Time, please stop.






“No, I won’t do it!”


“Oppa, please. It’s for you...”


“For me? Are you out of your mind Kim Hae Yong? Did you realize what you just have asked your husband to do?” He calmed down and held her hands in his own.


“Myungsoo, I love you and I will always be. You have been such a loving husband for me. You are caring, patient, gentle and perfect in every way. You have given everything that I could have asked for. But I can’t give you what you wanted.”


“I don’t care about that. This is ridiculous Hae Yong ah. Please just forget about this. We can adopt a kid. Yes, that would be so much better than this.”


“Don’t be silly Myungsoo. You know it won’t be the same. You are the only son in Kim’s family and you know what that means.”


“Is that more important to you than our marriage? An inheritor for the next generation? Fine! I’ll that girl till she can give you what you want!”


“Myungsoo! Please don’t say it like that. Please baby. Don’t make it hard for me and you.” She paused momentarily. “Do you know how I felt when I know that I can’t carry your child? I can't get pregnant Myungsoo, I am barren! That is a disgrace for me!” She started to sob.


“Baby, please don't say it like that. Don’t cry. I’m sorry.” He pulled her into his embrace and hugged her dearly.


“Myung... I’m sorry that I can’t give you what you wanted. I would give anything to become the perfect wife for you. The one who can give you a child. I’m sorry.”


“Shhhh.. Say no more.”


“I love you Myungsoo, and this is why I’m asking you to do this.”












“Fine, I’ll do it. I’ll do it baby, for you.”










Please do not take out the contents of this story in any way of sort and form. Copyright fully reserved to ©my_hoyadori


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Author's Note: This story is purely based on imagination thus the reason why it's called fanfiction. The events within this story never happened and are solely created for the reading pleasure of this website and to the readers. Please do me a favour, if you are under 18 years old, please do not read the chapters that has been marked as M.




Hi everyone. So, here’s my fourth fanfic featuring none other than Infinite members. When I was writing for my other fanfics last night, this idea just suddenly pops into my mind. If any of my subbies actually remember, I asked for your vote to decide who’s going to be in my fanfic, right? It was either Myungsoo and Sunggyu but in the end, more votes to Gyu and I personally think that Sunggyu suits angst story more. IDK why, maybe because he is older?


Anyways, this story will somewhat, be quite the same with Frozen Flowers, but it will be towards the romance side, a total opposite of FF. I think I’ve got to get away from angst for a while, I miss writing for fluff and romance stories ^^


I think there’s a Bollywood story that is quite similar like this plot? I can’t really remember but I didn’t get this idea from the movie though. I was thinking about the flow of this story when the movie suddenly flashed through my mind. And honestly, I think that there are already bunch of fanfics with this plot. But I will do my best to write this fanfic and perhaps I won’t disappoint you guys ^^


Note: If any of you would probably be like, he doesn’t need to sleep with her to get her pregnant etc. Well I guess there won’t be the fun part in the story wouldn’t it? *wriggle eyebrows*


Some chapters will be rated M for scenes and maybe foul languages.


Special credit; Thank you to ommyname & Jindiy for helping to proofread this fanfic for me! <3



Anyways, please enjoy this story and don’t forget to check out my other fanfics as well :)



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Please don't mind my messed up english because english is not my first language and grammar is not my friend.


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