Fatal attraction



At such a young age, Han Yoonji had been through a lot in her life. The past was still haunting her but she didn't let it to shadow her future. She started again from the scratch. She left everything behind and moved on. Getting her life back on track with the help of her best friend, Kim Seohyun and having a job was everything she had planned for from the beginning. Everything was perfect. Until Nam Woohyun appeared in her life.

She knew that he was bad news but it was a fatal attraction.










When news of her best friend dating a business mogul made it to the front page of a famous tabloid, she knew what she had to do.

She tried to warn her about him, but she didn’t listen. He’s the CEO of the company she was currently working for, and while she didn’t loathe the man, she had heard her co-workers gossiping a lot about his player image, and none of the rumors were pleasant. The news of him going out with someone is almost a must-have in the tabloids. Just yesterday, he was seen with a foreign model in the club and was spotted with someone else the day after that. He changed partners like a girl changed her clothes.

She remembered how shocked she was when her best friend told her about their relationship. Her best friend Seohyun barely knew him, and it was evident to her that her best friend was already falling for him. But she doubted he felt the same.


She was in no way being jealous, but she felt protective of Seohyun. They had been friends for almost ten years, and she never wished for anything bad to happen to her. Her parents had trusted her, and she had promised them to take good care of her. She knew how harsh the real world can be, and her best friend was far too innocent and naive for all of that. She witnessed the hurt expression on Seohyun’s face when she read the tabloid.


She did what she had to do.


She distinctly remembered the speechless look on Seohyun’s face when she was dragged away by her parents from the apartment they both share. They had come to bring her home with them in the countryside. She could remember the unpleasant bad words that spewed from and the hatred in her eyes when she tried to explain why she called her parents.

And that’s when she knew she had made the right decision.

She hadn’t expected they would bring her home with them. She had thought they would only come and give words of advice, but her prediction was clearly wrong. She believed that parents always act in the best interest of their children, so she didn’t interfere or object when they decided to bring her home.




She was about to climb into bed when the non-stop ringing of the door bell to her apartment and loud thumps on the door frightened her all of sudden. At first, she had thought it was the landlord but dismissed that possibility because last month’s rent had already been paid.

With trembling hands, she slowly opened the door. When she saw a glimpse of the guest behind the door, she slammed the door shut with a loud bang. Her heart stammered in her chest, and her face blanched.


It was him.



“Open the door!” There came his voice behind the door.


She kept quiet, and the knocks on the door subsequently fell silent too, but she knew he was still there.


“I know you’re in there! Open this door, and let me in!”


Who the hell does he think he is? There was no way she would let him through the door, especially after what had happened.


As realization dawned on her, she became anxious. How did he know my address?


Maybe Seohyun told him. Maybe.



“Go away!”

With a shaky voice, she half-shouted and regretted that her voice sounded like a plea instead of a threat.


“Just who do you think you are to interfere in my life?”

His voice was low but just enough for her to hear it. It may have sounded like a normal question to others, but the cold, menacing tone in his voice almost made her legs give away.


“Please go away, or I will call the police!” she said again, proud that her voice sounded much more confident this time.



However, the smile on her face immediately faded after she heard him growl, “You’ll pay for this.”

The sound of footsteps that echoed in the hallway indicated that he was already gone, but she had a feeling that this wasn’t going to be the last time she would have to deal with him.


Well done, Han Yoonji. You’ve just bought your ticket to hell.


Before going to bed, she prayed that he didn’t remember her face or even recognize her. If he did, the first thing she would do tomorrow is to hand in her resignation letter. Nonetheless, she really hoped that she wouldn’t have to resort to resigning because she was content with her occupation and honestly couldn’t afford being jobless since she’s living all by herself in the apartment now. She’ll have to pay double the amount of rent from now on.


Either way tonight is going to be a restless night, and tomorrow is going to be one hell of a day.


















& this, is their story;












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