Chapter 2:

The bodyguard from America

The rest of the day Junjin kept his eyes on Eric as much as possible, trying to figure him out, he seemed so serious, but he couldn't forget the image of him bouncing happily in his chair telling him that he would be his hyung from now on. Eric didn't seemed to notice it at all and only showed interest in the little knowhow and facts that Minho explained to him about Junjin's schedule and activities, he wasn't just a bodyguard, but he would also function as a sort of personal assistant, just like Minho had. 

During lunch at the tea house they where at after shooting some pictures Minho said to Eric "Oh, there are of course some habits of him that are also good to know about upfront", Junjin, sitting next to him, looked at him curiously wondering what he was talking about. Minho continued without noticing "Normally he is pretty easy going. Like you could see this morning, he gets up pretty quickly after breakfast is ready, even if he doesn't want to." Junjin huffed at that, Minho went on while ignoring him "He does has a habit to suddenly decide to go out or go somewhere else than planned. So you do need to keep your eyes on him." Junjin rolled his eyes and mumbled under his breath "Am i a prisoner or something...geezz". Glancing at Junjin but still ignoring him Minho added, "When he's bored he can get really annoying though. Especially with his phone or causing some other disturbances...he's just asking for attention then". "Yaahhh" Junjin exploded "I'm sitting right here! Am i a kid or something?!". Minho could hardly hold his laughter, it was exactly the reaction he was trying to get, grinning he said "Well, yeah, sometimes you are!". At that Eric also started laughing, and Junjin's face turned red, Minho wasn't sure if it was from anger or from embarrassment. Junjin got up and stormed of, hearing Minho call after him "See, that's what I'm talking he's taking of on his own. HYUNG! Wait for us...hahaha".
Once outside he realized he forgot to grab his coat from his chair, it was cold. But he wouldn't go back, Minho was to much, telling all those unnecessary things to Eric. He grumbled to himself "I can handle the cold...just need to keep walking", and he entered the flower gardens of the tea house.

"Darn" Minho cursed while looking around when they got outside "how can he disappear so quickly? I thought he would be right here.... You would think that after so many years this wouldn't happen to me anymore." then he turned to Eric "This is why you can never let your guard down! Why don't we split up to look for him.." Eric nodded and walked of in the other direction.

Junjin shivered and put his arms around himself, it was colder than he expected and walking didn't help him to keep warm, normally he would be enjoying the quiet and beauty of the gardens, but now he could not. When he shivered again he finally decided to give up and turn back, but at that moment someone put something warm around his shoulders, he looked down and saw it was his own coat. "Minho, how cou..." he started, but when he turned around and saw who it was that put the coat around his shoulders his voice died down. He looked strait into Eric's eyes who was just a few centimeters from his face, Junjin's cheeks suddenly started to feel hot and he jerked back while uttering some curses under his breath. Eric just smiled at him and said "Don't worry, your hyung is here and brought you your coat.", he grabbed the front of the coat and pulled it tighter around Junjin's shoulders and added "It's to cold to be outside without a coat. Let's go back and get you warmed up again.". Junjin was totally speechless and could only nod, he wondered how Eric could act like nothing had happened except for him forgetting his coat. When Eric started walking back the way from which he came Junjin silently followed him. After a while Eric said "A thank you would be nice though" while he kept looking ahead, "Aahh,... yes, thank you" Junjin mumbled. "Hyung" Eric said. Confused Junjin said "What?", "Hyung" he said again, then while halfway turning around "call me hyung". Junjin blinked, and thought to himself "He can't be serious, can he?", out loud he said again "What?". Eric stopped walking and turned around completely now so he could face Junjin properly "I'm you hyung right?", Junjin nodded slowly, still confused. "Right" Eric said with a triumphant smile "then you should call me hyung". "Uuhm" Junjin stuttered "are you sure? We only met a few hours isn't it a bit weird?". Eric started walking again "I'm ok with it, like i said, i always wanted to be someone's hyung" and he smiled at him while looking over his shoulder. That made Junjin almost trip over his own feet, although he didn't know why exactly, he felt his heart suddenly beating in his chest.

When they finally reached the tea house again a very worried Minho came running towards them. "Hyung, are you ok? Why did you do that? I was so worried when i couldn't find you. I was only joking just now you know." he looked at Junjin, then at Eric, and back at Junjin "Hyung, you didn't fight with each other did you?". Eric laughed at that and said "Why would we fight? He was really grateful when i brought him his coat.", Minho shot a questionably look at Junjin who answered "oh, yeah.... Let's go" and he quickly started walking towards the car.
He sat behind Minho who was driving, and Eric sat on the passenger seat next to Minho. Junjin glanced at Eric, who luckily couldn't see unless he would turn around, while wondering what it was that just happened. He just couldn't figure out why he was so flustered, and in the end, when they almost reached his apartment, he decided that it was because Eric kept insisting that he was his hyung, while they only just met this morning. "That must be it" he thought "what else could it be? He couldn't be flustered because of that cute smile Eric gave him... WHAT THE?! What was he thinking?!" he shook his head "But it did look cute how he smiled over his shoulder...". Then suddenly the door next to him opened and Minho's head popped around the car door "Hyung, we're here.", Junjin blinked his eyes and then recognized the underground parking lot of his apartment building behind Minho. Minho continued "Where you dozing off or something, didn't you notice we arrived?", shocked Junjin answered "Yeah, i was a tiring day.". Involuntarily he glanced at Eric, only to see that he was looking back at him with a curious look on his face, and to his surprise his cheeks started to feel hot again. He tried to get up to get out of the car but discovered to late that he forgot to unbuckle his seat belt, while cursing under his breath he fought with the seatbelt to get it loose and finally stumbled out of the car while grabbing his bag along with him. He felt really embarrassed, and thought to himself that his face must be really red now. "Hyung, are you alright?" Minho asked concerned, "Yes, I'm alright" he managed to say "just tired, that's all." Without looking back he made his way towards the door that would lead him out of the parking lot as quick as possible while thinking to himself "I really need a good night sleep, I'm definitely TO tired. Just to tired, that's all.".


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Ayame-Senpai #1
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But then...
THEN I found this beautiful piece of fic and realizes that yes, it turns out that my heart can be melted by the image of meek and submissive Jin in the arm of a protective Eric, that it doesnt have to be a fight between two alphas or smthing. and sweet mother theresa, the spooning scene is the last straw n i can feel my heart exploding. So, yeah, thanks for making me see RicJin in another light.
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