wasn’t the only one feeling guilty, and she wasn’t the only one hurting, Sana was right she should’ve listen to the people who cared for her because she needed them as much as they needed her. “It’s okay Dad, you tried your best and that’s enough for me, I just hope you forgive me too, for being ignorant of everything”


“Oh darling, you were going through things, it was understable” Mr. Kim hugged his daughter


“Yeah, but I think I’m getting better now” Dahyun return the hugged “I love you Dad”


That was the first time in a long time Dahyun said those words and truly meant them, no guilt holding her back, Mr. Kim smiled and kissed Dahyun on the top of her head “I Love you too”



Dahyun leaned on the balcony at the second floor, staring at the envelope in her hand, Mr. Kim had led Dahyun to his office earlier, handing her a sealed envelope, it was her mother’s letter, she was able to finished it and later on Mr. Kim sealed it opting to give it to Dahyun but was

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