A Brighter Tomorrow

Give you the Light
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And here we are, the last installment of GYTL. it's been a journey, thank you guys for the support

honestly this fic started cause I just wanted to earn enough Karma point and change my username

but now, I glad I made it, I been scared of writing for the longest time I always thought I wasn't a good writer that I have no talent in this, but I realized it doesn't matter, writing is each of our own style or way, so feel free to write

I found it quite freeing, though I still have a ahard time in proper grammar and tenses.

Anyways, I hopr you guys enjoyed this story, it's been real, it's been a pleasure writing for you, and I hope we can 

meet again on another fic. for the last time,

Enjoy! and see you on the next fanfic!



“Let’s sing a song”


“Chaeyoung, would you stop with the singing, you aren’t in a musical” Jihyo rolled her eyes at the younger


“Come on, we have a fire here, and the night is pretty” Chaeyoung said trying to convince the others


After their little water war the girls decided to have a bonfire, luckily there was a small store that sells firewood, now the girls are currently in a circle surrounding the bonfire, and what’ll make it more cliche than singing a song?


“c - a - m - p - f - i - r - e - s - o - n - g song” Chaeyoung quietly sang while looking at her unnies who were cuddled around the fire


“c - a - m - p - f - i - r - “


“Okay shut it” Jeongyeon looked at the younger “At least sing something more on the grown-up side”


“Come on who doesn’t like spongebob,” Chaeyoung pouted while thinking of another song


“I wanna fu-fu-fu, but I’m broken hearted, cry-cry-cry since the day we parted, tou-tou-touch but I got nobody, so I do it so-”


“Okay not what I meant” Jeongyeon snapped “something more appropriate please”


The girls, amused by the two’s antics, grew quiet


“Some” Dahyun started “times in our lives~”


“Really?” Chaeyoung looked at her best friend


Dahyun shrugged continuing the rather cliche of a song


“We all have pain

We all have soooorrrow~”


“But” Nayeon and Jihyo joined


“If we are wise,

We know that there’s

Always tomoooorrow”


“Lean on me” Jeongyeon shouted followed by all the girls


“When you’re not strong

I’ll be your friend

I’ll help you carry on”



It won’t be long

‘Till I’m gonna need

Somebody to lean on”


The girl continued to sing, just having the time of their lives, Dahyun smiled at the people in front of her, amused on how silly these dorks can be


She was leaning her head-on Sana’s shoulder, cuddled up to the older, her attention was on her friends and was surprised when she felt a breath on her cheeks, she looks up to see Sana inches from her face


“Lean on me,

When you’re not strong

I’ll be your friend

I’ll help you carry on”

The brunette sang softly, leaning her forehead on the raven-haired girl


“This is awfully cheesy” Dahyun said making the girl chuckle, the song now just a background as the two girls were lost in their own world


“Come on, don’t tell it didn’t made your heart flutter” Sana smirk leaning away but still stayed closed


“Okay I won’t” Dahyun teased


“When did you ever become such teased” Sana said


“I don’t know, guess you bring out the best in me”


“I wouldn’t say the best”


“Hey” Dahyun pouted


“Becoming a little spoiled too” Sana teased


“But still cute though?” Dahyun smirked


“Oh God, now vain? You’ve changed” Sana said feigning shock, receiving a light slap and a laugh from the younger


Sana chuckled, placing her hand on soft cheeks, for a moment Sana was lost, she glanced at dark brown orbs, seeming far brighter than before, more shining as they twinkle under the moonlight, Sana gave Dahyun’s cheek a pinch, smiling from ear to ear “By far the cutest”


“Ouch” Dahyun rub her cheek “no need to be aggressive”


“I can’t help it” Sana laugh “It’s soooo squishy”


“Hey love birds, we’re gonna head inside you coming?” Jeongyeon said getting the attention of the two, while lost in their own little world the girls started packing up and decided to end their little bonfire


“Right behind you” Sana called out as she got up, Dahyun following suit


Dahyun walk beside the older, intertwining her hands into the older’s own capturing Sana by surprise


Sana looked at the girl, a bright smile greeting her


“A little braver too” Sana said smiling to herself “But I’m not complaining”



“It’s past midnight, why would you even think about doing this”


“Oh come on, live a little”


“It’s freaking cold Sana” Dahyun said to the older girl who was clad in a navy-blue rash guard and matching athletic shorts


“Well duh, that’s why I didn’t wear a bikini” Sana was rummaging through Dahyun’s clothes looking for some swimwear “Here wear this, go change” Sana picked a baby blue rash guard adorned with bubbles on the sleeves and an athletic short a shade darker


Dahyun looked at the girl perplexed, sighing, the girl got up and went to the bathroom to change, no point with arguing with the girl, besides Sana was already dressed it’s not like Dahyun’s gonna let her swim by herself



“The water’s fine come on”


“Nah, I fine with my feet submerge”






“You’re being stubborn”


“You’re being difficult”


Sana scoff before letting out a chuckle “Dahyunnie~” Sana called out to the younger who was looking down at her feet


“Wha-” Dahyun’s words were cut short when a splash of water slaps her in the face leaving her drenched


“Oh look, you’re already soaked, might as well jump in” Sana smirked


“You’re impossible” Dahyun rolled her eyes as she lowered herself into the pool


“See it’s not that bad” Sana swam closer to the girl


Dahyun who was still tick off by the attack earlier, wanted to get revenge, so when the brunette was on a closer distance to the younger Dahyun jumped grabbing the older girl by the shoulders pushing her down. Sana was surprised by the sudden attack only letting out a small yelp as her head was submerge in the water.


“Yah” Sana shouted as she emerges coughing a little “Are you trying to kill me” She slap Dahyun’s arm


“Come on, I hardly held you down, besides you started it” Dahyun said


“Never thought you’re the roughhousing type” Sana said amused


“I’m friends with Chaeyoung, we’re practically sisters, what did you expect” Dahyun laugh


“Right, forgot about that small detail” Sana laid her head on her arms, which was place atop the edge of the infinity pool, facing the dark ocean and the glowing moon


“Did you just make a pun about Chaeyoung’s height?” Dahyun smirked settling beside the older


“Maybe or maybe n

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thank you guys! for reading subscribing and for supporting this fic, it means a lot, this is my first ever fic, my first ever time writing a long story, so it means a lot. oh and for chapters 18 - 20, pay attention to the italicised words at the end of every chapter.


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