N made the worst mistake of his life when he created the group internet chatroom, VIXX IS THE BEST!!.

Now he will have to pay the price.


Screen names and who they correspond to:

SierraLeone: Leo

HyukItUp: Hyuk

AegyoAhjumma: Ken

MammaYeon: N

TwinkleBean: Hongbin


If enough people like this swarthy mind vomit, I'll make more in the future.


Update as of 12/20/13: People like my mind vomit and this makes me really happy! I'm going to write a Christmas special ahead of time and post it on Christmas. I'm trying to make a poster for this; it might be slow in coming, but I'm going for it! Also, sorry I'm not really funny and that this seems really Leo/N centric. I just imagine the most bull happening to them (Especially Leo).

The Christmas special is up!


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Chapter 6: This story is glorious!
WARNING!! Do not read in public!! I almost choked on my laughter XD
Chapter 6: Keo in chapter 5 is too cute for their own goods... >_< I freaking love this. <3
StrippedBanana #3
Chapter 5: the subtle Keo though //ugly sobbing 8D and yey for a christmas special hahahahahaha. Bullying N is the best thing ever and CAO CAO <3 //throws you rainbows. Happy christmas authornim ^^
Chapter 5: Ok, Hyuk is officially my FAVORITE character in this!
"Why would anyone do that we get to be away from you for a day that noise"
Classic. Just classic. XD
Chapter 5: funny : D ..poor N oppa..his bro is nuts ! Hahaha..happy christmas btw : )
StrippedBanana #6
Chapter 3: I LOVE DUCKS! fvk... //bricking that first chapter while commenting on the last one I read because, I don't give a flying fvk and I'm done with my life// Bless your soul for writing this while I scare the sh*t out of my neighbors at ungodly hours. Peace~ Please do a Christmas special HAHA
Chapter 3: Lmao, a random throw of Kris' fashion >.< I love it.
I wonder what the next chapter will hold haha <3
Chapter 3: Just read all three chapters and I'm inconsolable from
All of the laughter. I can't.
Chapter 2: Lmao, I love this <3 I've sitting here laughing to myself as I went through the story. Keep up the good work.
Chapter 2: That's truly hilarious, okay. You should definitely write more. It's nonsense but it somehow makes so much sense too :))