Walking Home

Major Minus
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“Wow,” Tiffany said in amazement, staring at the girl in front of her who just finished singing a song – and holy crap, was she absolutely incredible. “That was... I don’t know what to say, seriously.”

Taeyeon beamed a delightful smile at Tiffany. “You’re welcome.”

Tiffany clapped both of her hands in a slow manner, laughing as she does it. “Bravo, Kim Taeyeon. Bravo.”

“Alright, alright, you can stop the bullting now,” Taeyeon said with a smirk, setting down her guitar beside the piano and cracking her knuckles. “But in all honesty, was I good?”

“Are you kidding me? Are you serio- you gotta be joking!” Tiffany exclaimed, allowing her loud voice to exit . “No, Taeyeon, it wasn’t good – it was awesome! Like, do you sing yourself to sleep every night or what?”

“To answer that question, yes. I do, for a fact, sing myself to sleep in some nights when I’m feeling bored,” Taeyeon admitted, chuckling at her weird habit. Turning over to the piano, her fingers began to play a set of notes in a random order while still having her full attention towards Tiffany. “I don’t know, it just helps. Isn’t that weird? ‘Cause I think it’s weird.”

“No, no. Not at all, actually. I, uh, sometimes do that too,” Tiffany shyly confessed, standing up from her seat and started to walk aimlessly around the music room. “Guess we’re just weird people.”

“Yes, weird people with the same kind of habit who apparently also listens to the same type of music,” Taeyeon said coyly, playing the piano melody of ‘The Scientist’. “Speaking of music, what kind of bands do you listen to?”

“Oh, you know...” Tiffany puffed her cheeks, thinking of the bands she usually listen to everyday. “Gosh, there’s a lot of ‘em.”

Taeyeon giggled. “I know the feeling. Why don’t I list off their names and you point out the ones you like? Sound good?”

Tiffany nodded as she walked on top of the performing stage in the far end corner of the room. “Sure, go ahead.”

“Alright,” Taeyeon said, thinking of the band that immediately popped into her mind. “Coldplay.”

Tiffany smiled at the mention of the band’s name. “All time favorite, no doubt about that.”

“Oooh, a Coldplay fan, huh?” Taeyeon smirked. “What’s your favorite album from them?”

“I would say ‘Parachutes’ since it sounded like old-school Coldplay, and then ‘Viva la Vida’, ‘A Rush of Blood to the Head’ and then ‘Mylo Xyloto’. ‘X&Y’ was good, I guess, but it wasn’t as memorable as the other four. ‘Ghost Stories’ was a bit dreamy but really good to listen to at night, ‘A Head Full of Dreams’ is kinda off, to be honest,” Tiffany said, giving each Coldplay album a short review as if she’s a music critic.

Taeyeon slowly stopped playing the piano and turned to Tiffany. “You don’t like the new album?”

Tiffany shrugged nonchalantly. “It was meh. Doesn’t mean I hate it though, I do like a couple of songs. Just doesn’t sound like the Coldplay I used to know.”

Taeyeon nodded understandingly, standing up from her seat and walked closer to the stage. “Bands gotta evolve to stay in track with the music industry.”

“I suppose...” Tiffany muttered, standing in the center of the stage. “Anyways, continue.”

Taeyeon thought for a moment before saying, “Arctic Monkeys.”

“Two thumbs up,” Tiffany showed both of her thumbs to Taeyeon.

“The Script.”

“They’re good but sorta mediocre. No offense if you like them or something.”

“None taken, I think the same way about them as you do. Red Hot Chili Peppers.”

“One of the best bands out there.”

“The Beatles.”

“I have all of their albums and vinyls at home. Plus, young John Lennon was pretty cute.”

Taeyeon blinked a few times. “Okay, that was random. Um... U2?”

“They were great back then, don’t know what the hell happened to them now,” Tiffany said bitterly, her voice clearly showed disappointment. Taeyeon chuckled at the reaction.

“Okay, missy. Don’t get angry just yet. Nickelback.”

Tiffany paused for a moment before shrugging, “They’re okay, I guess.”

“The 1975,” Taeyeon suggested.

Tiffany shook her head. “Never heard of ‘em.”

“Wait, seriously?” Taeyeon eyes widened in disbelief, not believing what she heard from Tiffany just now. “You never heard of ‘em? Ever?”

Tiffany frowned, shaking her head. “Yeah. Why?”

“You never heard of their songs before? ‘Chocolate’? ‘Girls’? or maybe even ‘’?” Taeyeon said exasperatedly.<

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Chapter 6: You like band music a lot hehe
Nice story :)
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Chapter 4: Lol at fany's mom :D
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Chapter 3: im smiling so widely right now
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