If I had you



I was hurting again. I had no one else but you and nothing hurts if I had you.




Please do not take out the contents of this story in any way of sort and form. Copyright fully reserved to ©my_hoyadori

Author's Note: This story is purely based on imagination thus the reason why it's called fanfiction. The events within this story may never happened and are solely created for the reading pleasure of this website and to the readers. Please do me a favour, if you are under 18 years old, please do not read the chapters that has been marked as M.



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your fictions always the best! I bet 90% of your readers cried after reading it
best one shot ever ^_^
HunTy1204 #2
Chapter 1: i'm crying ;-; i'm crying for real ;-;
ladriani #3
Chapter 1: This is so heartbreaking. I am crying so hard T__________________T
sommer-rain #4
Chapter 1: Can u please make a sequel to this?
It's so beautiful and makes me curious
octa_ria #5
Why did sunggyu avoid her? And what people see when she open her scarf?
Chapter 1: Reading this again. I still don't get why did Sungkyu started annoying her?
femina #7
Chapter 1: Nice it made me to cry:'(
Chapter 1: Aww this definitely brought tears to my eyes
It's so sad!!!!!!!!!! I literally want to cry because of the angst, but also because of how beautifully written it was. Applause to you author. Very nicely done!

PS: Right now I'm checking out your stories if you couldn't tell. :) All are so great!!!!!!

Chapter 1: What kind of the disease that girl has it?? Is it leukemia? because the disease was from her father?