Let's Talk About Summer [Don't Call It a Comeback + Updates]

Hey what's up yehet go go go

Seriously, though, how are all of you? I've been taking off time to study and everything, and as the semester comes to a close, I am slowly returning to you. Here's what's going on story-wise.

Curse of Rags: Since you guys wanted everyone who escaped to go back and save Hongbin, I'll totally make them do that (it was all part of my plan). I'm around 4-6 pages in while the epilogue itself might be 10-12 pages. I might split it into two parts so that you guys aren't overwhelmed by the massive read. But like I've been saying, the end is in sight and it'll be up whenever I finish. I'm sorry I don't have an estimate.

The Kidnapping: Yeah, I'm still writing that! I've been contemplating other POVs, other characters, and the main conflict between Hak Yeon and Taek Woon and where Ken would come into all of it. First person present limited is a bit difficult to do, so if I do go along with that, it'll take me a minute to write Taekwoon in character (he's hard yet easy to write, you get me?). So, be patient for that one, because it might be a while coming.

Blood Brothers Rewrite: I'm pretty sure you guys just gave the up on that, but believe it or not, I've been fleshing that story out. You know, outlining the future fights and the plot points and all. So, for now, it's on hiatus, but it'll definitely come back one day.

VIXX is the Best!: Whenever I think of something stupid, I'll update that again. 

And finally, a new addition to the line-up...

The Dichotomy of Oh Se Hun: Like I said in my foreword, I am in no way surprised or offended that you guys chose Se Hun in my poll. I planned on making him the main character from the beginning, but I had figured that AFF had gotten tired of Exo. Apparently not, hahah. But anyway, that is the story I have the most ideas for, but I need more time to decide whether I need to do first person POV or third person POV; whether I want it to be a bit serious or a bit more comedic, whether I want a lot of romantic subplot or not. Either way, I'm really excited for the project and I hope that you all will be excited as well.

After finals, I'll be going headfirst into these projects. I'm really happy to be at the end of the semester and I'm even happier to have more time to write. So, thank you very much for supporting me and still subscribing to me even when I haven't been churning out a thing. I love you guys and I hope to talk to you soon!


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