Personal Message

Well, hello and good day to any readers/lurkers stumbling upon my dear old page which is currently void of any works of literature. I am Agent Keyes (I was not allowed the beauty/liberty of putting spaces in my name) and I am, by birth and by passion, a writer. I've been writing ever since I could put words together and I continue to grow. 

I don't really...know what to put into a personal message, but let me be clear. Let nothing stop you from writing. Write a good epic or write a bad comedy. Write characters you love and characters that are there only for your macabre amusement. Let nothing and let no one stop you from writing. It is a personal journey, a reflection, an art form more profilic and satisfying than any other. Anyone can sing a song or create a beat, no matter how bad. But it takes a talent, an inner fire, to write a story. 

Now for something you may care about...

Vaudeville Heroes, Blood Brothers (the rewrite), and Suzumebachi are all in progress! Hehehehe. 

Now it's time for something different...  

Tumblr: Have a good Jongdae!


About Me

This isn't very flashy, now is it?


I'm a nineteen year old university student.

I major in psychology and minor in secondary education [I finally declared! Cheers for not being an indecisive douchebag!]

Writing is, has been, and will be a passion for the rest of my life.

Started writing fanfiction at 12 years of age.

Stories from 2006-2009 were admittedly failures.

Used to mainly write fanfiction based on books and anime; moved on to Kpop recently.

It's all your fault [You know who you are]

No one who care about me щ(ಠ益ಠщ)

Please forgive the lack of flashiness and enjoy my stories.