Give you the Light
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It wasn’t a surprise that the group of friends clicked with each other, Chaeyoung found that Momo is comrade when it comes to dance craze, the recent addiction was the shoot dance which they swore they can fit to any song even a ballad. Tzuyu on the other hand, found comfort in Mina’s matureness and also silence, hanging out with the older girl is nice break from the others. Sana and Dahyun were more than friendly with each other, the younger finds herself staring at the Japanese beauty for a little too long, while Japanese was never lacking in showing her affection too Dahyun, some of their friends can clearly see the attractions from both party yet no one makes the first move.



“Relax Dahyunnie it’s just a cat” Sana replied laughing at the Dark haired girl’s reaction


“That is not a cat Sana, that is Satan’s pawn” Dahyun moved closer to the cat only to be met by a hiss “THE POWER OF GOD COMPELS YOU!” Dahyun shouted as she moved behind Momo


“Aigoo, you scared her Dahyunnie” Sana said she put the Sphynx cat down


“No cat should be that ” Dahyun replied “Why did we even come here”


“The original plan was a Dog Café, but because of your trauma, we decided to go to a Cat Café” Tzuyu answered as she and Chaeyoung were playing with a Persian cat


“How’s that any better?” Dahyun said recovering from her outburst earlier she made her way to sit beside Sana


“We gotta at least meet in the middle, and cats are more laid back” Tzuyu countered


“Besides, the food’s great you should try some” Momo added as she shoved a strawberry cake in


“Enjoying another café’s cake is like cheating on Jeongyeon unnie, you should be guilty” Chaeyoung said to Momo in all seriousness


Momo gulped down the cake looking a little bit guilty “Ehhh?” she answered making Chaeyoung laugh as she helps herself with the plate of waffles


“Babe she’s messing with you” Mina stated laughing at her girlfriend’s reaction “Anyway want to try this cheesecake?” Mina asked as she held the spoon between them


Momo gladly took a bite of the cheesecake making Mina chuckle at her cute reaction


“Aye get a room” Chaeyoung called out teasing her two unnies


“Dahyunnie you want some?” Sana asked Dahyun offering a bite of chocolate cake to Dahyun


“Su-ure” Dahyun replied heat rising to her cheeks as she let Sana feed her the piece of cake


Chaeyoung watching the whole exchanged can’t help but laugh at Dahyun whose whole face was now red “You should’ve seen you face”


Dahyun looking annoyed suddenly turned to her taller friend whose been distracted by the Kittens “Hey Yoda, Chae’s been eyeing your Strawberry Cake” Dahyun smirked as the Cub stop laughing


“Oh you want some Chae?” Tzuyu asked turning to the Cub


Chaeyoung felt herself blushing “Ye-eah, Su-re” Chaeyoung waited expecting Tzuyu to feed her


“What are staring at?” Tzuyu asked looking at the expecting Cub “Why don’t to get some?”


“Ri-ight” Chae Young replied as she took a bite of the cake.


Dahyun laugh at her friend’s predicament, the expectation of the Cub and the Yoda obliviousness triggered not only Dahyun’s hysterical laugh but also the remaining girls earning glare from the Cub.



As the Japanese trio entered their apartment Sana immediately slumped down on the couch looked at her phone


“Yah Sana, she might not be even home yet” Momo called out to the brunette


“What do you know” Sana mock “It’s not like I’m waiting for her to text” Just then Sana’s phone buzz which she immediately grabs smiling when she saw who it was


“yeah right” Momo rolled her eyes as she sat beside the brunette “So, what’s the situation here?” Momo asked looking from Sana to her phone back to Sana


“What do you mean?” Sana asked nervous


“Oh come on, we can clearly see how you act around Dahyun you clearly like her” Momo said


“I-I don’t a-act a certain way with Dahyun” Sana countered


“Yes you do” Mina answered sitting on other side of Sana “You act clingy and sweet- “


“But I’m always clingy and sweet” Sana interrupted


“But you’re EXTRA clingy to her and you look at her as if- I don’t like- Just something, there’s something different about the way you look at her” Mina explained

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thank you guys! for reading subscribing and for supporting this fic, it means a lot, this is my first ever fic, my first ever time writing a long story, so it means a lot. oh and for chapters 18 - 20, pay attention to the italicised words at the end of every chapter.


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Chapter 5: haha nations third wheel 🤣🤣🤣🤣 poor satang
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Chapter 20: mimo 😍😍😍😍😍
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i will gonna read this 😄
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Chapter 11: <span class='smalltext text--lighter'>Comment on <a href='/story/view/1339483/11'>Sumire</a></span>
The tragedy to be able to abandon your kid for the reason of them having same attractions 🥺 sad but realistic, poor Sana. Dahyun’s past doesn’t seem to bright either. Hopefully their future will be lighter! Very sweat ending! They almost took over the wedding 🥳
Chapter 20: Please write an epilogue! I want to see Dahyun's discovery of Sana's past and Chaeyu finally becoming official. Thanks for this author-nim!
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Chapter 22: Yes epilogue please
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