Eudaimonia's golden era is slowly coming to an end when their beloved King Jaewoo collapses. As his days draw near the finish line, talks of the next heir become a common topic and his 12 sons will have to prove their worth for the throne. Sadly, not all of them will use honorable ways to rise to the top and not all of them would make it to the end to see who does. And if things aren't already complicated as it is with scheming mothers and evil step mothers, the boys fall in love. Would their ultimate choice be the kingdom or the beauty?

 Everyone's got a demon inside of them;  
the question is at what lengths would you go to hide it?


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October 11, 2016 - Welcome back lmao. So I couldn't just leave this story alone and here we are.



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December28th #1
Chapter 9: Lol, I'm still alive. I'm glad that you at least updated. I thought you were just going to leave us hanging.
Chapter 9: Still here XD
Chapter 9: Still here!! I'm busy with personal stuff too so I get it, good luck to you really!
Chapter 9: Hi hi I am still here! :) very excited to see an update from you and glad to see you around! As for the new update, I really enjoyed it. I especially liked the strategizing between Suho and Oda Mirai! Its interesting to see suho portrayed as a more manipulative person! Its refreshing and I enjoyed their interactions with each other. I also like the dyanmic youve set up between the doctors and Lay. Thanks for updating and for ur hard work! :)
Chapter 9: I realized that I never wrote a comment to the first chapter. Ops. Sorry.
Mingxia seems really obstinate, Zhizui seems kinda dependant of her brother, while Yuria looks like she hides a great force within her. Nahla for sure looks like the more self-assured of the princess and Xinyi is clearly a wild card. xD Haneul and Syeira look like two different sides of the same condition (since both are entertainers and all). Fuhwa must be a hella good of a servant if she's Consort Wu's personal servant (and ashdajsh my heart melted a little with her interaction with Minseok), while I wish the best luck to Xinyuan, because Madam Wu is hella scary ;w;
Ohoho! So it's not only Consort Wu who can be unforgiving! I just wonder how uncomfortable must be a room where Queen Mieun and Consort Wu are together... Fuhwa seems like a good girl, it's just kinda unfortunate that she seems to have fallen right for the oldest of the princes. ;w; (not only the oldest, but also the Queen's firstborn OTL). -shivers- Yixing must have nerves of steel, because as always, Consort Wu is scaryyyy. And I had to laugh at him having TWO doctors and tripping himself lol Seems like he really needs those doctors. Must be hard on the two women (specially Xuelan, since she's the most unwilling of the two. Jaeeun looks just exasperated xD) And hasilhailsdhadiai HOLY MOTHER I'M ALREADY SHIPPING JUNMYEON AND MIRAI SO HARD! ;w; -run- (p.s: yup, Yuria can be very powerful!)
Chapter 9: i am here!! surprisingly--
but honestly i love this story haha and your writing. the battle for power is crazy and scary--especially when it results in servants tongues getting cut off lmao but i'm enjoying it already.
Chapter 9: s creams i'm still here , i'm always here rip
and i'm actually very very excited for this story ! you seem to have it under control and are intelligent enough to write this genre lmao i really like your writing actually and this plot is great and yeeeeeeee keep it up : )
_kellyyyv_ #8
Chapter 9: Bruh im still here^^~
literally i was just thinking about this story yesterday, and today you updated it!!
Yayyy so I'm really happy :))

Anywho, this story just seems really realistic to me, like i can imagine it as an actual
historical drama with all the servants gossiping around the castle and the queen
overhearing it and what not. And the tension between the consorts and the sons are
definitely something, i can feel the inner battle for power, and i love it all so muchhhhh
Chapter 9: omg viv!
you're back~~!!!!!!
your timing couldn't be more perfect. just when i really missed exo-centric story, you brought this story back with you TT

anyway, i always hate queens and consorts role in dramas. i mean, they always play the most disturbing and annoying part in the story. and it's no different in this story. if one of the princesses decide to kill one of them, the queen or consort wu, i think i wouldn't mind lol
and mirai and junmyun already have a head start to conquer the throne! gaah~! i love the fact that you don't soften mirai's character. she's calculative and cunning. i love it <3
really looking forward to next chapter >.<
Chapter 9: I am still here. Oh, I would never want to get on Consort Wu's or the Queen's bad side. Those two are fearful and dangerous women. Oh Xuelan, cracks me up on grumbling about being there and what not. I am gald that you are back to writing this story and I can't wait to read more.