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Major Minus
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“I still can’t believe you actually did it,” Sunny’s voice came through the speakers of Tiffany’s laptop. “Like, oh my God. You asked Taeyeon out. On a freaking date. W-T-F.”

“I gotta give it to you, Tiff,” Yuri was heard talking after Sunkyu. “You got balls.”

“Huge balls, to be exact,” Jessica added to the conversation. “Normally, people would grow a pair of average-sized balls to work out the guts to do something out of the ordinary. But Fany here – God damn, girl, I’m impressed. Yours are Godzilla’s.”

“Can we please stop talking about balls right now?” Tiffany finally put a stop at the slightly vulgar Skype session with three of her so-called ‘best friends’. The last thing she needed to think of was about Kim Taeyeon. And balls. Preferably the latter.

“Chill, dude. I was just kidding,” Jessica’s chuckle made Tiffany roll her eyes in annoyance. “All I’m saying is that you’re pretty ing brave to ask Taeyeon out. Last time I checked, you were never the one to make the first move.”

“Yeah, well, I don’t know what’s gotten into me either,” Tiffany said in exasperation, her eyes never leaving the laptop screen as she scrolled through her Tumblr feed. “And I didn’t ask her out, okay? I just invited her to come hang out with me tomorrow.”

“That soon? Damn, Taeyeon really messed you up, huh?” Yuri joked at Tiffany. “And since when did you wear glasses?”

Tiffany’s current attire was her usual sleepwear: a white oversized T-shirt and black shorts. Her hair was tied up in a messy bun and she was wearing her reading glasses, which Tiffany herself rarely used in front of her friends. Humming in affirmation, she said, “Ever since I jacked up both of my eyes the last time I read a book in the dark.”

“Oh geez. That ,” Yuri grimaced. “But you look pretty cute, though.”

“Really?” Tiffany beamed, a smile forming on her lips. “Aww, thanks Yuri!”

“Here we go. We got another jackass in the midst,” Jessica said, rolling her eyes at Yuri’s compliment to Tiffany. “Kwon, you gotta stop being a player.”

“I am not!” Yuri defended, clearly offended at the statement made by the ‘ice princess’.

“Oh, don’t mind her, Yul. Jessi’s just jealous that I got a compliment from you and she doesn’t,” Tiffany smirked teasingly, then hearing a very clear ‘ you’ from Jessica.

“Alright, alright. Let’s end the quarrel here, you little rascals,” Sunny addressed to the other girls in the video chat. “I’ll see you guys in Monday. Goodnight!”

Right after Sunny left the Skype session, Yuri let out a tired yawn as she rubbed both of her eyes. “I’m gonna call it in for the night. Night, babes.” The webcam that showed Yuri’s face was turned off, now leaving the two not-so-exhausted Americans alone in the chat.

Tiffany stayed silent after her other two friends went offline, accompanied by the soft humming coming from Jessica. Reblog after reblog, she continued to scroll down her Tumblr feed with a finger on the touchpad and the other hand assisting her chin which was lying on her palm.

Meanwhile, Jessica was trying to think of something to do and grinned evily when she though of a brilliant idea to piss Tiffany off. And so, she called out the other girl in a casual manner. “Yo, Tiff.”

“Hmm?” Tiffany hummed, feeling rather bored.

“Should I invite Taeyeon into the call?” Jessica’s inner demon began to show, patting herself in the back for coming up on such a marvelous scheme. Hearing this from the latter made Tiffany’s eyes nearly bulge out of its sockets.

“Wh-What?!” Tiffany exclaimed, feeling her heartbeat quickened in an instant. “No, Jessi, no! Don’t you dare-“

Too late. When Tiffany checked her Skype, Jessica had already invited the last person she wanted to talk to tonight. She prayed, and prayed and prayed, Taeyeon would be asleep by now or was out of the house for awhile so she wouldn’t face another round of embarassment once again. But much to her dismay, she saw the other girl’s webcam slowly turning on, adjusting to light of what appeared to be Taeyeon’s room. Then, Tiffany finally saw her.

There was one word Tiffany needed to point out first: cute. Kim Taeyeon was looking very, very cute. It wasn’t because she had no makeup on – even though it was one of the reasons why the girl looked adorable – or the fact that it was Tiffany’s first time seeing Taeyeon in such a natural and slightly raw state, but funny enough, it was her sleepwear: a white, sleeveless Boston Celtics basketball jersey. The girl was also holding onto an

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Chapter 6: You like band music a lot hehe
Nice story :)
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Chapter 4: Lol at fany's mom :D
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Chapter 3: im smiling so widely right now
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