Moments of 15 OTPs

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Oneshot collection of all the Shinhwa pairs. (Which ones are already written will be shown in the tags for this story.)

I'll update when I have time and wrote something fitting for this.



  • Some Couples might appear more than others but over time you'll find every couple here. (This is because I love and cherish every couple and want to write about each and every one of them over time.)
  • Any genre I feel like. This is for me to experimentate around with my ideas for the couples and so the genre can change into anything. That also means some stories will be more friendship centered while others will focus more on "feelings between the characters".
  • I'll share nothing else as Shinhwa malexmale oneshots - again since I want to experimentate around here and write some short things to satisfy myself. Chaptered stories, two- or threeshots and everything can be found on my profile but not in this collection.
  • I'll also experimentate a little with the writing styles. - Probably.
  • I'll upload whenever I feel like it and had the time and creativity to actually write and "finish" something.
  • I will put the warnings in front of the chapter every time since they'll differ with each story. As I know myself there will be nothing hardcore but definitely some y stuff. (Chapter will be rated M in that case.)
  • If you want to recommend something you really want to read feel free to do that! I might ask you for more specific ideas and there's no guarantee that I'll write it, but I'll try, you also might have to wait.
  • There are a few things you definitely won't find here: Mpreg, genderbend/genderswap, chara x reader/oc/female (might be mentioned but won't be the actual plot), ....
  • I have to say that even the oneshots that play in the present or future aren't meant to accuse any of the Shinhwa members of anything. I respect them and their privacy fully as artist and idols. When I write about them I don't write about them as persons but as characters and everything is pure fiction. This is for writing down and sharing my fantasies -  not for meddling with their private business. They are free to share whatever they feel like sharing with us, especially since we don't actually know them personally and everyone has a different view on their characters. :)


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Shogun-sung #1
Chapter 8: Baby bird T T thank you for wonderful story
Chapter 8: My heart broke into a million pieces and could literally feel them pulling back together at the end, so cute. Can understand where he is coming from in this though, down days like that can be really hard to handle at the best of times, takes a strong connection with someone to pull you through it
Chapter 8: I wasn’t in the mood for Jinnie breaking down like that. But Jinsyung always a better cure for that. Thanks
Chapter 8: Aw sweet Jinsyung,. Mama bird loves his baby bird
Chapter 6: AWWWWWW this is so cute! Actually this is a really cute idea XD and I would love to see some Ansyung/Syungdy and Jinsyung!
Chapter 4: That's is a beautiful story. Love it
Chapter 6: Cute Ricmin.... Though I was hoping for more lol