Chapter - 2

Bleeding Blue (SEQUEL!!)
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If you see someone with eyes

so sad that it bleeds

blue as the lonely sea…

tell him that I love him,

as deep as the same sea,

just as blue and as big.



I slept well. For the first time in what seemed like a long time, I felt like myself the next morning, like I was going to attend college and go through my daily routine. But I was not and there was a certain sense of freedom without having toalways be on my toes with the clock racing. There were no clocks, and all I had was the sun. Funny how primitive that sounded, but it actually felt liberating.

I was up early because the were crowing; their loud melodious voices had woken me up. As I lay there with my eyes open, staring at the ceiling wondering if I’ll ever go back home, I heard his door open. He walked into the kitchen; his footsteps were soft. He opens its door and grabs his pole. Maybe he actually went into the kitchen last night. I retired rather early. Does that mean he ate my stew along with the sweets? I hope he did, he needs food. I heard a soft clank of the small bucket and his soft footsteps on the stairs. And then silence prevailed.

I got out of my bed. Curiosity suddenly arose in me. I wanted to follow him, see where he fishes, but I looked outside the window and frowned. The sun was still not up although the sky was gaining some color. I ignored it and went out. I shivered a little at the cool wind on my skin. I wished I had a jacket. I went back to my room and took one of the blankets, the thinner one and headed out, sighing at the coziness of the blanket.

My footsteps were loud compared to his. I reminisced about the time when my mother said I had soft feet and was saddened. I missed her. I wonder how they are all coping with this situation. It must be hard. After all, I am worse than dead for them.

Shoving my sadness aside and also the bitterness towards the grimy haired guy, I followed him from a safe distance. He was already above the little rocky hill and was climbing downwards. The wind was harsher out here, and I noticed that he was wearing only a T-shirt. Was he made of steel or something? I wanted to hate him for what he did to me, and in a way I wanted to kill him, but I couldn’t. There was something about him that made me want to care for him, and it scared me. Why can I not hate him like a normal person would?

I walked faster and was soon climbing the rocky hill. It was not much of a slope and it was rather an easy climb, almost enjoyable. The sky was now a light blue signaling the arrival of a new day. I reached the top and a gasp left my lips. It was beautiful. From here I could see the shoreline even better. The shore over here was not sandy, rather it was all rock. Further from here, I saw a group of women wearing tight snorkeling suits. They were probably going pearl fishing or hunting for really good seafood. I focused on where he was and saw him making himself comfortable above a rock that was closer to the water.

I huffed as I saw him shiver a little due to the cold winds, proudly shoving past without care. I walked down carefully so that he wouldn’t hear me, but of course, he noticed since he turned back and glared at me with a frown. I said nothing but quietly went and sat down some feet away from him, in a higher place. He sighed and went back to arranging his poles. He had a small cup, one which I hadn’t noticed before and dug out a small worm. I cringed at that but thought I wanted to try it too as he hooked it.

He threw it into the water and began waiting. Just right in front of us, the majestic sun arose. It was rich yellow and sent out its golden arms all around us. I gasped out loud. It was breath-taking. Maybe he comes here for this each morning, but I saw him, and I frowned. He wasn't even looking; rather he was gloomily looking at the water.

“Hey…” I spoke softly. He clearly tensed again, “Lift your head and look at the sun. Look at how beautiful the sunrise is.”

He did not move for a few good seconds, but he slowly lifted his head and looked straight ahead. We watched the sun until it became too bright for our eyes.

“It’s like a miracle, isn’t it?” I said as I glanced at the bright blue sky now. I was hugging my knees for comfort and snuggled inside the blanket. The birds came out crying. “The sunrise represents a new day for us every morning as if it wants to tell us that the darkness is gone, and now there is light. Live your life and everything will be okay because even if it’s dark again I will come back. I think sunrises are the most profound and beautiful things ever.”

We sat for a very long time until our stomach began to rumble. As we walked back with me behind him, I noticed that there were no fishes in his little rusty iron bucket.

* * *

The day was warm and the sea looked appealing. I was done with cleaning the house and I intended to go down to find more resources again, but the urge to go down and run along the sandy shores, and maybe go for a swim was strong. I cooked again and was really glad to find that yesterday night’s stew is all gone. I wanted to have rice and bread with butter and all the food that we had to eat before at home. I made breakfast with the leftover ingredients as best as I could. Mr. Byun had wandered off and I was at ease with myself at home.

Maybe I could go down and do some work instead of hoarding free stuff.

