Suspicious Tea
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This chapter is so weird, idk. It's not even a real part of the story just half bonus and ugh crap. I hope it doesn't really disappoint, I actually wanted to write it totally different (if you squint maybe you see the hints in the story as to how I actually planned the end) I have no idea how it ended up like this. Actually I like the start  but the end is just...

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The cold february air hit Erics skin as he stepped out of the door of the apartement building he lived in. He had decided to get himself some of Hyesungs favourite tea and let the hurt over the loss of the fairy slowly sink in, celebrating his birthday like that.

So Eric made his way towards the teashop three streets away with fast steps. He wished he had decided to wear more than a half long coat and the hood of his pullover. He knew he looked terrible since he couldn’t sleep the whole night and so he thought that would do it. But the cold winterwind had no mercy and slipped under his clothes, feeling like thousand needles on Erics skin.

So the helplessly shivering man was more than glad as he opened the door to the teashop and felt the warmth immediately on his body. He rubbed his hands together and tried to shake the cold off. He didn’t have to wander along the aisles since he knew what he wanted and he still wasn’t a fan of tea so he went straight to the abandoned counter.

Eric hit the bell, signaling the owner - it was a small shop with only an old lady working there - that a customer was there and wanted something. The lingering smell of tea made his heart ache because it reminded Eric of the fairy that had lived with him the last month.

He looked around the small shop, there were so many different sorts and flavors that Eric had been totally overwhelmed the first time he came here to buy tea for the demanding fairy. He suppressed a sigh, his heart clenching at the memory of Hyesung sitting on his shoulder, making himself invisible and telling Eric what kind of tea he should get.

„So what can I get for you, Birthdayboy?“ Eric would’ve recognized the voice everywhere and spun around on his heel, almost falling down clumsily. He stared at the man behind the counter unbelieving, adrenaline rushing through his whole body. Erics heart skipped a beat before it raced with an incredibly fast pace, probably wanting him to have a heart attack.

There stood Hyesung in flesh and blood, nearly as tall as Eric, a sly smirk on his pretty face, making Eric unable to say anything. „I didn’t expect to see you so soon. But since it’s still your birthday I also have an actual present for you.“ Hyesung spoke again and pulled a tiny, square, wrapped present out from under the counter and handed it over. Eric took it with trembling hands, still not fully believing that Hyesung was there as an actual human until Eric felt the others hands around his own.

„How come you work here?“ he asked as soon as he found his voice again. His head was still spinning but the realization that Hyesung was now really here and obviously remembered everything. Erics feelings for the light haired male in front of him were running wild, making his whole body prickle with excitement.

„One human life in exchange for another one, that’s how magic works. The owner passed away and since I’m her grandson now it’s my heritage.“ Hyesung explained, hands still wrapped tightly around Erics own, the former fairys expression serious. Eric drew a sharp breath, realizing what that meant. He should’ve felt guilty but somehow he didn’t, Hyesung fit so perfectly in this environment and looked at home that Eric just couldn't bring himself to feel as if he had done something wrong.

„So you’ll stay with me now?“ Eric asked as Hyesung let go of his hands and shoved the present in the pocket of his coat. „If you don’t annoy me too much.“ the pretty male replied, raising one eyebrow playfully, making it disappear under his hazel brown hair. „I’m not sure if I can do that.“ Eric grinned at the other man.

„If you want to buy something I have to ask you to hurry up I’ll close the shop soon, I have to celebrate someones birthday.“ Hyesung flashed a grin at Eric who answered it. A warm, tingling sensation spread through his whole body, making him feel lightheaded. It felt so good to know that Hyesung was now there with him and not only because he had to fullfill Erics wishes.

„I would like to have about 200 gram of the rooibos vanilla tea, my boyfriend loves it alot.“ Eric stuttered a bit but the blush

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cjmoo_ #1
Chapter 5: Aww thanks for including this epilogue! It's nice to see more of them. Their banter here reminds me of real life Eric and Hyesung ahaha. Love the fluff! Love the fairy wings ring!
cjmoo_ #2
Chapter 4: Aww this is a simple yet cute story.
cjmoo_ #3
Chapter 2: 'drinking tea through a straw he had to hold with both hands' - this is so cuteee! Hyesungie's so cute here!
Ah, our selfless Eric, wishing happiness for someone else :')
cjmoo_ #4
Chapter 1: Of course Eric would forget his password... xD
turyka #5
Chapter 5: This is just so pretty and cute and loveable. Great miny story.(^^)v
krilli #6
Lovely fic! Thank you very much~ I want my own fairy Hyesung xD But it's good that he turns into human so he can be with Eric properly.
missstery #7
Chapter 5: Wow, that's a great surprise. Thanks for this, I really liked it. I hope you keep writing fics about these men, because I really like your stories and honestly I don't care that they are just fluff, since your stories are good with or with out the .
Chapter 5: Fluffyyyy.. thanks for the epilogue, authornim..