Chapter 4:

The bodyguard from America

It was the day before Minho would leave, tomorrow would be his last day working as Junjin's bodyguard and personal assistant. Because he had other plans tomorrow evening they had decided to go out for a drink this evening, after they where done with all activities for the day. They invited some friends to come as well, because the more the merrier.
It was a busy day, with in the morning working on his album and in the afternoon a photo shoot and interview for a magazine, but no matter how tired Junjin was, he still wanted to go for a drink to wish his trusted bodyguard farewell. When they where finally done for the day it was already evening, and they quickly made their way to their favorite bar where the others were waiting for them. Junjin plopped down on the comfortable couch that was, luckily, still unoccupied. Minwoo took the last chair that was left and like that Eric ended up sitting next to Junjin on the 2 person couch. Junjin gave him an annoyed glance while he moved a bit away from the middle, but Eric didn't seem to mind at all to share the couch with Junjin and just grinned at him. Minho did the introductions "Everyone, this is Eric, he's going to be Junjin's new assistant. Eric these are our friends; Andy, Hyesung, Minwoo and Dongwan." Eric bowed his head to greet everyone "Please take good care of me" he said, Dongwan joked "Please take good care of Junjin, and good luck with it." he said while grinning. "Yah," Junjin exclaimed "I'm not that bad that you need to wish him luck. You better wish me good luck having to deal with him." while rolling his eyes still remembering Eric who woke him up by whispering in his ear, not that he had told the others about that though. "Yah yah, let's not go there." Minho said, earning muffled laughter from everyone except Junjin. "That sounds like a good idea" Andy said while he started to pour the drinks for everyone, still grinning.
When everyone had a drink Andy did a short toast "Minho, that your next job may be fun and everything you hope for, cheers", they all drank. A few seconds later the next drinks where being poured already, by Minwoo this time "Minho, I'm sad that we won't be able to see you much anymore, but it will make things easier now that our names aren't getting mixed up all the time by drunken idiots" he said, while smirking at the so called drunken idiots.
Like that everyone did their own short toast and so they had already had 7 shots within 10 minutes. Junjin, who normally could hold his liquor very well, was already getting tipsy because he was so tired. After all the toasting they ordered beer for everyone and because there was a new person amongst them it was fun to bring up old memories of all the crazy things they had done and been true and tell them to Eric. He loved hearing the stories, although it was hard to follow sometimes because they where told by 2 or 3 persons at the same time and they kept interrupting each other. 
At first Junjin was lazily hanging back in the comfy couch, but after a few more beers he joined in the conversations and soon after the conversation shifted from telling story's to teasing and making fun of him. Minho remembered the time when he started working for Junjin, "I really had to prove myself before he trusted me." he told Eric, "at first he never relied on me, i felt like i was useless. He was always prepared for everything that might happen and always made sure he could handle the situation himself, he also made sure that he could get home by himself no matter what. He still is like that these days, but now he says that it's in case we get separated. But it took a really long time for him to trust me at least a little bit" he gave a reassuring smile to Junjin. "So i would suggest you just accept it as a part of his personality, then it's less offending if you think about it like that. Plus i think it is indeed a part of who he is anyway.". Eric glanced at Junjin who was staring at the ground now, he looked a bit sad like that, to get him out of his sad thoughts he gave a push to his shoulders almost tipping him over "Don't worry, I'm not offended easily." he said smiling. Junjin, who had to grab the arm rest to keep himself on the couch after being pushed, looked annoyed at him, but after hearing what Eric said his gaze softened a bit and commented in a sarcastic tone "No kidding!". Then he added "But seriously, don't take it personal" while looking back at the floor "it's just ... a thing.".
Everyone felt that the mood suddenly turned very serious, but after Junjin took a few big gulps of his beer and a shot of soju that was standing next to it, he leaned towards Eric against the back of the couch. "Don't take it personal" he said again, with slurring words now "i actually like you already." at that Eric's brows went up, the rest tried to hold back their giggling, and Junjin went on with his sudden drunk confession "Really...i do like you allot. You seem really nice and .. sturdy." he patted Eric on his chest and finally added "I rreeeeeeaaaaalllllyy like you, hyyyuuuuuung." and ended his talk with giving Eric a big sweet smile and then laid his head on his shoulder where he quickly fell asleep. At that the others started to laugh out loudly not able to hold it in anymore. Eric was to surprised to join in the laughter and could only dryly comment "I didn't expect he had this side to him.", Minho said grinning "Actually telling you that he already likes you is a very good thing, because he's always honest when drunk.". In between laughing Dongwan tried to explain "Normally he isn't drunk this quickly, but when he is drunk there are two options. One; he gets really clingy and cuddly" he gave an obvious look at Junjin who was now sleeping with his head on Eric's shoulder "Two; he gets really honest, giving his true opinion and thoughts on everything and everyone, if you want to or not...".
Hyesung then added "Although it seems that today we got a combination of the two, honest and cuddly Junjin." he smiled warmly at the sleeping Junjin.
Andy got up while saying "Here, I'll help you with laying his head on the arm rest of the couch instead of your shoulder", but Eric waved him of saying "NO, no need to. Just let him be, it's alright." earning himself surprised glances from the others he added "I don't want to wake him up, he had a tiring day. I think that's also the reason why he got drunk so quickly.". Apparently that was a good enough explanation for not moving him and the other guys went on with another topic for their conversation, except for Minho who leaned towards Eric and whispered "It looks like Junjin will be in good hands after i leave" and gave him a wink. Eric shrugged and gave a little smile back, not sure how to answer to that he kept quiet.
After 3 hours the guys called it a night, one by one they said their goodbyes and patted Junjin on his head who was still sleeping on Eric's shoulder. Finally only Minho, Eric and Junjin were left "Well, let's see how we'll get that home" Minho said while pointing at Junjin, he sighed by the thought of having to carry the dead weight. "It's alright" Eric said "i can manage carrying him to my car and driving him home, i haven't had much to drink in the end. You just go home and sleep, we have to get up tomorrow morning at a decent hour again.". "Yeah, you hardly have moved since Junjin fell asleep on your shoulder, couldn't even pick up your own drink." Minho giggled "But are you sure you can manage?" he seriously added. Eric nodded "Yeah, no problem. Like he said, I'm pretty... sturdy." he said grinning while glancing at Junjin.
After Minho went to the counter to pay the bill with the money they all chipped in and was also his farewell gift, he got their coats "I'll walk with you to your car, that's the least i can do" he said to Eric. Eric nodded and started to move, expecting that Junjin would wake up, but he only got some grumbling noises from him and nothing more. He put Junjin's arm around his own shoulders and grabbed the wrist of that arm with one hand, then he put his other arm around Junjin's waist and with a groan he got them both up from the low couch.
Like that Eric carried Junjin out of the bar and to his car, which was luckily parked close by, "Oh, my keys are in the pocket of my coat" he said to Minho, Minho who was carrying their coats searched for the key and opened the passengers seat for him so that he could put Junjin inside the car. After he put the seatbelt on for the sleeping Junjin he took their coats from Minho and bid him goodnight, "See you tomorrow morning". "Goodnight" Minho said, and walked towards the waiting cab's to go to his home that was in the opposite direction of Junjin's and Eric's homes.

