Chapter 1:

The bodyguard from America

Minho, Junjin's most trusted bodyguard, just told him he was going to quit because he got an offer for another job. It was a job he always had wanted to do, and now he finally got the chance. He didn't have the courage and the heart to tell Junjin any sooner about this, and now he only had a week left as working as his bodyguard. Tomorrow his replacement would come so he could learn the specifics that he needed to know for working with Junjin.
Junjin wasn't happy to say the least "How can you do this to me??? Why do you have to leave? Why can't you stay? I will be nicer, I'll do whatever you tell me to do from now on...i promise." he was pleading and angry at the same time it seemed. Minho tried to calm him down "Hyung, it's not that! I always enjoyed working for you, you kept me on my toes, i never had a boring day. It's just that this is my dream job, i studied for this. Please understand, hyung.".
Junjin grumbled "I understand, but i still don't want you to go! How can you leave so suddenly after all these years? Now i need to look for another bodyguard...i don't want another one. I only trust you...". "I'm sorry Hyung," Minho said "I should have told you sooner, but i already made arrangements for my replacement. He's the best of the best i could find, recommended by my brother in America, don't worry hyung, he'll take good care of you, I'm sure.". Again Junjin said "I don't want anyone else" and he walked away, Minho shouted after him "He'll be here tomorow...i'm sure you'll get along!".

The next day Junjin didn't show up for breakfast like Minho was used to, this was embarrassing with the new bodyguard already here, "Nice, way to go hyung" he thought to himself, while he walked towards the bedroom with the new bodyguard trailing after him. When he opened the door he called "Hyung...hyung, aren't you awake yet? Breakfast is ready.", a muffled groan came from under the bed covers "Not hungry". Minho rolled his eyes at the new bodyguard while he shrugged and softly said "Sorry, normally he's not like this, guess he's still sulking a bit", Junjin's head popped out from under the covers "Who are you talking to?" and he saw the other guy in the room, Minho answered "He's your new bodyguard, hyung...". Junjin glanced him over "hmmm" and pulled the covers back over his head "go away". The new bodyguard 's expression didn't change, he was looking around the room uninterested. Minho shrugged again, this time at no one, and walked to the windows to pull open the curtains. Then he turned around to the bed and pulled the covers away from Junjin who then screamed "yyaaahhh, what are you doing?!", "Hyung, please stop acting like this, it doesn't change a thing and only leaves him with a bad impression of you" Minho said while pointing at the new bodyguard. "I don't care" Junjin said, while getting up and walking towards the bathroom. "Hyung,... please...atleast give him a chance. I'm not going to stay!" Minho tried, but the bathroom door got slammed close at that.

"Let's go back to the kitchen" Minho said at the new bodyguard "he'll be there in a bit. He can't resist eating breakfast for to long, he's always hungry.", the new bodyguard nodded and they went back. Minho was right, not even 15 minutes later Junjin came walking into the kitchen, still pouting he sat down at the breakfast table facing Minho and the new bodyguard. "Good, hyung. I'm glad you came for breakfast anyway." Minho started "Then let me introduce you two. Junjin-si, this is Eric. Eric-si, this is Junjin." Eric held out his hand for a handshake, and when Junjin finally took it after thinking about it for a few seconds, he said "It's nice to meet you Junjin. I'm sure we'll get along just fine really soon.". Hearing the new bodyguard using informal speech right from the start his eyebrows shot up and he glanced at Minho, who tried to explain "oh yeah, Eric-si here grew up in America so...and uhm he's 1,5 years older than, he's kind of your hyung i guess." Junjin's face darkened, but apparently Eric didn't notice that because he happily announced "oohh i always wanted to be someone's hyung, I'll be your hyung then". That even took Minho by surprise, because the first so dull looking bodyguard was now almost bouncing in his chair from happiness it seemed, Junjin was definitely taken aback, shocked he mumbled "oh ... yeah... sure...", at that Minho's eyes grew even bigger, and he said hesitantly "Good, as long as that's cleared up..".


Ok, a little bit short, but it's a start right?
Like i said earlier, i don't know what this story will bring, I already need to be careful that it keeps going in the direction i want it to. :)

And i didn't expect that Eric would be bouncing happily in a chair, that was a funny sight to see hihi (when i think/write a story it always plays in my mind like a movie).

Please let me know what you think, i love reading your comments,
and I'm really grateful that i already have 2 subscribers even before i started to write...waahhh <3, hope you'll enjoy the story!


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Ayame-Senpai #1
Chapter 9: It was amazing. It is pity that already over. Please write anything of this kind, I think pairing of Shinhwa members. This story I really liked :)
Chapter 9: Oh wow! You know what? I was reading this chapter in the middle of dining together with my friends (seriously I can't hold myself, I'm so damn curious becoz it's RicJin!! For god's sake!!). And I regret reading it because I can't stop myself from blushing!!!! Not a good thing, hahaha. What was I thinking anyway?? Anyway, enjoy the kissing scene, it's like vitamins to my mind. Butttttt I can't imagine myself rewriting this fic, they both will end in misery for sure. Anywayyyy thank you for writing this fic! Kudos for your next fic.
Ayame-Senpai #3
Chapter 8: It was absolutely amazing. Please, hurry next chapter :) I love it ! : D
Chapter 8: I didnt like RicJin. In my mind, when it comes to the pairing which involves these two, it was always a battle of dominance. And I personally think that Jin is stronger than Eric and will be able to pin the leader down. So, I preferred JINric instead of ricJIN.
But then...
THEN I found this beautiful piece of fic and realizes that yes, it turns out that my heart can be melted by the image of meek and submissive Jin in the arm of a protective Eric, that it doesnt have to be a fight between two alphas or smthing. and sweet mother theresa, the spooning scene is the last straw n i can feel my heart exploding. So, yeah, thanks for making me see RicJin in another light.
Chapter 8: Inhale.... Exhale.... Finally! Something happens!!!! Yey!!! *celebrating under the rain*. You know what, there are not so many fics of RicJin couple out there, and I'm glad you write about them. I really like how their relationship progress in this chapter. Please do make a happy ending for both of them, kekeekeke.

About your vacation, honestly I have mixed feeling about it. One side, I feel happy for you. You deserve to have a wonderful vacation, and meeting Dengpoe will definitely be one of most unforgettable moment!!! But on the other side, does this mean you're not gonna update this fic for a long time???? Aaarrrggghhhh!!!! Where's the table??? Where is it??? Tableee!!!! I'm gonna flip that table pretty soon!!!! Anyway..... Excuse me for my poor heart....

Please update if you have time! Save the table, I mean, have a safe trip! Will be waiting for the next chapter!!
Chapter 7: I have the urge not to flip my table reading this chapter because..... WHY NOTHING HAPPEN?????!!!!! Aigooooo!!!
Chapter 7: My goodness what did i dream last night cz DAMN U R UPDATIIIIIING!!! *vibrating in xcitement*
n yea, nothing happens indeed but the tension when Jinnie is pinned to the bed with eric goes all predatory above him is... *dies*
Thanks for updating! Will be waiting for the next update