Chapter 6:

The bodyguard from America

Junjin confidently opened the door of his trailer and stepped out, almost colliding with the one who caused all his worries, making him swear out of surprise.
Eric sat on a chair right next to the door and he stood up when Junjin opened it, when Eric looked at him Junjin's confidence dropped back to the bottom in an instant. It seemed like Eric's piercing gaze could see right true him and that he knew exactly what was going on, "Did you have a good rest?" he asked. Looking away Junjin stammered "Y-Yeah..i did...i feel much better now.", "Good, do you want to go back to the set then?", Junjin nodded "Yes, let's go back to the others.".
Eric turned around and started walking and Junjin followed after him, he finally got the chance to take a good look at Eric, "Even if it's only his definitely looks nice" he thought to himself smiling slightly.
When they reached the set Junjin walked up to the director to let him know he was back. "Ah Junjin-si, good timing, we are just finished with this scene. Are you feeling better now?" the director asked. Junjin nodded smiling "Yes, much better, I'm very sorry about earlier though.", the director chuckled "Don't worry, it can happen. Minho told me you might be distracted because you had his farewell party yesterday and it is his last day today. You can make it up to us by showing your best acting now".
The staff quickly made everything ready to shoot the scene with Junjin again, they had to finish before the sun started to set. While he got his make-up done he stole glances at Eric who was standing a few meters away, the bodyguard was mostly looking around at the other people on the set, and when his gaze turned to Junjin, Junjin quickly looked in another direction.
The first time they tried to shoot the scene it still didn't work out, it was a romantic scene and Junjin just didn't 'feel' it.
Junjin took a deep breath, and decided to try a different approach the second time they shot, it worked perfectly, he really got into it and before he knew it the director yelled happily "Cut! That was perfect!" the rest of the staff started to clap relieved. " Junjin-si," the director said "what just happened, what did you do just now? It was amazing!", Junjin glanced at Eric and saw him smiling at him "N-Nothing...i did nothing, just got the feel suddenly...i guess" he answered the director, he was not about to tell him he imagined that it was Eric in front of him instead of the actress he was filming with.

The day went by way to quickly, and soon it was time to go home...that also meant it was time to say his farewells to Minho. It still didn't feel good to be entirely left alone with Eric, now because of different reasons then before though, the thought made him feel uncomfortable. Minho gave him a hug "You'll be alright, I'm sure Eric will take good care of you." he told Junjin. Junjin nodded "yeah, I know. But still...i'm going to miss you.", "Thanks, I'll miss you to." Minho said "But it's not like we won't ever be able to see each other again. We'll get a drink together soon, after everything has settled down, alright?". Somehow that made Junjin feel better, "Yes, we definitely will. And...i think i haven't said this yet, but...good luck on your new job, i hope you'll like it there.", Minho smiled at that "Thanks for saying that, it means allot to me." he stepped back and waved to Eric "Good luck Eric-si". Junjin waved until Minho turned around the corner and he was out of sight, he felt a little bit lost after his long time trusted bodyguard had finally left him. He just stood there, not sure of what to do now. Then Junjin felt a soft touch on his shoulder, he turned around to see it was Eric who had put his hand on his shoulder "Come," Eric said with a reassuring smile "I'll take you home.". They walked to the car, Junjin got in at the passenger side and Eric at the drivers side, Junjin just silently stared out of the window the whole way back home. 
Eric decided to just let him be for now, obviously something was still bothering Junjin and he needed some more time to think. When they arrived at Junjin's apartment building Eric walked with him to his door "I'll see you tomorrow morning" he said to Junjin "and have a good rest, it seems like you could use it.", "Thank you," Junjin said "I'll see you tomorrow." and he stepped into his apartment while Eric walked back to the car.
Junjin took a long relaxing shower to try and clear his head, he was getting tired of feeling so confused and uneasy the whole time. During the shower he thought "I need to decide on what to do now, regarding Eric. How should i act around him, and do i want to try to find out how he feels or don't i?" he let out a deep sigh. This afternoon after he figured out he liked Eric he had felt great and a big burden had lifted from his shoulders, but now all the worries were back. "Wasn't being in love supposed to be a happy thing?! Weren't you supposed to want to shout it of the rooftops and feel like you could take on the world?!" Junjin stepped out of the shower "This wasn't anything like being in love was supposed to be..." he sighed again. He walked over to his couch and plopped down on it, he started staring at the ceiling for the second time this day. After contemplating about the issue for a couple of hours he came to a satisfying conclusion; "He wouldn't think about it to much. He would just 'go-with-the-flow' and do what he felt like, he wouldn't hold back in his actions (with exception of directly confessing). The guy had been teasing and provoking him up until now, well, he would let Eric do just that and enjoy it. Let's just see what will happen." he thought, "He wouldn't worry about the consequences for now...that was something for later concern. And that was the end of it! No more worrying!" Junjin scolded himself in the end.
He got up from the couch and went to bed, "He would need plenty of energy if he wanted to do this and not go insane." he grinned.

