11 Months
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"We need one more member for our group." A boy called Minhyuk said as the teacher asked the class to split themselves into groups of 4. There was supposed to be 5 groups of 4, but there was an extra member for another group, and one less member for Minhyuk's group.

"Can someone from this group go over to Minhyuk's group?" The teacher turned to Jihyun's group, which consisted of the extra member. She continued staying in her seat, but she realized the entire group was staring at her. "What?" She raised her eyebrows. What were they thinking? They knew she disliked being with strangers, but were they pushing her to the lion's den? 

"We don't know anyone in that group, you're the only one who knows someone there." Solri said as she directed her head towards the group. "What? I don't know anyone there either." She retorted. "Sehun's there." 

She turned to look, and true to Solri's words, Sehun was sitting behind Minhyuk, and he gave a small wave with a slight smile as he caught her eye. 
"Guys-" "Just go over, Jihyun. Don't make life difficult for all of us." Mina added on.

Rolling her eyes, she couldn't believe her friends were pushing her to the other group just because they didn't want to be separated. "Whatever." She said as she walked over and placed her bag on the only empty seat beside Sehun.

"Fancy seeing you again, Jihyun." He said as she sat down. "I wouldn't want to be here if I could." She said softly but he caught it, "Do you hate me that much?" He asked curiously. 
"I don't hate you, I'm just not comfortable with strangers." She admitted. She honestly didn't hate him. He was a nice guy, she could tell, but she was very awkward around people, especially with the opposite gender. 

"Then join us for lunch, you can get to know us better." He offered and she shook her head, "I'm having lunch with my friends." 
"They don't really seem like your friends." He commented and she fell silent.

She looked over to her group of friends, they seemed like they were having fun without her as they talked and laughed as if she never existed. When she caught their eye, they looked away with a slight amount of guilt before resuming their conversation. 

"They are my friends." She let out a sigh and walked towards them when the bell rang. 

Lunch with her friends was just like any mundane day. She drifted in and out of the conversation, and finally paid attention when the question was directed to her. 
"Jihyun, what is your relationship with Sehun?" Solri asked.

Lee Solri was a straightforward person. She always went straight to the point whenever she had questions, and she never liked beating around the bush. Her harsh comments get to Jihyun sometimes, but she would often remind herself that Solri was just someone like that, straightforward to the point where she disregarded the feelings of other people. 

"The same relationship you have with him, classmates." Jihyun said nonchalantly as she put a fry into . "He seems to be interested in you." Mina added and Jihyun shrugged in response, "Nah. He's just a classmate." 

"I am pretty confirmed that he's interested in you and that you two will end up together by the end of the semester." Solri said proudly while Jihyun disregarded her comment. "Whatever you say." 


The first project meeting turned out bett

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