Chapter 5:

The bodyguard from America

The next morning, Eric and Minho coincidentally arrived at the same time in front of Junjin's apartment. Minho entered the code to open the door as he always did and walked in. But today, for the first time since that morning Eric started working with them, Junjin wasn't sitting on his couch when they walked into the living room. Minho checked the kitchen, but Junjin wasn't there also.
Minho said smiling "He must still be sleeping, he probably was to tired and drunk yesterday to remember to set his alarm". Eric nodded thoughtful, then he started grinning, like he suddenly came up with a terrific idea. He brought his index finger to his lips, indicating that Minho should be quiet. He then silently walked to the door of Junjin's bedroom and Minho followed him. Luckily he hadn't closed the door entirely yesterday, so it was still cracked open a bit, he only needed to slightly push against the door to let it swing open silently so they could see inside.
The door slowly swung open and revealed a Junjin still sleeping soundly in his bed, it was obvious he had tossed around during his sleep, because the blanket was more next to him then on him. Still grinning evilly, Eric tiptoed around the bed to the side Junjin was closest to and sat down on the edge next to him.
Minho's eyes grew big when he saw Eric leaning over Junjin and understood what he was about to do. Junjin, who was in fact slowly starting to wake up now because he felt someone next to him, had no idea what was about to happen, he wasn't awake enough yet to realize it was Eric. Instead because he had his eyes closed and was still groggy, he probably thought it was Minho, who had been waking him for the past couple of years.
Eric brought his mouth close to Junjin's ear and whispered "I like you to" and then he quickly gave Junjin a loud peck on his cheek.
Junjin's eyes flew open and for a second he seemed to be paralyzed just staring at Eric who was still grinning like a crazy person, his face got extremely red, he immediately knew what Eric was talking about. He might have drank allot yesterday, but he never had any trouble remembering as to what happened, although right now he wished he did. 
It took a few seconds to before Junjin reacted, but then Eric suddenly had to jump up from the bed to avoid Junjin's fist, when he finally got over the first shock. Junjin screamed "YA, YOU....YOU....GET OUT!" while frantically looking around for something to trow at him, Eric dashed for the exit while giggling like a little girl. Up until then Junjin hadn't noticed Minho standing near the door, holding his hand in front of his mouth to try to muffle his laughter. He got even more angry at the sight of Minho and he swung a pillow at him, screaming "OUT! BOTH OF YOU!".

The two bodyguards quickly exited the room and closed the door behind themselves, no longer able to hold back they started to laugh out loud.

Junjin sat on the bed, panting and staring at the door, he heard them laughing loudly on the other side. His face was still red, luckily the other two didn't know it was from embarrassment but instead thought it was because of anger. He was trying to catch his breath and calm his rapidly beating heart.
His own reaction had surprised him when he had heard Eric voice whispering "I like you to.", his heart had skipped a beat and when after that Eric gave him a kiss, his cheeks had started to burn. It had taken him a few seconds to realize he should act angry so Eric wouldn't notice that Junjin actually got flustered.
When after a few minutes he finally calmed down a bit he noticed the blanket was lying next to him and he was only wearing his boxers, his face started to burn again. He then realized he didn't know how he had gotten home, the last thing he knew was that he had fallen asleep in the bar...on Eric's shoulder...he let out a grunt "just perfect" he thought sarcastically. He knew he couldn't stay in his room forever and decided it would be better to just face whatever jokes they would make and get it over with. So he heaved himself out of bed and walked to the bathroom to freshen up and put on some clothes.

When he entered the kitchen the other two were just done with making breakfast and setting the table, when they saw Junjin enter the kitchen a small grin appeared on both faces. Trying to keep his calm Junjin said in an angry tone "So, are you both finished laughing now? Or do you have more to say? If so give your best shot and get it over with!". Minho started waving his arms in front of him "No no, we're done now!" and he looked at Eric as to say he should also reassure Junjin that they wouldn't say anything about it anymore, instead Eric shrugged and said in a serious tone "That's no fun. Besides you owe me, having to undress drunk people wasn't it the job description.". At that Junjin blew his top "It was you??? Who told you to undress me!!!" he advanced Eric, seriously intending to strangle the man. When he reached for Eric's neck, Eric quickly grabbed his wrists and said, while looking into his eyes, "Let's do this another time, when we have more time we'll see who's stronger." he give Junjin a wink "Right now we have appointments we have to go to.". 
Minho then grabbed Junjin's arm and pulled him away from Eric and towards the table "For now let's just eat breakfast first.", he shook his head "Seriously Eric, if you keep this up he's really going to kill you sooner or later.". Junjin who was baffled because of Eric's reply and action sat down at the table obediently, the other two joined him and they ate their breakfast in silence.
Junjin held his eyes firmly on his food, but he could feel Eric looking at him occasionally during breakfast.