When Eric walked into Junjin's apartment the next morning he looked around confused, there was no Junjin on the couch in the living room or in the kitchen. "This is weird" he thought to himself "he forgot to set his alarm again", he grinned at the thought of having to wake him up. He really loved doing that, there was something nice about getting the chance to see Junjin's sleeping face and it was especially fun to , Eric skipped towards the bedroom. He carefully pushed the door open to peak inside, he was glad Junjin had the habit of leaving the bedroom door open just a bit instead of closing it properly, as expected Junjin was still in bed, he had his back towards the door.
Eric tiptoed around the bed and carefully sat down on the edge in front of Junjin, he stared at the peaceful face for a few seconds. Then reached out with his hand to softly caress the side of Junjin's face, he slowly let his fingers run true his hair. "Sweetie, wake up please. It's time to start the day and go to the gym." he said smiling, ready to avoid flying objects and run out of the bedroom, instead Junjin only grunted and buried his face deeper into his pillows. For a second Eric didn't know what to do, he didn't expect this reaction, even though he did like it very much because it looked really adorable. He quickly recovered his wits and bend forward so his face got closer to Junjin's "Sweeeetttiiiieeee, waky waky" he said, then a sudden idea almost made him laugh out loud "Princess...if you don't wake up now i have to be your prince and kiss you awake...", at that Junjin's eyes flew open.

Actually Junjin had been awake all along, to be honest, he had barely slept the entire night because he purposely didn't set his alarm and was anticipating Eric who would wake him up. He had heard Eric the minute he walked into the apartment, and while keeping his eyes closed pretending to be asleep he listened to every move he made. When Eric caressed his face and called him 'sweetie' he had to bit the inside of his lip and a grunt escaped his mouth, he hoped with all his might that Eric wouldn't notice his face suddenly becoming red and tried to hide it. He was curious as to what Eric would do next, he could barely hide his grin when Eric obviously was taken aback by his reaction, or better yet by the lack of his reaction. He started to like this 'game' and was determined to keep this up as long as he could. But his determination was quickly gone when Eric threatened to kiss him, he wasn't ready for that yet! His eyes flew open out of shock and he stared right at Eric's grinning face.
"Aaahh" Eric exclaimed laughing "our sleeping beauty is finally awake!" it seemed like his grin got even bigger, "Come on princess, time to get out of bed. I'll set the table for breakfast." he said while standing up and quickly leaving the room before the other guy would get his senses back and start trowing things at him. Junjin stared after him still unable to say a word, he let out a muffled swear when Eric had left the room because he obviously lost the 'game'.
While he dressed himself an idea suddenly struck him "I'll have a chance to get back at him today! He'll obviously join me in the gym, I'll just need to remind him of the promise he made that we would find out who is stronger between us." he thought while grinning, obviously being certain he would win that bet.
He walked out of the bedroom, doing his very best pretending nothing had happened, and joined Eric who was already sitting at the breakfast table.

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But then...
THEN I found this beautiful piece of fic and realizes that yes, it turns out that my heart can be melted by the image of meek and submissive Jin in the arm of a protective Eric, that it doesnt have to be a fight between two alphas or smthing. and sweet mother theresa, the spooning scene is the last straw n i can feel my heart exploding. So, yeah, thanks for making me see RicJin in another light.
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