Starry Night

Give you the Light
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“Thank you Sana, really, today was really fun” Dahyun turned to the older whose eyes were on the road


“It’s nothing really, I just wanted to do something for you” Sana took a glance at Dahyun offering a smile


“Thanks, sad that we got to go home though” Dahyun replied


“Oooh do want to spend time with me that much?” Sana teased


“Wha- I just wanted to- you know- I just don’t want to go home yet that’s all” Dahyun concluded a little flustered at Sana’s comment


“Hmmm” Sana hummed in response “Dahyun-nah”




“Let’s go on an adventure”



“When you said adventure, I didn’t think will be hiking up an hill” Dahyun said through heavy breaths “I’m not cut out for exercise”


After driving a few hours Sana stopped by a small park close to Seoul and decided to take Dahyun on a small hike up an upward hill


“Oh come on, it’s not even a hiking, we’re literally climbing up the stairs” Sana rolled her eyes “And it isn’t even that high, we’ve only had a few steps” Sana looked at the girl who for her was being overly dramatic


After a few more steps and few more protest from the pale girl, they finally reached a small pergola that overlooked city from afar


“Finally” Dahyun collapsed on the bench, Sana chuckled at the younger girl a she sat beside the her


“Look you can see the city lights from a far” Sana said beckoning the younger girl to look


“Yeah, I can never imagine Seoul looking so quiet, from here it looks so peaceful. How did you know about this place?” Dahyun asked


“I didn’t, I just thought that may be there’s something up here guess I was lucky” Sana said in all seriousness

“Really? Then we could’ve been lost? Or hike until some animal found us and eat us?” Dahyun exclaimed


“Aye don’t be so dramatic, I’m kidding, Mina mention it when we were once passing by an I wanted to see it for myself, and I’m happy to say I’m not disappointed” Sana replied still staring at the view in front of them


“Well it is a great view” Dahyun agreed looking at the view “Got to hand to you, you’re full of surprises, and I found myself trusting you even though my life may be put in danger” Dahyun stated recalling the many times this day Sana convinced her to do something she never imagined doing, guess the girl is just that persuasive, or Dahyun just trust girl, It’s a mystery even to her how much trust she puts in Sana yet it be one of the best decisions Dahyun made


“Well, I’m honored” Sana replied taking in Dahyun’s hands, eyes never once leaving the view in front


Dahyun looked at her intertwined hands, feeling like it just fits, like everything in the world right now, just fits.


“That night” Dahyun started still looking at their intertwined hands, Sana turned her attention to the girl waiting for her to continue “That night, when you came into my room and found my in a mess, I was kinda having an episode” Dahyun stared of in the distance struggling say the next words.


Sana rub her thumb along Dahyun’s hand, beckoning the girl to take her time and relax.


“I kinda have um-” Dahyun looked down nervously “I have Dysthymia, it’s a depressive disorder, but it’s not as severe as real depression, I just kinda have depressive moods here and there”


“Hey,” Sana cupped Dahyun’s chin and looked at the younger girl “Thanks, for sharing that, I know it’s hard but I’m right here okay?” Sana tried to comfort the younger


“Thanks, um” Dahyun looked down more nervous than before “It actually started since my mom died-”


“Hey hey, It’s okay you don’t have to talk about it” Sana said seeing that the girl was struggling


“Yeah, it’s just that I feel like I should, or I want to” Dahyun said looking at the view “It’s just that, her dying really took the toll on me, and I been dealing with for a year and I just don’t know if I’m getting better or worse” Dahyun met the older’s gaze “I guess what I’m saying is that, I’ve had good day, Bad days, worst days but today was one of the best days I’ve had for a long time, I kinda forgot how to let loose, and I wanted to thank you for that, really” Dahyun offered a smile


“Anything for you” Sana replied as leaned and kissed Dahyun’s forehead “Omo look at you all bright red” The action caught Dahyun off guard but she’ll be lying if she said she didn’t like it


“You ruined the mood” Dahyun said to the older as she gave a pout


“Yahhh, why are you so cute” Sana squealed as she hugs the girl


The truth is even in good days, bad days, worst days, all the days to come, Sana will do anything and everything for the girl, maybe it’s her way of giving Dahyun the loved she herself was deprived of or maybe something far deeper than her crush, all she knows is Dahyun’ s fragile, and she would do anything to protect her and bring back that smile on her face



“Thanks again, for today” Dahyun shyly said as Sana walked her to her front door


“You thanks like a hundred times already, it’s no big deal, I wanted to do it for you” Sana laugh at the girl




“Okay, but I want something other than your ‘thank yous’” Sana said as she opened her arms


“What?” Dahyun asked confused as she looked at Sana whose arms are wide open


“Come here” Sana enveloped Dahyun in a big hug almost crushing the girl


Dahyun wrapped her arms around Sana’s waist as she enjoyed the older’s warmth


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Chapter 11: <span class='smalltext text--lighter'>Comment on <a href='/story/view/1339483/11'>Sumire</a></span>
The tragedy to be able to abandon your kid for the reason of them having same attractions 🥺 sad but realistic, poor Sana. Dahyun’s past doesn’t seem to bright either. Hopefully their future will be lighter! Very sweat ending! They almost took over the wedding 🥳
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