Saturdate: Part I

Major Minus
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“Today’s the day. Dear God, please don’t embarrass me this time.”

That was the first thing to pop up inside Tiffany’s mind the moment she woke up in her comfy little bed. She wondered if she should be excited or nervous, or maybe even both because her heart felt like it’s about to burst anytime soon.

Tiffany moaned drowsily, stretching her body that was still wrapped under the sheets. Then, she sat up and got out from her fortress of pillows, heading towards the bathroom with rather sleepy steps. After successfully controlling her balance and not hitting the doorframe along the way, she went to the sink and started washing her face.

“Oh, my God...” Tiffany groaned silently, rubbing her face to wipe the sleep away before staring herself in the mirror and chuckling at the sight of her morning zombie face. “You look like , Tiff. You really do.”

“Miyoung-ah, breakfast is ready!” Tiffany heard her mother calling from the kitchen downstairs.

“I’ll be down in a sec!” Tiffany shouted back as she washed her face for the last time, not bothering to brush her teeth since she’s going to eat breakfast in a moment and went out of her room.

Walking down the staircase, Tiffany could instantly smell the strong aroma of omelettes and sausages filling the air. Her mother’s cooking was definitely and undefinably delicious, so delicious that Tiffany would always wanted a second serving even though her stomach was full. And when the latter stepped into the kitchen to find her mother busy cooking, she couldn’t help but smile at the sight. “Morning, mom.”

Her mother turned around a bit and smiled at her daughter before resuming to her cooking position. “Morning, honey. Lovely day, huh?”

“That’s what you always say every morning,” Tiffany chuckled, pulling up a chair from the dining table and sat herself down. “You seemed to be in a good mood today.”

“Aren’t I always in a good mood everyday?” Tiffany’s mother joked as she turn the stove off and place the freshly baked omelletes and sausages into two seperate plates. Then, the older woman took the plates and set one down in front of Tiffany, setting the other one down after she took a seat beside her daughter. “Bon appetit- oh wait, I forgot the orange juice, I’ll go get it-“

“Mom, chill. It’s fine, I can get it myself,” Tiffany intervened, motioning her mother to sit down.

“Aww, look at you all grown up. God, only one more year and you’re off to college,” Tiffany’s mother said dramatically, pretending to wipe fake tears in her eyes. “I’m glad that I give birth to you.”

“Mom!” Tiffany whined in embarrassment. It’s still way too early to be teased.

“What? I’m just thinking out loud,” Tiffany’s mother smiled sweetly as she began to chow down on her breakfast. “If anything, I should be helping you prepare. Let’s see, we gotta to the mall someday and buy some new Victoria’s Secret underwear-“

“Okay, Mom! Too much info!” Tiffany whined once again, feeling her cheeks blushing red.

Tiffany’s mother chuckled at her daughter’s behavior, and then continued eating her breakfast. It was a typical morning in the Miyoung residence, the lighthearted atmosphere strengthen the bond between the mother and the daughter, resulting in less feuds and more chemistry blossoming in the family.

Even when Tiffany’s father was away for work in the States, it didn’t bother them – obviously, they had Skype to save the day.

The two girls (not necessarily two, because one’s a lot older than the other) were having a little chit chat about the latest gossip when they heard the doorbell ringing. Not wanting to bother her mother, Tiffany stood up from her chair and went running to the front door. “I’ll get it!”

Once she reached the door, Tiffany opened it and was about to ask who it was, her eyes instantly knew the answer the minute they laid themselves upon the surprise guest. Kim Taeyeon – the name that she somehow beginning to enjoy saying and think about as well. There she was, being the most attractive she had ever been since... yesterday, as far as Tiffany knew. The girl wore clothes that matched well with her personality: a simple white sweater, which Tiffany guess it was bought at Uniqlo, accompanied by a light-blue collared shirt underneath along with its sleeves rolled up and finishing it off with denim jeans.

“Does she always dress up like this, or is it on

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