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Three Words, Eight Letters ( I HATE YOU)

A cliche mortal enemies jiminjeong. We started as enemies. Eh paano ba naman kasi simula pa nun

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By IoIwhy Updated
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roblox concert practice in session

Lf girls to off.

By seultron Updated
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yves fcs come here to me.


By daydreambase Updated
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By operationstrix Updated
Characters Yor & Loid
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semi-nsfw twtrp!

hey it's jungkook from bts

By cogimyuns Updated
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With 454 words

i need $145 to work on my new song 

૮꒰ ˶• ༝ •˶꒱ა ♡ :yells: i offer cookies and hot chocolate!

By dreamsajin Updated
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click here, i promise i wont waste your time! offering cuddles, cookies, attention, hot chocolate, me, matching icons, sitting on your lap, etc etc!  

i have a masters degree in rizzonomics

By firepunch Updated
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jumpscare... another fwb ad. mdni.

[+..••] Broadcast / Reservation D-Day!

By streamers Updated
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Teaser 1 for our first event!  

just three funny lads looking for friends

parts per million *:・゚✧*:・゚✧; twitter based, sfw non-au kpop roleplay; now open come play games with us! inactives cleared, many spots open available!

By ppmillion Updated
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idk my friends wanted another rp

once again lf vivi 😔🤟

By norizzz Updated
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join if u hate bbc !

looking for: you* (yes you), i need you, pspsps.

By honshu Updated
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With 327 words

*baby boys, baby girls, not minors, 21 +.

be the kazu to my scara?

By thatfeelingwhen Updated
Tags  twitterrp   twtrp   1x1   discordrp   1x1rp   dcrp 
With 182 words

lf friendsies :]

⠀⠀ ⠀ Ratatouille …ᘛ⁐̤ᕐᐷ ╱ ⠀ Non-au, Reservations Closed.

By Iinguine Updated
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venus is in pisces.

By corais Updated
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With 181 words

can i get a femdom LOL

Hello, pls carry me in elden ring or watch me stream all the new games I bought on sale from steam. Also, aff please stop moving this ad to blogs, this is a crime and you will be hearing from my lawyers shortly. 

Lmaoooooo. Please, I'm so funny.😭 anyways, let's spend valentines day together, platonically of course. I wanna binge watch twilight or anything romantic or not, I've been bored lately please i need a distraction from life orz. I just wanna stay in bed and watch stuf, falling asleep while on a hyperbeam date sounds really cute rn. Don't you agree? 😏😏 I'm 23 yrs old and my pronouns are she because i will never be her. *plays Who_is_She_by_I_Monster.mp3*  I am gmt -5 and I

eat sleep scare the hoes repeat

By anceva Updated
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With 137 words

um so lol...

wanna hold hands and be writing partners?

By soonon Updated
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i'll keep your hands warm

lf for someone to kith and more!!

By turtl33 Updated
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Characters me&u
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ㅤ ㅤ  ㅤ ˚✧ CANDY ㅤ ㅤ  ㅤ— A MATCHMAKING, NON-AU, TWT RP.

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kingdom ── · · · ✦ a non au twitter based rp ꗃ OUR SMALL FAMILY WAITING FOR YOU!

By rpkingdom Updated
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Let’s be fr, my friend has no rizz.

By Iucent Updated
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With 247 words

i am giving away my very soft friend (srs takers only). :D 

big fan of hoodwinked

By lesapphic Updated
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selling off my 2 friends because they're sick of each other

By ifloops Updated
Tags  roleplay   twitterrp   twtrp   discordrp   1x1rp   dcrp 
Characters my two single friends
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i'm here to sell off not 1, but 2 friends of mine so they can make more friends and have a social life (bc they're sick of each other and i'm sick of them) (kidding) 

⌕ ♆


By enquire Updated
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don’t listen to those people who say “no one cares about your spotify wrapped” because i care, i care because i’m a deeply nosey person.

💌 — cute pretty boy looking for friendies !!! ♡(˃͈ દ ˂͈ ༶ )

By floralbee Updated
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hey there, lovely stranger! i just got out of my hibernation state and i'm ready to socialize again! :D

i have to be somewhere in 20 minutes but grwm.

By ganyuist Updated
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lets watch bp999 instead?  only, mdni.

Sugar Rush Ride / Now Open and Accepting!

By sugarrushride Updated
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Sugar Rush Ride.

✩ ◛ ° girly pop! - nsfw non-au 2 week pop up rp coming soon! *ೃ

By girlypoprp Updated
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um.. come by?

By weeeehsz Updated
Tags  twtrp 
Characters you
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Status Completed

hear me out... haechan that tops? haha... but do u like cute girl? aha.... well.. dm me if u give a thought on this......... bye

hyperbeam friends?

By vanteet Updated
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i barely have any nowadays. and i'd love to sit on hb for hours and just watch stuff, shows, movies - everything. the only thing i do not watch is comedy and horror, because it's not for me. comedy is too predictable and with horror,  i hate jump scares, they make me anxious to watch more. so none of that. let's keep everything in character, regardless. i do love fantasy shows, movies, etc. i don't mind rewatching stuff with you if


By cerebrums Updated
Tags  twitterrp   twtrp   discordrp   1x1rp   dcrp 
Characters Us. You. Ur mom.
With 261 words

Maybe if you pmed us.. (another friend ad)

selling my friend (pls she needs someone and i need to be put out of my misery)

By beachbummer Updated
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be my friend's rebound (jk jk unless....)

PLATOON —⠀closed! thank you for six weeks! #non-au ⠀#twtrp ⠀

By 10seconds Updated
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⠀(a non-au twtrp)⠀⠀B-310N⋆。°✩ ⠀ —⠀⠀Coming Soon

By B-310Ntwt Updated
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By coquette-hq Updated
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Under the Oak Tree plot?

By 2pmlover017 Updated
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With 110 views, 100 words

Just a thought 

❀ gamer friends wanted!! (valorant)

By sakurauchis Updated
Tags  twitterrp   twitterroleplay   twtrp   1x1   discordrp   1x1rp   dcrp   dcroleplay 
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please give me a chance ;__;

Bloxburg!  /   Open and accepting.

By bloxburg Updated
Tags  roleplay   twitterrp   animerp   twtrp   discordrp   discordroleplay   dcrp   anirp 
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anti ghoster supremacy

By dittoera Updated
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people be offering their contacts for friendship and stuff but then ghost after talking in less than 24 hrs lmao 💀💀💀 I'm here looking for friends or anything you fancy. I'M JUST LONELY and I'm basically just reposting everything I posted before. here's a few things you might wanna know about me: she/her oa gmt+7 my faceclaim is yeri from red velvet I'd love to have movie date or spotify session with you I don't r

heyyyy..please read me? (flirting) (no rizz)

fem sub looking for male doms

By cutesub Updated
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SPICY 𝀈 NSFW. Join our laid back family. Many open face claims.

By spicerp Updated
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