The Dichotomy of Oh Sehun


How would you feel if you were born on the tracks; if your mother wore mink coats and your father barely made enough money to keep the lights on in his small apartment? How would you feel if your mother stepped out of your life when you were young, leaving you and your father in one of the poorest neighborhoods north of the Han? What if every day, after studying for hours and training with the school's dance troupe, you worked with your father to deliver dinners made by a cantankerous old man who couldn't give a about whether you were about to get evicted from your apartment or not? What if you met a group of five guys in your first year of high school that gave you a reason to wake up and work your fingers to the bone? What if you and those guys managed to find way to make some quick, dirty cash? What if you got bad? What if, in your last year of high school, mama decides to show up again? What if she decides to enroll you in a college in one of the most affluent and ritzy neighborhoods in Gangnam, tearing you away from your father and your crew and placing you amongst a bunch of princesses that couldn't stand to even get dirt on their Armani slacks?

From delivering crappy kimchi boxed dinners and stripping junkyard cars of copper wire to smelling like Marc Jacobs and lapis lazulite cufflinks, Oh Se Hun has to jump the tracks every day. His heart belongs on the wrong side of the tracks while his body is riding in the first class cabin to a future of opulence and promise. That is, if he can manipulate everyone in his new posh world to boost him to the top.

You can take the boy out of the dirt, but you can't take the dirt out of the boy.



Why'd I even put a poll up; I knew you guys would choose resident lizard Oh Se Hun. Oddly enough, I thought the insufferable little maknae would fit the best with this concept, so I'm sort of glad you chose him. 

This idea came to me when I was riding on my bus back home on Wednesday. I know that some idols have led hard, hard lives, but I wondered how it would be if they started at the bottom and then made it? I don't think Se Hun necessarily started at the bottom, so I wanted to envision him going through this sort of drastic change in living quality and environment. 

I hope you guys enjoy and don't ing hate my guts.

Hey, everyone! Mother. ing. Double update.


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crapola #1
I really like this story!!! Please update soon!!! (Even though it's only been like a month...) But chu can't leave me hangin, this story just keeps my mind going!!!
gestaltshouts #2
Saw I'm digging this story already! :)
Chapter 2: Aghhh I'm in love with this already!!! This is soooo good Curdy!!!!! Mooooore I need more!
Chapter 1: Dude I love this literally so much!! I love how much detail you always put into your writing, making me feel like I'm in the story! And I love how you wrote Jongin and the drawl he has haha
I doooooooo. He's a cute resident lizard~
Resident Lizard?! Just love hiiiim