Chapter 3:

The bodyguard from America

That night he couldn't fall asleep, while tossing and turning in his bed his mind kept wandering to that moment when Eric put the coat around his shoulders, and when he smiled at him looking back over his shoulder, he just couldn't get it out of his was driving him crazy. Every time he looked hopeful at his clock only to see that just another 30 minutes had passed, this night seemed endlessly long.
Apparently he did fall asleep at some point, because that morning he woke up because of the sound of curtains being pulled back, and bright sunlight suddenly shining on his face. He grumbled "Not today....pleasseeee, I've hardly slept all night", and pulled the covers over his head while remembering to have seen when the clock pointing to 4:30 am. It stayed quiet for a few minutes, that actually bothered Junjin more than anything, it wasn't like Minho...Just when he wanted to tell Minho to get out of the room a sweet but unfamiliar voice next to his ear said "You're not still sulking are you?". Junjin suddenly shot up and bumped heads with the owner of the voice because he was so damn close. "YYAAHH" he screamed "What are you doing??", Eric blinked his eyes in confusion like he didn't understand what the problem was. Junjin got even angrier "Get out! It's your fault anyway!", realizing what he just said his eyes grew big. Now Eric just stared at him while he sat on the edge of the bed caressing the spot on his own head where they bumped against each other "What is my fault? That you couldn't sleep last night?" he asked while grinning, Junjin bit his lip and Eric went on "How can that be my fault?". Not knowing what to say Junjin threw the blankets over Eric while he got out of bed "Nothing!...Never mind!", and stormed off to the bathroom slamming the door closed.

While struggling free from the blankets Eric grinned, he liked Junjin...he was fun to tease. He had been watching Junjin sleep for a few minutes, trying to think of the cutest way to wake him up, he hadn't expected it to be this much fun though. Most of all he was surprised by the response he got when he jokingly had asked if it was his fault that Junjin hardly had slept, he actually thought Junjin meant it was his fault that they bumped their heads, what indeed was his fault he had to admit.
"The guy must be really upset that he had to get a new bodyguard, if he was even loosing sleep over it..." he thought to himself.
He got up and walked to the bathroom door "Breakfast is ready, are you coming?" he said loudly true the door, but he didn't get a response.
When after 15 minutes Junjin still hadn't shown up at the breakfast table Eric started to worry, did he go to far with waking him up like that? After waiting another 10 minutes he got up and walked back to the closed door of the bathroom. While leaning against the door frame he asked "Yah, are you ok in there?", he got a muffled response "Noo...i'm not..". He didn't expect such an honest response and it made him feel even more guilty "Look...i'm sorry. I guess i went to far just now. I was just joking around....I
'm really sorry." after taking a breath he went on "I know you're not happy with getting a new bodyguard, but you shouldn't loose sleep over it.", it stayed quiet. Just when he wanted to say something else he heard the lock from the door being turned and the door opened just far enough for Junjin to be able to peek trough "yeah, i couldn't sleep because Minho is leaving" he stated quietly, then he added "I'll be right there.." and he closed the door again, but this time without slamming it close. Eric stared at the closed door, something wasn't adding up...but he couldn't figure out what exactly, he did feel bad for Junjin, the guy looked seriously upset when he peeked true the small opening of the door just now.

Not much later they both sat at the kitchen table having their breakfast "Where's Minho anyway?"Junjin asked while looking around the room as if Minho might have hidden himself somewhere. Eric shrugged his shoulders "He had to take care of some stuff this morning and asked if i could handle waking you up and getting you to the studio by myself." after a pause he added with a careful smile on his face "I thought i could...", Junjin smiled at that and actually feeling a little bit apologetic towards the guys he said "Sorry, i might have been a bit grumpy these past few days, and especially this morning because of lack of sleep.", they smiled apologetic at each other. After that they finished their breakfast in comfortable silence, cleaned the table and did the dishes together. Eric glanced carefully at Junjin from time to time, somehow he seemed more relaxed now than he had for the past day, he was glad, it made him feel better as well.
When they got to the studio Minho was already there and waiting for them with a slightly worried look on his face, after he looked from one to the other he carefully asked "Everything alright?...Had a good breakfast?", Eric and Junjin looked at each other and smiled knowingly, then facing Minho they both nodded and said almost in unison "Yes, good breakfast.", leaving the stunned Minho to run after them while they walked up the stairs. He didn't dare ask about it at first, but finally during lunch he couldn't restrain his curiosity anymore and asked "What was that this morning?" Junjin kept his gaze firmly on his food and Eric gave him a questionable look and said "What?", he saw a grin form around Junjin's mouth. "You know what I'm talking about!" he said accusingly "What was that smile you two shared this morning before answering my question? And now also, why are you grinning like you two share a secret or something? What happened this morning?" he acted like he was angry, but actually he was happy to see that the other two for some reason suddenly got along so well...although he was dying of curiosity to know what happened to cause the sudden change in behavior, especially on Junjin's side. Eric answered him with a innocent look on his face "I don't know what you're talking about..." he directed his eyes at Junjin and asked him "Do you know, Junjin?". Junjin looked up from his plate with a similar innocent look "I don't know either, Eric-si", "Hyung" Eric said with a frown, startled for only a few seconds then annoyed Junjin huffed "Fiiinnee, Hyung.". "What?" Eric asked with an amused smile now, almost boiling again Junjin gritted his teeth and said "I don't know either....Hyung." finally giving in apparently. "Humf" Minho quickly interrupted, afraid that things would turn for the worst again "fine..whatever". After that things quieted down again..

The next couple of days nothing much happened and Minho was satisfied with how things where between Eric and Junjin, although he still hadn't found out what the cause of the change in their behavior was, at least he could rest assured that things worked out with them before he actually had to leave. Junjin was also up and about in the morning even before Minho and Eric got to his apartment, even fully dressed and all...that last thing was a bit unusual..normally he would be in the shower or in his pajama's on the couch when Minho got there. What he didn't know was that Junjin had decided that it would be better to be fully dressed when Eric came, instead of having the chance of bumping into him in his pajama's, or even worse with only a towel around his waist, so he was setting his alarm clock extra early. Although he hadn't even thought about why he had decided that, it just felt a bit weird taking the chance to bump into the guy like that.
Like that the day came quickly closer that Minho had to leave Junjin, and Eric would take over his duty's entirely.

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But then...
THEN I found this beautiful piece of fic and realizes that yes, it turns out that my heart can be melted by the image of meek and submissive Jin in the arm of a protective Eric, that it doesnt have to be a fight between two alphas or smthing. and sweet mother theresa, the spooning scene is the last straw n i can feel my heart exploding. So, yeah, thanks for making me see RicJin in another light.
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