Saturdate: Part II

Major Minus
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Taeyeon would want to thank Tiffany for ‘asking her out’ on a Saturday, because the weather was perfect for the two gals to head into the hustling and bustling streets of downtown Seoul. A place filled with all kinds of people, varying in age and gender, roaming around the city – children, teenagers, grown ups, even the elderly as well. It’s times like this Taeyeon loved seeing with her own eyes, because usually everything looked pretty bleak and uninteresting to the fault.

Truly this was among one of the reasons why Taeyeon is considered as a somewhat mysterious individual: her view of the world. Not wanting to sound like a jackass or a phisophical know-it-all, but Taeyeon has almost given up on humanity and the people around her and she had a pretty good reason for that. Corruption, violent acts of crime, war of religions, greed for money, the invisible wall between the poor and the wealthy, and so on and so forth – these were just some of the reason why Taeyeon lost faith in the mad world she lived in.

But of course, there will always be something to hold her back from sinking into oblivion. Those small rays of sunshine that Taeyeon loved saying, feel and see for herself – it’s hope. Because in a world where you could just abandon everything and not believe in anything you see or hear anymore, hope latches onto you at random times and you automatically calm down and breathe. Then, you begin to think, ‘Wow, this world isn’t ty as I thought it would be.’

And Taeyeon’s view of hope was simple – the people who are kind and patient enough to believe that there will be peace in this world, the people who makes her smile or laugh, or bring her to tears for all the thoughtful things they’ve done to contribute while also bringing color into her life.

A lot of people gave her this effect. This odd and colorful feeling that she felt deep in her heart.

And Tiffany Hwang was one of those people.

“Okay, quick recap,” Tiffany spooned some ice cream with her plastic spoon and ate it before continuing, “You used to live in Jeonju but moved to Seoul when you were 4, you always get the highest scores in every school subject except for Math, you had piano and guitar lessons but never had vocal lessons which is pretty odd considering how much of an amazing singer you are-“

“Why, thank you for the compliment there, Fany-ah,” Taeyeon smiled, eating her own ice cream with glee.

“Don’t mention it,” Tiffany winked, nudging the shorter girl’s shoulder. “Now, where was I? Oh, right! You sang incredibly without any help from a tutor or teacher. What else... Oh, and you still sleep with your Dokoongs.”

“You caught me, guilty as charged,” Taeyeon raised both of her hands in the air, giggling. “Alright, anything else?”

“Hmm...” Tiffany tried to remember for a moment, before snapping her finger while exclaiming, “Oh, and you have an older brother, right?”

The two girls were sitting on a bench at a large public area that was designed to be a place where most people could sit and relax for awhile. Families, foreign tourists, groups of young teenagers and office workers were indulging themselves in friendly chit-chat. Taeyeon was the one who made the decision of heading to the city and buying ice cream from her favorite ice cream stand, in which Tiffany complained saying that they had already eaten ice cream last night. But since Taeyeon was paying for it, there’s no use of saying ‘no’.

Taeyeon gave a thumbs up, busying herself with more of her chocolate mint ice cream. Tiffany grinned, finishing off her ice cream before placing the cup beside her. When she turned to Taeyeon, she said something that made Taeyeon nearly drop her cup. “He’s pretty hot, you know.”

The cold dessert in was suddenly caught between her breathing as she accidentally inhaled and in result, caused her to cough rather surprisingly. Taeyeon began to hit her chest repeatedly, along with Tiffany rubbing her back for support whilst holding in her need to laugh loudly.

Taeyeon could only manage to wheeze out a sentence – “Never say that again...” – before coughing again.

Tiffany laughed as she gave Taeyeon her bottle of water, but was refused by the latter. Shaking her head, she further insisted while saying, “Oh, just take it, will you?”

Not wanting to argue with the American, she took the water from Tiffany and eagerly drank the liquid down . Releasing a sigh of relief, Taeyeon gave the bottle back and thanked the girl beside girl. “Thanks. You don’t mind my cooties, don’t you?”

“No worries. Yours I could handle,” Tiffany smiled, her eyes forming crescent moons.

Taeyeon chuckled, placing her empty ice cream cup beside her. “Alright then, I’ll take that as a compliment.”

Tiffany nudged the girl’s shoulder playfully, in which Taeyeon raised an eyebrow at her. “What?”

Tiffany shrugged her shoulders, leaning back on the bench. “Sooo... whatcha wanna do? You said you want to do something that isn’t cliche.”

“Oh, yeah! I forgot!” Taeyeon said excitingly, a dorky smile Tiffany come to appreciate appeared on her face. “Let’s play Truth or Dare!”

Tiffany blinked a few times, trying to take in what Taeyeon had just said to her. “Are you serious, Tae?”

Taeyeon nodded like a happy-go-lucky child. T

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