Is It Really Dark? ["Dark" Concepts in Korean Pop]

What's up everybody? 

"Oh, it's that author that never updates anymore..."

Yeah, I'm working on that. Give a girl a minute; university started up again and the imagination well is dry

Aside from that, I actually wanted to address something my cousin asked me: What's with all the darkness in Korean Pop?

Now, we were watching VIXX videos on Google+ (namely Voodoo Doll and Hyde) when he asked me this. He asked me why they're dark and why I like them.

I answered the latter question quite easily: because I am enraptured and promised to VIXX and I support them, their concepts, and their hard work with infallible devotion. 

The first one I went off into a tangent about. To me, a "dark" K-Pop song is not sequestered only to the physical set, clothes, and make-up. To me, a truly dark K-Pop song and music video bring out the essence of what darkness is. It places our human demons to the forefront and explains them through song. For example, On&On was about a painful love on both sides. Why do I do this to you, why do you do this to me, but I love you so much, so I'll stay. Hyde is about a violent love-hate relationship that can best be described as the main protagonist (??? if you can call him that. By all conventions, this dualism in his personality makes him both the protagonist and the antagonist but that's for another post) having another person living inside of him. Voodoo Doll is about sacrificing the self for someone else's sake, even if their desires are violent and wrong. 

For me, lyrics have to be dark. Presentation has to be dark. Setting is only one part of it. To me, VIXX does dark perfectly because it ades you. It makes you feel uneasy when you know what the lyrics mean. It makes you Who doesn't feel chills reading the lyrics to Hyde? I do. I love the song, but it freaks me out. Dark.

B2ST's Shadow is also dark. B.A.P's One Shot isn't dark in the conventional sense, however. Even though the video is unsettling (with lil' Zelo getting shot omg), the lyrics don't unsettle you. You don't sit on them and think about them later, wondering how or why it got as deep, as unsettling as they did. 

Idk. Maybe I'm just picky. Maybe I'm biased to a high degree (Which I am; I won't even lie). But to me, songs with "dark" settings and no "dark" message aren't "dark." They're gimmicky. My worry for KPop is that they start using human darkness as a trick pony and not something to be contemplated, revered, and artistically expressed. 

The moon is the most beautiful in the night sky, after all.


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