11 Months
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It was the end of summer when they first met. 

Despite it being her second semester in college, she still didn't feel completely belonged in her new school. Her instinct was to stick with the friends she made from the first semester, despite people telling her she should "make new friends and step out of her comfort zone". She really didn't want to be in the same class as them, but they were the only people she knew in the class.

She disliked it. She never liked meeting new people, she never liked changes, she never liked stepping out of her comfort zone. 

When she entered class, a loud and obnoxious group of boys walked in, turning all heads into her direction. She secretly rolled her eyes as one of the guys playfully pulled the other's chair away when he wanted to take a seat, "Childish." 

She knew she would never be friends with such people. 


"How was your first day of school, Jihyun?" Minhee asked as she placed a cup of hot tea on the table. "Nothing much, just the usual. I really wanted us to be in the same class though." Jihyun sighed as she sipped on her tea. 

Minhee was a new friend she had made in this school. They had befriended each other when they first sat together in one of their classes, and started getting closer since then. Minhee was a popular and friendly girl, and she was friends with everyone. On the other hand, Jihyun was quiet and timid, and was never that comfortable amongst strangers, which explains why she only had a small circle of friends. Despite their differences, they still made their friendship work.

"What a pity, we would have been in the same class if your class weren't full! Actually, some of my friends are in your class as well, have you met them?" She asked curiously while Jihyun shrugged her shoulders, "I don't really know the names of my classmates." 

"Oh, that's alright, I'm sure you'll meet them, they are hard to miss." Minhee smiled as she thought about her friends. She was one of those people who wanted Jihyun to step out of her comfort zone, and she had already been planning to introduce her friends to Jihyun as a start.

"I guess i will. I gotta rush for my next class now, Minhee. I'll text you later!" Jihyun said as she scurried off to her next class.

Jihyun had already left before she could react, and she stood up to leave as well. "Minhee-ah!" A voice called from afar and Minh

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