That day, I barely saw him. I went down and asked if I could do anything to earn for food. They were ecstatic at that prospect and asked me if I could teach their children because there isn't a school here and they had to send their kids to a nearby island to be taught, which isn’t closeby and they had to spend a generous amount of money for that which they hardly afford considering they were exploited by the pearl buyers. I was moved, of course at their plight and said that I will start right away!

The children were all ten and below as the older ones were sent off. There were pencils and notebooks at least, which were i

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(BLEEDING BLUE) The long-awaited sequel to this heartbreaking story is finally here and it is called Running Red. Please give it a shot if you still, like me haven't moved on from this. ^^


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Chapter 10: I really love this story:)
I have never cried this much while reading any fic but bleeding blue really pulled my heartstrings. I don't think there can be any other book rather than bleeding blue itself which can make it's readers cry so badly.
Hopefully their is sequel for this and now I am going to read it and let my heart cool down for both Baek and Joo.
I really really loved reading this!!!!
Thank you author for writing such an amazing and lovely fic♥♥
parkshiza #2
Chapter 10: writer nim yes I really wanted to kill u now ....and now I think my balls are coming out from my eyes because of all the cries heart is bleeding now........its the best fic for crying ...I'm leaving a comment here for reminding myself of a strong reason to cry again
Chapter 10: Hiiiiiii .....
Yeah i was reading this last night I just craved it and wanted a reason to cry🙂....and i think i should change my name from stick to stickcreep 😭....
And one more thing...
As yk I can't just stop reading it ok so and I really want more people to appreciate this as well as running red!!!!....
So I'm going to put this story link on my Instagram as a story or even as a link in my bio I just can't stop thinking about this and feel ing happy because this story is literally like a baby for me and this story and the sequel needs more attention.... I will NOT do this without your permission obviously so please say yes😭😭😭....
Chapter 11: Look who's here to scratch the wound open!!!!...

Absolutely not me :')....


( I'm crying and my mum's giving me looks and idc now)......


I'm gonna read running red now!!!
AiiSoo #5
Chapter 10: I admit. I’ve delayed reading this for the longest time because I took a peek of the last chapter. Just a small peek. I figured I can’t handle all the heart-wrenching sorrow at that time, so I postponed reading this story till now. I came back because of the sequel. I haven’t read it yet but reading the title kinda makes me recall that I’ve read a similar title but not sure from where. After I started reading this, then I clearly remember. Thank God that i read this in my room alone so I can cry buckets without restraint. I was a sobbing mess. Never wanted my parents to see this sight of me.
This is a really good read. I appreciate the sweetness that Baekhyun and Jo had on the island despite their not so sure future and inner conflicts. I felt the joy when they mingle with the islanders, felt the pain when they lost Grandpa. I think this is why I prefer to read rather than watching movies. I can pause to reread to feel and imagine the things happenings whenever and for however long that I want. It’s been so long that I cried real hard like this, so thank you for writing such a great and wonderful story. Eventhough the ending is not a happy ending for Baekhyun and Jo, I know that they’ve found their closures. And I’m glad for that. It is as if they are real characters alive. For me, your writing comes alive. I hope i expressed it good enough. I’m not that good with words.
I might need a few hours break then I start reading the sequel. From the foreword it seems like fluffs and I can’t wait to read it. Hoping for a happy ending for Jo and Baekhyun. Thanks again for this beautiful writing.
I'm crying, this is such a heartbreaking story. Oh my poor heart can't handle this. Your writing style is beautiful, I love those poems and letters. I was hoping it just Jo's dreams or something but nooooo— he's gone, Baek is gone. If only fate could be nice to them😔
Guess what, blue has always been my favourite color. I think from now on I will always remember about this story every time I see blue, or every time I go to the beach💔 But that's okay, it proves that this story IS AMAZING. Thank you so much for making this story, I really really really enjoyed it! And I'm so grateful you give us the sequel. Can't wait to see their happy ending there❤️
Chapter 10: Dear author u made Me a crying mess . I don't know how to describe my feelings. I'm so sorry to read this diamond this late. Thank you sooo much for the story.
13 streak #8
Chapter 10: Where have i been???!!!! Oh my god this is so beautiful, i literally bawling my eyes out. I no longer have tears anymore.

BRAVO!!! *standing ovation*

Thank you for sharing this story.. and thank you for giving us a sequel.. I'm gonna go and read it now <3
gogogirl26 #9
Chapter 11: This so beautifully heartbreakinv T.T
Their love is soooo pure. But fate wasnt with them. Baek is such a poor boy in this cruel wolrd he just simply want to be happy and beinhg loved. Cant stop crying for baek T.T he sacrifice all even his life for the one he loved the most