My story, your story, our story.

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           Seungkwan didn't realise since when hehe fall in love with the other boy. Mingyu didn't realise since when he adore the latter. 


  • MINKWAN story guys! 
  • Yes I'm a trash MinKwan 
  • Because Seungkwan such adorable monkey. 
  • Because Mingyu such cutie puppy. 
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luvkpop #1
Chapter 5: Omgeee your minkwan stories are so cute!!! Please write more minkwan!!!!
Chapter 3: ok i gotta to admit that practically im a minkwan shipper but currently i switch to 2seung...but this fanfic kinda make me back into shipping minkwan^^ or can i juz ship both 2seung and minkwan?hehehe..
Po_po_ #3
Chapter 3: This! Is! So! Cuuuuuuutttteeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!
Minkwan is the best! Thanks for this fan fic;)
B8MB8M #4
Chapter 3: I know exactly what moment is this! Love minkwan forever
alexssucchi #5
Minkwan! I love it♥!
Have u watch pretty u? Seungkwan high note and mingyu is so adorable!!!!
Parkdyobi #7
Chapter 1: yey minkwan *dance dance
queinras #8
Chapter 1: This is so cute. Oh my god! Oh my minkwan feels...❤