Saturdate: Part III

Major Minus
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“Don’t you just hate uncomfortable silences?” Tiffany sighed, looking at Taeyeon who’s too busy browsing something on her phone.

“Mhmm. Totally,” Taeyeon replied mindlessly, looking through the official Victoria’s Secret Instagram feed with serious eyes. Noticing how the other girl wasn’t paying attention, Tiffany gave the girl a silent glare before kicking Taeyeon’s leg.

Taeyeon yelped in pain, rubbing the area of her leg where she was kicked at as she started hissing. “What the hell?”

“’What the hell? That really hurts’,” Tiffany mimicked the short girl’s voice mockingly. “Here I am trying to make a conversation while you’re too busy looking at asses in your phone.”

“Hey, hey, hey. For your information, I am NOT looking at asses. Not all the time, though,” Taeyeon clarified, murmuring the last bit of her sentence because Tiffany doesn’t need to know the ugly truth. “Second, if I was, it doesn’t give you the right to freaking kick me.”

“Is that so?” Tiffany faked a gasped. “Is it stated in the law of human rights?”

“Well, specifically no, but you forgot one important thing!” Taeyeon exclaimed, pointing her finger at Tiffany. “And that thing is every single human being has the right to feel protected and be protected by any forms of violence and/or assault.”

“Are you feeling assaulted?” Tiffany asked.

“Yes,” Taeyeon said.

“Did you feel like you were the victim of a violent act?”

“Hell yeah, I do!”

“Are you, as of now, suffering from any form of serious injuries from said violent act?”

“Ye- um, no. Not really,” Taeyeon felt herself beginning to lose against Tiffany.

“Do you show any signs of internal bleeding or a bone fracture whatsoever from the alleged ‘kick in the leg’?”

Taeyeon lost. She knew it, Tiffany knew it. Sighing in defeat, she responded, “No...”

“HA!” Tiffany smacked her hand against the table as a sign of gaining victory. “Eat your heart out, Kim Taeyeon.”

Taeyeon pouted her lips, completely embarrased at her total loss. As if that wasn’t enough for her own misery, Tiffany hold out her hand with an obvious smug-filled grin appearing on her face. Getting rather annoyed by the look, Taeyeon halfheartedly said, “What do you want now?”

“Give me your phone,” Tiffany said, her grin never leaving her face. “Don’t try to resist, Tae. We both know you’re a sore loser right now.”

Taeyeon groaned as she tried to calm down the urge to punch the American in the face, then giving her iPhone to Tiffany with a heavy, heavy heart. Tiffany’s grin turned into an eyesmile when she got her hands on the girl’s most prized possession and placed it inside her purse. “Don’t cry, Tae. I’ll probably give it back to you if you behave for the rest of the day.”

Taeyeon mockingly mimicked Tiffany and crossed both of her arms. “I hate you.”

Tiffany gave the girl an eyesmile. “You love me.”

Taeyeon scoffed. “Please. It’s the exact opposite of that.”

“Oh, shut up and eat your food, will you?” Tiffany giggled, reaching out a fork and took a bite of her chopped-up tenderloin steak mixed with fet

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thekawaiibunny #1
Chapter 7: I'm fangirling XD Please update soon!
Chapter 6: Omg this is a fun and cute story hihi im liking it! Oh and arctic monkeys is my jam! Heheh
1112 streak #3
Chapter 6: Lol fany is like a lawyer questioning her suspect... hehe its ok authourssi as long as you dont abandon it..n
taeny_bear #4
Chapter 6: You like band music a lot hehe
Nice story :)
Chapter 5: Hello stranger! I like your story and I think we have the same type of playlist. :) keep on writing and thanks again for last night. God bless you! ^^
Chapter 5: Oh my god.. Ughhhhhhhh. So freaking fluffy i'm about to die XD
Updateeeee soon author ssssi :*
1112 streak #7
Chapter 4: Lol at fany's mom :D
tnyrain #8
Chapter 3: Awwwe sooo friggin cuuuuttteeee
powerxx #9
Chapter 3: im smiling so widely right now
this is too cute
Chapter 3: Kewl!
Maybe tiffany should form duo with Taeng!