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[CX5,, vocal cover] RED VELVET BAD BOY

By chexire posted
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Bad boy, Chanyeol or Baekhyun?

By ReinaPea posted
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By DontCryBST posted
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My New BTS Story Idea

By Littleporkbun00 posted
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Fine, Playboy [READ ME]

By Nina258 posted
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[review] Bad Boy - The Second Story by Cutie_Panda

By blue_fairy posted
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Who's the 'Bad Boy' of SHINee??

By TaeminsSweetHeart posted
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The bad boys in kpop?

By biasedonaron1 posted
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How is this the boy who's obsessed with Pooh???

By aznawzmao posted
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Love Is Never What You Expect

By Lovelo posted
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Writer's Block + Tattoos

By 31stMarch2012 posted
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I'm So Stupid..

By AlmightyAsKey posted
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With my new attitude and analgesic heels

By raining posted
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Status [M]

My road to becoming a V.I.P....

By kailovesdo posted
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Amazing Bad Boy Cover

By keena-choding posted
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BIGBANG - BAD BOY (English cover Girls P.O.V) by Me and my Sister. :D

By JiHae1 posted
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big bang cover contest.. bad boy

By helleuw posted
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Just Watched Bad Boy by Big Bang and...

By DubuQueen posted
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What from Bad Boy MV

By Bungsky posted
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