Suspicious Tea
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This was rather fun to write, so here is the second part, thanks for commenting and upvoting!!


Eric crumpled the paper up and sighed, laying his head down on his desk. He was trying to think of a good second wish. He thought since he had three over all he could as well give one to his friends or family. But he didn’t want to wish for something simple like a new bed, selffolding laundry or alot of money, it just wasn’t his style. No his wish should be thought through and he didn’t want to regret anything afterwards - even though he certainly would.

Hyesungs suggestions what others had wished for didn’t exactly help because it all wasn’t what Eric wanted. The fairy had also explained to Eric that there were rules and he couldn’t just wish for free wishes for the rest of his life and other unlimited things.

Also fairies weren’t allowed to grant criminal wishes and everything had to be within the laws of the humans. Also you couldn’t just wish you had no wishes, that was impossible to grant because it would cause the fairy to die.

It wasn’t as if Eric would’ve wished for any of these things but he had thought about them and it was good to know that fairies weren’t allowed to grant those wishes. So Eric was still stuck with debating what he should wish for even though it was late evening by now and he had drunken the tea around noon, causing Hyesung to appear. He had tried to make a list what would be a good idea but he had crumpled it just now because it didn’t really help.

Eric looked over towards Hyesung who sat on top of a few books, drinking tea through a straw he had to hold with both hands. Cute. Eric smiled at the pretty fairy whose attention was focused on the tea.

Earlier he had demanded that Eric would make him tea if he had to think longer about his wishes because the fairy needed tea to feel well. So Eric had gone out to buy some tea for the demanding creature and got Hyesung straws too because he highly doubted that he was able to drink out of a normal mug very elegantly.

„Do all fairies love tea?“ he asked out of curiosity and Hyesung put the straw by side, folding his tiny hands in his lap. „No. Isn’t that obvious?“ he asked, as if he couldn’t believe how stupid Eric was. It hurt Erics pride. Why did such a beautiful creature have to be snappy and aggressive with his words? If Erics friends knew what a snarky fairy they got him? Probably not.

„If it was obvious I wouldn’t ask…“ Hyesung stared at the human, eyes wide, his small face twitching angered and Eric couldn’t help but find it hilarious and adorable. „I’m a teafairy so I come to you through tea and that means I love tea and it makes me feel good. Other sorts of fairies like other things and come to you on other ways.“ Hyesung explained and Eric laid his head back on the table so that his eyes were on the same height as the winged boy.

„There are coffeefairies, they live the same way as my kind does. Most of the other fairies don’t spend their time on earth with you humans, they prefer other worlds and species bu

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cjmoo_ #1
Chapter 5: Aww thanks for including this epilogue! It's nice to see more of them. Their banter here reminds me of real life Eric and Hyesung ahaha. Love the fluff! Love the fairy wings ring!
cjmoo_ #2
Chapter 4: Aww this is a simple yet cute story.
cjmoo_ #3
Chapter 2: 'drinking tea through a straw he had to hold with both hands' - this is so cuteee! Hyesungie's so cute here!
Ah, our selfless Eric, wishing happiness for someone else :')
cjmoo_ #4
Chapter 1: Of course Eric would forget his password... xD
turyka #5
Chapter 5: This is just so pretty and cute and loveable. Great miny story.(^^)v
krilli #6
Lovely fic! Thank you very much~ I want my own fairy Hyesung xD But it's good that he turns into human so he can be with Eric properly.
missstery #7
Chapter 5: Wow, that's a great surprise. Thanks for this, I really liked it. I hope you keep writing fics about these men, because I really like your stories and honestly I don't care that they are just fluff, since your stories are good with or with out the .
Chapter 5: Fluffyyyy.. thanks for the epilogue, authornim..