Major Minus
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“Are you really sure you want to have dessert?” Tiffany eyed at the two abnormally large American-style pancakes with vanilla ice cream on top, then to Taeyeon whom she never thought would have that big of an appetite. “I mean, good God. Those look real big.”

“That’s what she said~” Taeyeon said in a sing-along tone as she began cutting the pancakes into chewable pieces. Tiffany rolled her eyes at the childish response and called out a waiter nearby.

“Hi, can I have a bottle of cold water, please? Thank you,” Tiffany said, smiling politely at the young waiter before he left. Looking back at Taeyeon, she noticed the short girl pouring an absurd amount of maple syrup on her two pancakes. “Chill with the syrup, you’re gonna get diabetes for crying out loud.”

“Never underestimate my daily sugar intake,” Taeyeon smirked, forking a piece of pancake and putting it inside . “Otherwise, you would be surprised.”

“I think I already am,” Tiffany frowned, shaking her head. “You and the two shikshins would get along pretty well.”

Taeyeon stopped eating and looked at Tiffany with an ofended look. “Hey! I’m not anything like those two pigs.”

Tiffany raised an eyebrow. “Have you hung with all of my friends before me?”

Taeyeon chewed on her food whilst recollecting her memories for a second and said, “Most likely, yeah. Can’t say that I strictly hang out with only your friends. I get along with everyone at school.”

“Oh,” Tiffany was bewildered at the new found information because in her eyes, Taeyeon seemed more reserved and soft-spoken. “So, like, you don’t have a specific guideline to anyone you’re friends with?”

“Well, yeah,” Taeyeon shrugged her shoulders, setting down the fork and spoon neatly on the plate. “But I wouldn’t call those people ‘friends’, to be very honest with you.”

Tiffany chuckled and saw the previous waiter bringing her a cold bottle of water, muttering a soft ‘thank you’ at him before reverting back to the conversation. “Are you being all humble or something, ‘cause I think you are.”

Taeyeon shook her head. “No, seriously! I don’t think I have, like an actual group of friends that I spend my time with on a regular basis.”

Tiffany frowned, crossing her arms on her chest. “You don’t think that I’m a friend?”

Taeyeon blinked, not prepared for a reaction from Tiffany like this. She shrunk further into her seat, trying to avoid her eyes from meeting the American’s. “Um, if I said you’re slowly becoming more than just an acquaintance of mine, would you be mad?”

Tiffany sighed in disappointment, taking out Taeyeon’s phone from her purse, threw it on the table and was ready to get up from her seat. “Whatever.”

Taeyeon didn’t have much time to think as she immediately reach out towards Tiffany’s hand and gave a tight grip on it. “No, wait! Let’s go to my place!”

Tiffany turned her head around and gave Taeyeon an unconvinced look. “Really?”

Taeyeon nodded her head vigorously, almost begging-like. “Y-Yeah. No one’s ever been to my apartment, not even your friends.”

Tempting, very tempting. A very generous offer was made by Kim Taeyeon herself, allowing permission for Hwang Miyoung t

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Chapter 7: I'm fangirling XD Please update soon!
Chapter 6: Omg this is a fun and cute story hihi im liking it! Oh and arctic monkeys is my jam! Heheh
1140 streak #3
Chapter 6: Lol fany is like a lawyer questioning her suspect... hehe its ok authourssi as long as you dont abandon it..n
taeny_bear #4
Chapter 6: You like band music a lot hehe
Nice story :)
Chapter 5: Hello stranger! I like your story and I think we have the same type of playlist. :) keep on writing and thanks again for last night. God bless you! ^^
Chapter 5: Oh my god.. Ughhhhhhhh. So freaking fluffy i'm about to die XD
Updateeeee soon author ssssi :*
1140 streak #7
Chapter 4: Lol at fany's mom :D
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Chapter 3: Awwwe sooo friggin cuuuuttteeee
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Chapter 3: im smiling so widely right now
this is too cute
Chapter 3: Kewl!
Maybe tiffany should form duo with Taeng!