When Eric arrived at Junjin's apartment building he carried him in the same way to his place, while holding Junjin's arm over his shoulders and his own arm around the guys waist, he noticed how firm his waist was "of course" he thought to himself "he's an idol after all. He needs to have a good figure.".
When he finally reached his bedroom he dropped the guy on his bed and sat down next to him to catch his breath for a second before he started taking of Junjin's shoes and socks, he then laid the guy in the right direction on the bed, with his head on the pillows. After contemplating for a few seconds over what to do he decided that it probably would be ok to take off his shirt and trousers so he would be more comfortable. He started to Junjin's shirt first, to get it off of him he had to pull him up in sitting position, with an arm around Junjin's now bare shoulders he held him up against himself so he could remove the shirt. Junjin kept sleeping true it all, only grumbling something in his sleep once in awhile. After he removed the shirt he laid the guy back down again, he found himself looking at Junjin's muscular chest. He then started to take of the guys trousers, as careful as he could he pulled them of the long legs, "it would be really awkward if he would suddenly wake up now" he thought to himself, but luckily that didn't happen and Eric let out a long breath he didn't know he was holding. Finally he was done and he pulled the covers over Junjin, he was amazed at how the guy could sleep true it all, he bend close to Junjin's face and whispered smiling "I'll get back at you for all this trouble". 
He patted Junjin on his head "See you tomorrow morning" he said, and he left the apartment to go to his own bed.


And suddenly inspiration struck again and i was able to write most of this chapter in one afternoon.
I love spending my Sunday like this :), although my shoulders and hurt like hell for sitting like this for to long hihi.
Anyway, hope you enjoyed the chapter. Look forward to the next, the fun is just about to begin. :D ~grin~;
"I'll get back at you for all this trouble"



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