11 Months
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The two got closer as the weeks went by. Jihyun could safely say that she was getting more comfortable around Sehun, and he finally mustered the courage to jokingly insult her, which was what close friends did. He expected her to scold him and walk away, but all she did was scoff as she retorted with a better comeback. 

He was shocked, he didn't think Jihyun was capable of producing such a witty comeback. His first impression of her was that she was a soft spoken and quiet girl who rarely interacted with outsiders. However, as he got to know her better, he realized she was nothing like that at all.

She laughed a little too loud at things that weren't all that funny, and she was slightly clumsy as he had to stifle a laugh every time she tripped over a flat surface. He learnt that she liked sushi and hated radish, and true to what Minhee said, she was a jovial girl. 

Similar to Sehun, Minhee had learnt a lot about him as well. She never liked loud nor childish people, but she realized who he really was when he confessed about his life the other night they were out together having ice cream.

She realized the boy didn't come from a rich family, nor did he have a great family background. His parents divorced at a young age, and he was taken under the care of his grandparents while his parents worked overseas. 

Nevertheless, he never gave up on his studies and continued persevering on despite all the difficulties and ended up here, in one of the most prestigious colleges in Korea. It was unexpected and admirable of someone to go through so much and could still look forward to life like that.

She slowly opened up to him, and shared about her life little by little. What was mundane to her turned out to be interesting to him. She never knew someone would take such great interest in her life till she met him, and his caring attitude got to her slowly. 

Their friendship had developed, and they started texting each other everyday. Be it schoolwork or talking about their daily lives, they always had something to talk about.

Whenever they met, their conversation would naturally go deeper and it would end up being a heart-to-heart talk where both parties felt so much lighter after it. She didn't expect someone like him to understand her so well, and vice versa.

He could read her like a book. He knew when she was feeling down, and whenever she fought with Solri and the group, he was the first one he would go to. It scared her how much she was starting to rely on him, even more than Minhee.

However, she knew she wasn't the only one relying on him because he was doing the same as well. He told her whatever that was on his mind, and she could read him most of the time as well. It was surprising how well she knew him despite

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