Chapter - 7

Bleeding Blue (SEQUEL!!)
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He is too pure

for this wicked world

but mortals know not-

For they are all blind

to the unpolished beauty

in front of them.


“Do you remember when I had first …kidnapped you and threw you onto the ship?” He asks looking at me, his eyes regretful. I nodded not really wanting to think about those terrible moments, “I was apprehended by the police. They recognized me and took me as prisoner.” I look up at him, surprised by that piece of information.

“But I don’t know what happened because they released me and told me to come to this island or else they will kill me. I tried to tell them about you but they wouldn’t listen so you had to suffer. By the time we reached you were nearly dead. I was so scared I killed you as well.”

“Back then you were nothing but a stranger who I had taken advantage of but believe me when I say that I really wished it never happened.”

I believed him. I had already forgiven him for all that he had done. He did not exactly wish to be in such a situation did he?

“It’s okay. I survived, did I not?” I smiled at him then pointed at his plate of shrimp which we were having for dinner. He picked up a piece but gave me an expectant gaze as if he was waiting for me to say something else.

“What?” I asked, a little amused.

He says nothing, going pink in the face and continuing to eat his food.

This little baby was supposedly a criminal. This boy who would rather have his hands burnt than see someone hungry, or go fishing although there seemed to be no possible way of catching any and even risking his life to save someone else’s.

“What?” It was his turn to ask since I was staring at him.

I laughed, forgetting the pain and reality for a moment, or the fact that we talk about crimes so lightly.

“What?” He asks again, fidgety.

“You, Mister Byun Baekhyun are the cutest human I have encountered so far.”

* * *

There was a sudden tug in my heart followed by a painful clench. I had been teaching the kids on one of the porches of their homes. Nothing was out of ordinary but my heart refused to calm down.

“Kids,” all of them looked up at me from their notebooks, “I know we still have to sit for sometime but I don’t feel well today so I have to call it a day. The work that I assign to you will be your homework.”

The kids responded, some squealing in delight as they packed up and scattered around quickly. I climbed up the slope quickly but noticed that no one was at home. I knew where he would be. My feet took me quickly to the gulf.

My heart seemed to stop once I reached. He was sitting next to Grandpa’s boat with tools around him, a few feet away from his grave. He was repairing the boat. But what caught my heart was his shaking shoulders and his hands on his face. He was crying.

My lips immediately trembled, my nose stung and my breath became erratic. He had lost someone who is the closest father figure he has ever had.

I went over to him and hugged him from behind. He stiffened at the contact but relaxed a moment later. He turned around and my heart went into a frenzy. There were tears staining his beautiful face. I cried with him as he hugs me tightly. Aren’t we both so pitiful?

“Why do I lose everyone? I wish I can at least have you.” He said after a long time. My stomach did a flip and my brain went into overdrive but there was more guilt in there than anything else.

“But you have me,” I said, my hands cradling his face, “You have me as long as I stay here.”

He says nothing after that, just looking at me with his glossy eyes.

“Why can’t I have been born differently? Why did fate do this…?”

My heart felt as though there was a constant pricking of tiny needles all over. Why are you so unfortunate, you quiet and demure human? Why could the gods not have any pity over you adorable being, someone who hides his sadness so that he could make someone else feel better?

Without voicing any of my thoughts I leaned down and kissed him on his lips, as softly as possible to show him my care, my love and my pain to him.

“Let’s pray that we meet in the next life when we are both very normal, very lively and leading beautiful lives.”

We both sat there leaning against the boat staring at the ocean. The gulf was completely different now. There were no longer any trees, each one fell, the flowers were completely destroyed and the water was no longer calm.

Did the gulf know that it’s caretaker had gone?

* * *

“Baek,” our boat rocked us gently as we sailed out into the ocean, “One day I am going to return to this place and then I will always be by your side. We can go boating like this all the time and maybe we can even go pearl fishing. Then we will go play on the beach and watch the sun set on our porch.”

He was looking at me as though I might disappear if he blinked a second too long. It took so much will power not to go over and hug him until he becomes the happy puppy he had become.

“Let’s do that then,” He smiles a sad smile, “I’ll be waiting… Even if takes my whole life.”

We became quiet as we usually do when we wanted to ponder over things.

“We’re being dramatic aren’t we?” I said with a hollow laugh.

“You could say that.” He returns my chuckle with a smile that was more heartbreaking than beautiful.

* * *

It’s been four months since I’ve come here and so much has happened to me. Things changed, for good and for bad. Things have become almost normal and I was more or less getting out of the depression phase quicker.

