Chapter 7:

The bodyguard from America

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When they got back from the gym Junjin felt disappointed, his plans had failed, Eric had refused to join him in doing his work-outs.
He said that he already went to the gym early this morning before coming to Junjin, and that he couldn't properly guard him if he was exercising as well. That all had made sense, so Junjin didn't have any chance of trying to change Eric's mind. Instead he ended up feeling flustered the whole time because Eric was just watching him working out, and that made him feel very uncomfortable of course.
It had gotten so bad that he had made an almost fatal mistake, because he was distracted the weight he was lifting while laying on the bench had slipped from his grip and fallen on his chest. Eric was there within 2 seconds to get it off of him, looking horribly worried. Luckily Junjin wasn't injured but only gotten quite a scare. After that he had given up on exercising and without saying anything he had stormed of to the dressing room because he felt really embarrassed. Eric had followed after him while yelling at him that he had to be more careful, it made Junjin almost blurt out that it was his fault to begin with.
In the car on the way home they both didn't say a word because they where sulking. When they arrived at Junjin's apartment he snapped at Eric "I'm going to shower." and slammed the door to his bathroom close behind himself. He heard Eric yell after him "You don't need to get angry because i yelled at you! You scared the hell out of me back there!...damnit...". Junjin stopped in his tracks, what Eric said just now made him feel really good somehow, 'Didn't it mean Eric was sincerely worried for him?' he wondered.
When Junjin got out from the shower he realized he'd forgotten to grab clothes from the closet, so he wrapped a towel around his waist and walked into the bedroom. He startles when he suddenly sees Eric standing there, when he hears Junjin entering the room he turns around and looks at him. Eric eyes grow big for a second when he sees Junjin and he looks him up and down unable to hide a small smile from spreading across his lips. Quickly trying to regain his wits Junjin snaps at him "What are you doing here?", "Oh i just wanted to put this in the laundry basket" he answers while holding up the sports bag with his dirty clothes. Junjin's jaw drops "You have to do that right this moment? You shouldn't be doing that to begin with." he says..his voice falters at the end of the sentence. "I just wanted to be helpful...didn't know you would walk in with just a towel around your waste" Eric reply's while his grin widens. Not able to hold back anymore Junjin explodes "GYA, get out!" he screams while storming towards Eric to push him out of the bedroom.
But with a quick move Eric grabs his wrist and out of surprise Junjin stumbles and falls against Eric making them both fall onto the bed that's behind Eric. 
Junjin curses and pushes himself up, his eyes widen when he looks strait into Eric's eyes from up close, making him freeze in his movements. That gives Eric the chance to grab and push him over so that Junjin is on his back and Eric sitting on top of him, making Junjin unable to free himself, Eric is surprisingly strong and agile. Junjin's eyes fill with shock while he's laying on his back with Eric hovering over him and pinning Junjin's wrists above his head, he doesn't dare to breath not knowing what will happen next.

Eric is staring at him intensely, contemplating about what to do. While looking into Junjin's eyes he notices that he isn't struggling against him anymore, Junjin is just staring back at him. His eyes are still open wide with surprise, but there's no anger or shock in them, just surprise and ..what... anticipation...? Eric smirks and leans in a little bit closer to Junjin's face, he feels him shiver beneath him, while still looking into his eyes Eric whispers "hmm...not yet." like a thought that's escaping from his mouth. He then gives a wink at Junjin and pushes himself of from him to sit on the edge of the bed next him. Eric glances next to him to Junjin who's still laying on his back on the bed, just when he wants to say something about it Junjin gets up in a sitting position as well. Without saying a word he stands up and walks to the closet to take out some clothes and walks back into the bathroom. Eric did notice his face started to turn as red as a tomato right before he entered the bathroom again.
A few minutes later the bathroom doors opens again and this time Junjin walks out fully dressed, when he sees Eric still sitting on the edge of the bed while looking at him and he blushes fiercely while quickly walking out to the living room. Eric waits a while before following him, when he finally leaves the bedroom as well he finds Junjin on the couch watching television. Eric walks towards the kitchen and grabs two drinks from the fridge, then he sits next to Junjin on the couch and holds one out towards the other guy "Here" he simply says. "Thanks" Junjin replies weekly while taking the drink.
Eric smirks again but decides not to anymore for the moment, instead he decides to just silently watch the tv together.

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Ayame-Senpai #1
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But then...
THEN I found this beautiful piece of fic and realizes that yes, it turns out that my heart can be melted by the image of meek and submissive Jin in the arm of a protective Eric, that it doesnt have to be a fight between two alphas or smthing. and sweet mother theresa, the spooning scene is the last straw n i can feel my heart exploding. So, yeah, thanks for making me see RicJin in another light.
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