Suspicious Tea

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Through unexpected circumstances Eric gets three free wishes and even more. ---

Ricsyung Fairy AU


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cjmoo_ #1
Chapter 5: Aww thanks for including this epilogue! It's nice to see more of them. Their banter here reminds me of real life Eric and Hyesung ahaha. Love the fluff! Love the fairy wings ring!
cjmoo_ #2
Chapter 4: Aww this is a simple yet cute story.
cjmoo_ #3
Chapter 2: 'drinking tea through a straw he had to hold with both hands' - this is so cuteee! Hyesungie's so cute here!
Ah, our selfless Eric, wishing happiness for someone else :')
cjmoo_ #4
Chapter 1: Of course Eric would forget his password... xD
turyka #5
Chapter 5: This is just so pretty and cute and loveable. Great miny story.(^^)v
krilli #6
Lovely fic! Thank you very much~ I want my own fairy Hyesung xD But it's good that he turns into human so he can be with Eric properly.
missstery #7
Chapter 5: Wow, that's a great surprise. Thanks for this, I really liked it. I hope you keep writing fics about these men, because I really like your stories and honestly I don't care that they are just fluff, since your stories are good with or with out the .
Chapter 5: Fluffyyyy.. thanks for the epilogue, authornim..