Fallen Kingdom

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JR thought he was normal; just a chef's son in a overthrown country. When he found out the truth, it was a lot to take in, causing him to question everything he's ever known. Let's rewind to the beginning.

When the entire royal family was murdered and the kingdom was taken over by the King's advisor, suspicions arose. Living in fear of the advisor, no one said a word and they followed him blindly. On the same day that the advisor took over, a humble chef found a baby in a wooden box, cold from the rainy weather. This child had the same features as the fallen royalty, but he was determined to raise JR himself, hoping he will be the answer to the kingdom's harsh condition. 


This story won 1st place in Fantastic Fantasy Festival! It was fun to compete in♡. 


The beautiful poster and background were made by the lovely Yuan♡♡♡.




Chapter 5 is up! Now you night be able to find out JR's fate from the last chapter's events;).


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Chapter 8: Awwwww. Okay so that was resolved in a way I had never seen before so it was really interesting and unique. I was proven wrong about Minhyun thank goodness and now he's a spy, that's awesome haha. All in all I really enjoyed this short story!
Chapter 6: Oh my! Well that explains why Aron knew and YES I SAW IT COMING, JRon is cute lol. Ugh now I'm worried though
Chapter 5: I totally understand JR's anger, I was surprised that Aron knew too. Aish! So when did he get poisoned? The only time I can think of is at Minhyun's, but does that mean Minhyun did it?!
Chapter 4: Whoa. Okay that was unexpected! The stake situation was horrible and I hope JR didn't get himself recognized! But now this sickness... where do it come from?!?
Chapter 3: Awww. T.T "Masks were wonderful things" made me sad. But yay for having a sweet (toothed) friend like Aron
Chapter 2: OH! I also like how you are mixing a modern world with a fantasy one, it definitely puts your own touch on fantasy!
Chapter 2: Awwww gosh Lizzy. In one chapter she grew on my heart! T.T
I loved your descriptions here and the interaction between JRen. I'm curious as to where this is leading haha. I don't think I've ever read Ren as a warrior and so this is new territory for me!
Chapter 1: Such a precocious child haha. I like how he is the ring leader and Aron is the worry wart. I also liked your use of Hyunseung... very fitting grumble grumble. On to the next chapter!
Chapter 8: Finally finished reading xD

So Hyunseung did kill Lizzy >_< Our poor Lizzy. I'm glad Ren won the duel <3 It was good that it was a duel and not a revolution.
Finally, JR is in his rightful place and he sounds like a king every suffering citizen would want and need.
I want to comment more but my head is spinning haha so I'll leave it at this >_< Thank you for writing this and again, congratulations for placing a win from Tigress's writing contest~
Chapter 6: I'm glad JR realize it fast and quick that Yoseob and Aron were only trying to protect him from what he didn't know.
Aron making the move on JR too. He must have been so impatient since JR knew about his feelings xD
Rennn! Finally, they're getting started. Prepare yourself Hyunseung!