The rest of the day Junjin couldn't focus on what he was doing, he was to conscious of Eric's gaze on him constantly, he kept making mistakes during the shooting of the drama he would appear in. After the umpteenth mistake he made the director hopelessly yelled "Let's take a break everybody!" and he beckoned Junjin to come to him, "Junjin-si, are you not feeling well today?" he asked and then added "You should take a rest, we'll try your scene in a couple of hours again, alright?". Junjin nodded silently, he was really tired and frustrated now, maybe taking a break was a good idea, he could try and clear his head. While he walked towards his trailer Minho walked up to him "Junjin, what's wrong? It's not because we went drinking last night, is it? You didn't drink that much.". Junjin shook his head "No, it isn't that.", "Then what is it?" Minho asked. Startled as if he didn't expect that question, although it was obvious Minho would ask him, Junjin answered "N-Nothing. I don't know....nevermind, I'll just take a rest in the trailer". Minho looked at him worriedly and suspiciously "Can i get you anything?" he asked. Junjin gave him a faint smile "No, thank you. Just leave me alone for a while." and he unconsciously glanced at Eric who was silently watching them all this time.
Once he entered the trailer he locked the door from the inside to make sure no one would disturb him. He really needed the time and space to himself so he could try to clear his head, he lay down on the narrow couch and stared at the ceiling. He started thinking about what the problem was, "Why was he so conscious of Eric's stares? It couldn't be because of the peck on his cheek Eric gave him. No that couldn't be it... but his reaction this morning was weird as well, why would his heart start beating and his cheeks start to burn?" he shook his head. Then he thought to himself "He had joked around like that with his friends before, that was nothing to get flustered about. They often kissed each other on the cheeks and hugged each other.", suddenly the image of Eric hugging him popped in his head and his cheeks started to burn furiously. "Oh my god" he exclaimed aloud, and immediately held his hand in front of his mouth and looked at the door, expecting someone to knock and ask if he was alright, luckily they hadn't heard or just ignored it.
His thinking continued "Why? What was different about Eric? He couldn't deny the fact anymore that apparently his kiss and only the thought of hugging him casually already flustered him. Maybe it was just because he didn't know the guy that well yet, ....or was there something he couldn't admit to himself?" he jumped up again, shaking his head furiously at his own thoughts. "No no no, that wasn't it! That couldn't be it!" he stood up from the couch and walked to the kitchen to get a glass of water. When he sat back down on the couch again he took a big gulp of the cold water and a deep breath, when he put the glass on the table in front of him he decided he had to at least be honest to himself. "Could it be true he liked Eric, like he had said last evening in the bar?...The guy was definitely attractive, he couldn't deny that." he lowered his face into his hands and sighed "It couldn't couldn't.".
Again he remembered the words Eric whispered in his ear this morning 'I like you to' and then the peck on his cheek he got, he remembered how it flustered him and made his heart beat fast. He took another few deep breaths, then he suddenly came to a decision and sat up confidently "But why not? Why couldn't that. It was strange to actually admit it to himself. But why couldn't he? Minwoo and Dongwan liked each other like that as well, so why couldn't he?!". He felt like a burden was lifting from his shoulders "Fine," he thought to himself "so be it. What if i like that guy like that?!". Then other thoughts crept into his head "What if he doesn't feel the same? What if he does? How are you going to find out? He's your bodyguard! You can't be like that with people you work with!" he waved his arms around like he was swatting flies. "That wasn't important right now, well it was, but he would think about that later. Right now the most important thing was that he figured out why he was so distracted the whole day, and that he even could admit to himself that he actually liked Eric." he felt relieved for now, ready to go out and face the world, himself and Eric again.


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