Major Minus
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“Don’t be ridiculous, Sooyoung, there’s no way that’s possible,” Yuri said mindlessly, feeling bored over the whole argument while having her chin resting on her left palm. In reality, she already knew whatever Sooyoung doesn’t know but she was too lazy to admit it.

“For God’s sake, I’m telling you guys the truth! Don’t you guys find it odd that those two are acting a little off lately?” Sooyoung had a hard time convincing everyone about the shocking news she’d come to hear about a couple of days ago. Looking around at her friends, they all had the same uninterested faces that irritated the latter even more.

“I find it odd that you’re getting worked up over things like this. Seriously, everyone knows about what’s going on between Joohyun and Seungwan so you’re not the first one to find out, ,” Hyoyeon said before continuing to eat her homemade cheeseburger.

Truth to be told, she and the rest of her friends were trying to take their minds off of the two tests they had before lunch. Getting their empty stomachs filled with food was the main priority, however much to their dismay, Sooyoung began to ramble about the school’s newest couple which so happened to be two freshman students that were relatively close with the latter and her group of friends who are currently in their sophomore year. Though it didn’t come as a shock for the rest of the girls, it apparently did for Sooyoung. It wasn’t a good time for all of them considering the oh-so-horrible Physics and Math test they had to endure before the lunch bell rang, saving their sorrowful lives from mental destruction.

Yoona saw how much Sooyoung was confused at the moment and chuckled. “If you’re still wondering, unnie, then yes. Joohyun and Seungwan are, in fact, dating. Seohyun and I asked their friends about it two weeks ago.”

Seohyun nodded in agreement. “Both Yeri and Joy said that the ‘WenRene’ couple started their relationship three months ago and they had just finished celebrating their anniversary last Tuesday.”

“Plus the fact that Seulgi’s been complaining about how the risk of her getting diabetes keeps getting worse everytime she hangs out with the two,” Tiffany added a bonus info after finishing her habit of checking her Instagram feed on her iPhone.

Sooyoung blinked a few times. “Um... ‘WenRene’?”

Jessica sighed, shaking her head in disappointment. “It’s a freaking acronym made from both of their English names, idiot. Ever heard of ‘shipping’ before?”

“Hey, don’t insult me, alright? I’ve been left out in the dark for quite a while now so I deserve to know about everything that’s been happening.” Sooyoung finished drinking her bottle of cold water and was about to start cleaning her food when she saw a familiar girl walking closely to their lunch table. Putting aside her bottle on the table, she raised her hand and waved slightly while shouting, “Hey, Taeng!”

All eyes turned towards a short, petite girl who has short greyish-blonde hair and porcelain skin. They all recognized who she was since it wasn’t difficult to guess who in the world is the girl that Sooyoung called ‘Taeng’ to. The girl turned her head towards the table and saw Sooyoung waving at her. Greeting her back with a warm smile and a small wave, she walked pass them and headed out of the cafeteria.

Tiffany noticed a sigh from Jessica whom was sitting next to her. “What is it?” Tiffany inquired, to which Jessica shrugged.

“She just looks so casually cute today, that’s all.” Jessica resumed back to eating her plate of spaghetti, chewing the food before swallowing it down . “Sooyoung, remind me again why doesn’t Taeyeon wanna hang out with us?”

Sooyoung shrugged, scratching her neck. “I don’t know. She never gave me the reason why.”

“Hmm,” Jessica nodded, cleaning with a napkin before asking Seohyun a different question. “What about you, Seo? You hang out with her every now and then, right?”

Seohyun nodded. “Yeah, I guess so. We’re pretty close outside of school and she’s always dragging me to bookstores and the movie theater so we can have a ‘nerd date’.”

“Taeyeon’s a bit of a dork and can be weird at times, but nonetheless nice and cool to be around with,” Sunkyu, also known to be preferably called ‘Sunny’, added her opinion about the petite girl. “I think Hyoyeon and I invited her to come and join us at the theme park, right Hyo?”

“Yup,” Hyoyeon agreed. “But, if you wanna hear what I think-“

“Ugh, not now, Hyo. I don’t wanna hear any of your bull rumors right now,” Jessica whined as she closed both of her ears. Hyoyeon chuckled at the girl’s response nonchalantly, not feeling a bit offended whatsoever and finished her last bite of her chicken sandwich, then afterwards downing it all down with a pack of orange juice.

Tiffany wondered confusingly at how all of her friends had a line of acquaintances with Taeyeon, a girl that seemed to be the most common figure of the school since she first arrived here as a freshman. Her mind began to ponder deeply into this thought, not realizing that Yoona just asked her something inaudible to her ears.

Snapping out of her thoughts, Tiffany turned to Yoona and flashed an apologetic smile. “Sorry. What was that, Yoona?”

“Why so quiet all of a sudden, unnie? Thinking of something?” Yoona inquired in a manner to whom Tiffany found adorable in her eyes. The American lightly chuckled and patted the younger girl beside her in the head.

“Or maybe thinking of someone? Tiffany here always like to keep secrets from us, doesn’t she?” Jessica asked suspiciously, a smugish smirk plastered upon her face with her chin resting on her right palm.

Tiffany ‘threw’ a menacing glare at the other American whilst giving her the fist, though Jessica doesn’t show signs of flinching for the slightest bit. “I’m not thinking of whatever you’re thinking what I’m thinking right now.”

“Okay, correct me if I’m wrong but please don’t kill me when I ask this,” Yuri jumped into the conversation as she felt the curiosity in her grew for an unknown reason that made her all giddy in an instant. “Do you have a crush on Kim Taeyeon?”

Tiffany was taken aback by the sudden question as she looked at Yuri with ultimately confused eyes. “I- you- how can I- what?”

“She’s stuttering, that means it’s a ‘yes’,” Sooyoung confirmed to herself, notifying Tiffany’s jumbled in her head while Sunny, Hyoyeon, Seohyun, Yoona and Jessica had their full inquiry and attention towards Tiffany.

“Hold up, hold up! Guys, I never even talked to Taeyeon before!” Tiffany proclaimed suddenly, silencing the rowdiness that ensued all around the table. Everyone had the same exact expression which can be explained, if possible, in a two words: utter disbelief.

Jessica was the first to end the silence with a deadpan, “You gotta be kidding me.”

“What? I seriously don’t get why Taeyeon’s so special, like what makes her such a big deal?” Tiffany shrugged mindlessly, to which she heard a scoff coming from Hyoyeon.

“This girl,” Hyoyeon said, pointing at Tiffany with her thumb. “Late to the part

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