A New Day

Give you the Light
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Long time no see, how you guys been? hahaha anyway this is my best try on fluff.

did you wait too long? expect cpahter 20 and the last chapter (the last? huhuhuhu) 

to come your way, I hope later, anyway please enjoy and comment your feedback and such

enjoy! see you on the next and the last chapter!



Dahyun woke up due to her stomach growling, she reaches for her phone to check the time and saw that it was a little past noon, they got home late last night and stayed up talking, Momo not forgetting to tease Sana about the cheek kiss earlier.


Dahyun made her way downstairs the smell of food invading her nose, Dahyun thank the heavens for the angel who got up early and prepared food, as Dahyun walk to the kitchen she was met with not an angel but God herself


“Good Afternoon to you” Jihyo said to the younger girl


“Bless you Jihyo for cooking some food, I’m famished” Dahyun said as she sat on one of the kitchen stools “That’s a whole lot of food, you cooked all that by yourself?” Dahyun looked at the wide variety of dishes place on the kitchen counter


“No, I had some help from Mina and Jeongyeon” Jihyo answered


“Oh, so where are they?” Dahyun asked as she looked around


“They went to buy some snacks and groceries, Nayeon suggested that we should hang out by the beach later, so they bought some food to take along and have a picnic there”


“I’m hungry when are we gonna it?” Momo whined as she sat beside Dahyun


“Almost done, wake up the others then we’ll just wait for the other girls then we’ll have brunch” Jihyo said


“I’m too lazy to go up” Momo pouted “I think I saw Sana going to the bathroom earlier though” Momo face the the direction of the stairs as she screams “SANA!” she waited for the girl to answered until she heard a high pitch scream



“WAKE UP THE TWO KIDS!” Momo shouted


“M’KAY” Sana replied


Momo faced the two who had a look of confusion and astonishment “what?”


“Nothing” the two said as they went about their own business



Sana made her way to the maknae’s room not bothering to knock


“hey-” Sana stop herself as she look at the lump of bodies on the bed


Chaeyoung was curled up face buried in Tzuyu’s chest as Tzuyu embraced the girl her chin atop the girl’s head


Sana walk towards the two internally screaming because of how cute they look didn’t think chaeyoung was the type to be a small spoon, guess the girl’s a low-key softySana chuckled as she pulled out her phone wanting to capture the cute moment


Tzuyu slowly open her eyes as she heard a click and a flash of light seep through her eyelids “what the-“ Tzuyu looked at the phone in front of her held by a hand connected to a grinning shiba then look back at the position she’s in seeing the cub wrapped around her arms


Sana slowly back away before running into a sprint as Tzuyu glared at her, face red from rage and embarrassment


“Wake up love birds time to eat!” Sana shouted at the two before dashing out the room



The three girls sat at the dining table waiting for the others when they heard running coming from the stairs, they turn to the sound seeing a pajama clad Sana running down the steps follow by a pissed maknae


“Give me the phone!” Tzuyu shouted from the top step before dashing towards Sana and tackling the girl


“Yah!” Sana dropped to the ground as Tzuyu put herself on top the girl


“Give me the damn phone” Tzuyu reached for the phone as Sana tuck it beneath her


“No! This is the best discovery yet, it needs to be shown to the world” Sana screamed laugh as Tzuyu proceeded to attack the girl with tickles “argh Stop!”


“Um what?” Dahyun asked sending a confused look to Chaeyoung who just came down still rubbing her tired eyes


“Don’t know, don’t care, so what’s for lunch?” Chaeyoung asked as she sat beside her best friend


“Aren’t we gonna stop them before Sana pee herself?” Jihyo asked Momo


“Who cares? I’m hungry” Momo shrugged


Sana squeezed herself between Momo and Dahyun, trying to catch her breath, she was able to kick Tzuyu off then ran towards the table


Tzuyu was about to grab Sana again when the older girl stop her “Touch me and this, will be uploaded” Sana warned putting up the phone, Tzuyu sigh before sitting beside Chaeyoung


“What’s that?” Dahyun asked Sana


“Oh this?” Sana smiled pointing to the phone “It’s something adorable that I shall share to you later”


“Sana-unnie” Tzuyu pouted at Sana


“Eh, Sana you’re bullying the baby” Jihyo said amused


“I’m pretty sure she’s someone else’s baby” Sana smirk as she looked at the two maknaes who blushed at the hint of words, “Besides I have my own” Sana grinned wider as she faced Dahyun who choked on air


“What- I’m wha-” Dahyun stuttered as she calms herself from her coughing fit


“You’re not?” Sana pouted at the girl


“no-I mean ye- nevermind” Dahyun said as she looked away from the brunette a blush creeping up her cheeks


“You’re so cute” Sana said as she left a quick peck at Dahyun’s cheeks


If Dahyun was red before now her face is flaming from embarrassment, thank God, she was saved by her unnies coming back


“Yo, morning to you guys” Jeongyeon greeted as she walked in carrying groceries Mina and Nayeon trailing behind


“Oh, thank God we can eat, I’m hungry and it was becoming sickeningly sweet in here” Momo exclaimed


“Oh come on, you guys are more than ‘sickeningly sweet’” Sana rolled her eyes


“Excuse you, I like to be sweet and loving towards my girlfriend” Momo defended as she took Mina’s hand in her own as the girl sat beside her


“Yeah Sana, they’re not that bad” Dahyun said recovering from her embarrassment


“Thank you Dahyun-ah” Momo said


“They’re worst” Dahyun grin before shaking her shoulders as if shaking off the cringy feeling, making Momo pout earning a laugh from the other girls


“I thought you were nice, you’re being mean” Momo pouted before a small smile crept up her face, seeing as the girl was finally letting loose


“Aww don’t be sad darling” Mina cooed at her pouting girlfriend earning a few cringing looks from the other girls


“Eh seriously guys, right in front of my salad?” Nayeon jokes


“You’re just jealous cause Jeongyeon unnie isn’t as disgustingly sweet” Chaeyoung teased the older


“It’s just not my style” Jeongyeon said


“Really?” Nayeon asked her girlfriend a smirk on her face “Oh let me tell how Jeongyeon here is sickenly sweet when we’re alone” Nayeon said to the group as Jeongyeon stared at her wide eye and face red as a tomato


“Oh, do tell” Jihyo placed her head on her palms as she faced Nayeon, giving her full attention


“Our cool Jeongyeon a softy? This I gotta hear” Momo said amused


“Soft? And a little needy” Nayeon said earning a shout of embarrassment from her girlfriend who drop her head on the table


“Okay even I’m interested

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Chapter 11: <span class='smalltext text--lighter'>Comment on <a href='/story/view/1339483/11'>Sumire</a></span>
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