I love you to the extent that it hurts;


Even the common things turn into wonderful memories when we’re together.




































& other characters will be revealed as the story continue on.






Noona, please don’t go.


I’m sorry Howon ah.


Aisshh, look carefully where you are going!


Marry me?


I will love you with all my heart and soul. Will you let me?


I still love you Lee Howon.







Hi all! So, this is my first story ever. This story will be a quite short one, maybe less in 20 chapters and it will be done. This story merely focus on the leads, Hoya & Hana.  Also Woohyun & Eunhee when she comes back. That is why I don't add on any of their friends characters so far, but don't worry I will, later on. I hope you'll enjoy this story and comment would be greatly appreciated :)

This story is purely based on my imagination. If there's similarities between my story to another story, it was not my intention. There's a song that actually the reason why I'm starting this fanfic. I will not reveal the song yet :p  



Please do not take out the contents of this story in any way of sort and form. Copyright fully reserved to ©my_hoyadori



Sequel? Maybe after I'm done with my other fanfic.. I'll think about it ^^


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Norfazyra #1
Chapter 45: I wanna read woohyun fanfic that you made!!!! Author-nim your story was daebak!!!!!
Chapter 44: Reread this too lol
lovekpop0515 #3
Chapter 44: I finished your story in an hour! It was too great! Thank you so much!
babyjongdae #4
Chapter 44: Done reading it in 2,5 hours. Great story!
kimsonah #5
Chapter 46: i can't believe that i've finished this fanfic in less than 3 hours :d it was soo good i loved it to the very end
Chapter 46: Omg. This story is so awesome. T.T Special Chapter wherein three years have passed, please. :3
Chapter 46: i cried so much and hey! i finished reading your story for 3 hours :'))
hate to say but I LOVE IT SO MUCH! have a nice day author-nim!
Oh hai ! new reader here....just finished this stories in one way,n i love it soooo muuuuch,so sweet n loving stories,,u're such a good authornim,n i'm gonna read your other fanfics after this....^^
Chapter 5: authornim..
may I ask??? how old dr.L kim??
muntrinhlai #10
Chapter 44: Awww I'm falling in love with your stories ^^