11 Months
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Glancing at her phone for the tenth time in the hour, she was waiting for his text yet again. Didn't he say he will be busy today? I guess that's why he's not replying. 

But even she herself knew the truth, he was busy, because he was busy with her. 

The look that she witnessed 3 years ago in his eyes came back again. At first it was merely fleeting glances and harmless bantering towards her. 

Then came the texts that were left by Jihyun hanging for the rest of the day because he was talking to Hana instead. It was the jealousy she felt when they had an inside joke or when he paid special attention towards her during their outings. 

She could tell, she noticed everything. 

"What's up with you?" Sehun asked all of a sudden while they were on their usual route home. Hana had left earlier and it was just the two of them. The journey home was her only few moments he had in private with him and she cherished every minute of it. 

"What?" She raised an eyebrow as she looked up from her phone, turning her attention towards him. 

"You look really upset." He stated and folded his arms, while she gulped secretly. He could tell...

In that moment, she wished he didn't know her so well. She didn't know how to explain the reason she felt upset was because she felt jealous about the both of them playfully bantering in front of her and acting like she did not exist. No, that was not what a friend should feel. A friend should feel happy, but she just wasn't feeling it. 

"Are you still in love with her?" She brushed his question away and asked him the question again for the first time in a few months. 

"W-what?" He replied nervously. From his answer, she knew she was right. 

"You still like Hana, don't you?" She asked, hoping he'd correct her but the only thing she received in response was his silence. 

A few minutes passed and thousand thoughts were running through her head. "Didn't you say you'd already forgotten about her?" She asked softly, afraid that if she spoke any more she'd break down and cry in that instant. 

"Some people are just not that easy to forget, Jihyun." He said softly but she still caught it. 

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