The House

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It was a house that no one was suppose to enter.  Each room will do something different. Some will make you see and feel things that you rather forget. Some will make you see things that you long for. Wish that you had. It will show you things that you have been trying to ignore. It toys with your feelings. It'll make you feel things that you would never think of feeling. Some people will get so absorbed that they can never leave that house again. Will the seven boys get out in time?


I hope this keep you interested ✌

chap 21 & 22,I'm walking in uncharted territory. I know nothing about this.I decided to turn to the only source I had.Google. Honestly terrified to post them because I feel the information is wrong.If you know more of this topic & want to correct me on the things I'm wrong about, please do tell me.


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