But everything I did included Baekhyun and that was why I look forward to every morning, every day. He liked being close to me. He did not establish too much skin ship with me but every now and then he would hold my hand or lean close to me or hug me.

I liked it; it was a remainder that some things were normal and natural. Maybe we loved each other or maybe it was something else but whatever it was we were not afraid to show it because it wasn’t going to last. We were savoring each other’s presence while we can.

Our end was inevitable. It was pronounced from the beginning. But why couldn’t something happen, like a massive turn of events and change our destiny?

Every single tim

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(BLEEDING BLUE) The long-awaited sequel to this heartbreaking story is finally here and it is called Running Red. Please give it a shot if you still, like me haven't moved on from this. ^^


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Chapter 10: I really love this story:)
I have never cried this much while reading any fic but bleeding blue really pulled my heartstrings. I don't think there can be any other book rather than bleeding blue itself which can make it's readers cry so badly.
Hopefully their is sequel for this and now I am going to read it and let my heart cool down for both Baek and Joo.
I really really loved reading this!!!!
Thank you author for writing such an amazing and lovely fic♥♥
parkshiza #2
Chapter 10: writer nim yes I really wanted to kill u now ....and now I think my balls are coming out from my eyes because of all the cries heart is bleeding now........its the best fic for crying ...I'm leaving a comment here for reminding myself of a strong reason to cry again
Chapter 10: Hiiiiiii .....
Yeah i was reading this last night I just craved it and wanted a reason to cry🙂....and i think i should change my name from stick to stickcreep 😭....
And one more thing...
As yk I can't just stop reading it ok so and I really want more people to appreciate this as well as running red!!!!....
So I'm going to put this story link on my Instagram as a story or even as a link in my bio I just can't stop thinking about this and feel ing happy because this story is literally like a baby for me and this story and the sequel needs more attention.... I will NOT do this without your permission obviously so please say yes😭😭😭....
Chapter 11: Look who's here to scratch the wound open!!!!...

Absolutely not me :')....


( I'm crying and my mum's giving me looks and idc now)......


I'm gonna read running red now!!!
AiiSoo #5
Chapter 10: I admit. I’ve delayed reading this for the longest time because I took a peek of the last chapter. Just a small peek. I figured I can’t handle all the heart-wrenching sorrow at that time, so I postponed reading this story till now. I came back because of the sequel. I haven’t read it yet but reading the title kinda makes me recall that I’ve read a similar title but not sure from where. After I started reading this, then I clearly remember. Thank God that i read this in my room alone so I can cry buckets without restraint. I was a sobbing mess. Never wanted my parents to see this sight of me.
This is a really good read. I appreciate the sweetness that Baekhyun and Jo had on the island despite their not so sure future and inner conflicts. I felt the joy when they mingle with the islanders, felt the pain when they lost Grandpa. I think this is why I prefer to read rather than watching movies. I can pause to reread to feel and imagine the things happenings whenever and for however long that I want. It’s been so long that I cried real hard like this, so thank you for writing such a great and wonderful story. Eventhough the ending is not a happy ending for Baekhyun and Jo, I know that they’ve found their closures. And I’m glad for that. It is as if they are real characters alive. For me, your writing comes alive. I hope i expressed it good enough. I’m not that good with words.
I might need a few hours break then I start reading the sequel. From the foreword it seems like fluffs and I can’t wait to read it. Hoping for a happy ending for Jo and Baekhyun. Thanks again for this beautiful writing.
I'm crying, this is such a heartbreaking story. Oh my poor heart can't handle this. Your writing style is beautiful, I love those poems and letters. I was hoping it just Jo's dreams or something but nooooo— he's gone, Baek is gone. If only fate could be nice to them😔
Guess what, blue has always been my favourite color. I think from now on I will always remember about this story every time I see blue, or every time I go to the beach💔 But that's okay, it proves that this story IS AMAZING. Thank you so much for making this story, I really really really enjoyed it! And I'm so grateful you give us the sequel. Can't wait to see their happy ending there❤️
Chapter 10: Dear author u made Me a crying mess . I don't know how to describe my feelings. I'm so sorry to read this diamond this late. Thank you sooo much for the story.
Chapter 10: Where have i been???!!!! Oh my god this is so beautiful, i literally bawling my eyes out. I no longer have tears anymore.

BRAVO!!! *standing ovation*

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Chapter 11: This so beautifully heartbreakinv T.T
Their love is soooo pure. But fate wasnt with them. Baek is such a poor boy in this cruel wolrd he just simply want to be happy and beinhg loved. Cant stop crying for baek T.T he sacrifice all even his life for the one he loved the most